How To Pay for Tinder with a PayPal Account?

People using Tinder usually have a question in mind –can I pay for Tinder with your PayPal account? The answer is yes, there are many available options which let you pay to Tinder and one of them is through PayPal account. Now you can pay for Tinder using PayPal using ways like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. These ways work to improve the original Tinder experience while supplementing some useful features. However, the question arises that what if you wish to keep things concealed and wish to pay to Tinder using PayPal account. You may also like how to use tinder without Facebook.

You can obviously pay for Tinder with the help of PayPal but the way is indirect so it is not true that you cannot pay for Tinder with your PayPal account. It is known that Tinder makes use of app subscriptions in order to get paid, and this implies that now you can set up your payment in Google or Apple. Now, you are allowed to pay for such services using your PayPal account. Look at the below accepted payment methods:

pay for Tinder with your PayPal account?

Tinder Accepted Payment Methods

It is necessary to keep in mind that the accepted payment methods may differ based on the device you are going to use. See below methods:

  • If you are using an iPhone, you need to go to Apple Support to get a list of accepted payment methods.
  • If you are using an Android device, you need to go to Google Play Support to get a list of accepted payment methods.
  • In case you use Tinder Online, the accepted credit cards comprise of MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. It is important to note that American Express may be accepted only in some countries.

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Paying For Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

If you own a Tinder account, it is certain that Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold may serve your need. Currently, Tinder Plus charges $9.99 a month and presents lots of features that enhance the working of this app. Moreover, Tinder Gold charges an additional $5 a month and presents exciting offers. Thus you can pay for pay for Tinder with your PayPal account with the use of Tinder Gold feature.

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Paying For Tinder Through Apple App Store

There is an easy way to accomplish the process of paying for tinder through app store. Now you can easily set up your Tinder subscription with the help of app store. Follow the below steps:

Step1: Visit the App Store on your device.

Step2: Now just scroll to the bottom.

Step3: You need to log in with the help of your Apple ID.

Step4: After that, scroll down to Subscriptions and then choose Manage.

Step5: You need to choose Tinder and toggle the auto-renewal slider option to ON or just choose Subscribe.

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Paying For Tinder Through Google App Store

The method discussed above works for the Google Play Store as well. You can now do Tinder subscription through the app. If you wish to accomplish Paying for tinder through google app store via your phone, follow the below steps:

Step1: Visit the Google Play Store.

Step2: Now navigate to Tinder in the shown list of the already installed apps and choose its page.

Step3: Now you need to select Manage Subscriptions.

Step4: After that, just select Subscribe.

In case you want to make Tinder payment via web, follow these steps:

Step1: Search for the Google Play Store into your browser.

Step2: Now select My Subscriptions from the menu present on the left.

Step3: Now search for Tinder Plus or Gold and then finally choose Subscribe.


If you want you can cancel your Tinder subscription, for that follow the below steps:

Step1: Visit the website:

Step2: Choose the profile icon located at the top side of the main screen

Step3: Now search for the Manage Account and then finally disable Auto-Renew or just choose Cancel.

Tinder subscription offers

Tinder subscription offers

Tinder Plus comes with offers like Unlimited Likes, 1 Tinder Boost a month, 5 Super Likes a day, Passport and Rewind, the capability to undo your most recent swipe. Tinder Gold adds the Likes You feature. This offer lets You can pay for Tinder using PayPal easily.

It is known that the Unlimited Likes offer is excellent if you reside at a place consisting of many Tinder users. Now you can swipe the entire day and can never run out. This is the free app that restricts your right swipes, and this is fine for normal users or users who live in small cities. However, if you reside at the place where it is densely populated or wish to use the Tinder app to its maximum prospect, you require more.

The offer -Unlimited Likes Super Likes is dedicated to those who like someone and intend to assure that they notice you. The offer may seem creepy; however, many people do not so you can get the most out of them. Another offer i.e., Tinder Boost positions your profile card right at the top part into the deck of the potential matches as per your profile. If you are seen frequently, there is a high probability that you get swiped.

The offer of Passport permits you to alter your present geographical location. The offer is useful when you go on travel or do some work on the road. Moreover, Rewind is considered the most valuable feature. The feature permits you to undo your recent swipe. It is very useful if you are actually not giving attention and unintentionally swipe left on a person you may like. These people will reappear within your stack occasionally; however, if you do not wish to wait, Rewind will assist.

Apart from these, the Tinder Gold feature named as Likes You is somewhat new. The feature permits you to observe who has already swiped on you. Generally, you need to wait for some time to check if you match while you swipe yourself. The feature has a particular window that shows you everybody who has swiped on you.

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Now you can pay for Tinder with your PayPal account, irrespective of you use iPhone device, Android device or web. The process of payment is hassle-free and the Tinder subscription comes with many offers.

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