7 Innovative Startup Ideas With Low Investment 2023

If you are looking for innovative startup ideas with low investment. In this article, you will find out some best Innovative business ideas that require low investment for startupsStarting an innovative startup is quite challenging for anyone. If you have a desire to earn money from a business. In this digital world, the change of technology and digital life brought us new thoughts and aspirations to do business. Now, If are you an enthusiastic geek who has pledged to make a startup business?

Are you searching for the New Innovative startup business ideas? Then you are the perfect place to grab the best list of valuable innovative business ideas for 2023 which only requires small or no investment.

Here, I’m not going to convince you that you will be the following millionaire, yet rather, I will help you by giving innovative startup business ideas which are already having greater potential to earn. I especially look into the entire damn list of business which is productive these days, since I too need to make the profitable business.

In this way, I am sharing my experience and research focuses on this article, particularly for my blog readers. There are numerous innovative startup business ideas that you can do nowadays, with the little and low investment. Also, in India itself, you are having some real extent of the independent venture which fundamentally functions admirably and has a critical effect.

Here is the List Of New Innovative Startup Business Ideas With Low Investment

New Innovative startup Ideas

7 Innovative Startup Ideas for 2023

1. Wedding Planning

This is one of the best innovative startup ideas. On the off chance that you have interesting thoughts in your brain and you truly appreciate parties then you can start a wedding planning business. By starting a wedding planning business you can take a shot at the wedding, birthday, get-together, the film meets, sound dispatches and parts more.

2. Waste recycling business

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a campaign by the Government of India is one of the popular innovative startup ideas. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is running crosswise over India dynamically. Recycling waste material is one of the best innovative business ideas that require low investment. These days many companies are taking initiated in the recycling business and doing very well.

Examples: Zero waste (simplest way to sell your electronic waste).

3. Organizers

In this innovative startup. You can discover many individuals, as a general rule, be managing the heaps of works and can’t deal with the circumstances of time and they will miss something. So to maintain a strategic distance from these big names designate organizers to organize their arrangements every day. On the off chance that you have some helpful arranging expertise, then you can set up an organizing business.

4. Interior designing

Interior designing is always in demand innovative startup business in the modern world. People always looking for best and innovative interior designers to renovate their homes and offices. This business requires low investment and great innovative mind.

business ideas with low investment

5. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best innovative startup ideas for business. Blogging can make you earn a profitable income from nowhere. But blogging requires efficiency. There are many examples of successful bloggers who are making millions.

6. Social media consultancy

Web-based social networking has turned into a commercial center for advertisers and business, and this has turned into a chance to cover holes amongst organizations and individuals. An entrepreneur can’t deal with every single part of their business, so they frequently settle via social media counseling administrations.

Furthermore, bigger firms dependably attempt to employ an office or full-time staff individuals to run their social media accounts.

7. Online/Offline Teaching

In the event that you know something that you can teach successfully, then you can keep an on the web and offline business from that viewpoint.

For assuming in the event that you are having skills in internet marketing, then you can show others and make money. You can make yourself as a startup of showcasing your ability and training to others. These are a few great innovative business ideas that require low investment for startups.


This is all about the valuable innovative startup business ideas. I hope you all liked these ideas if you have any other ideas or suggestion you can let us know in the comments section. I would love to see comments from you.

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