Quick Guide to Top 7 Social Media Management Tools

List Of best 7 Social Media Management and Monitoring Tools. If you are a social media manager, we understand how tiresome, time-taking and effort seeking the task is to manage, maintain and monitor your social media accounts.

You are updating your Facebook accounts meanwhile you skipped on to answer a query from one of your loyal fans on Twitter. You are facing lifting your Google Plus profile page but you missed on to update your LinkedIn article.

Things like these are quite common, and analysts say social media managers are often over-burdened with off-the-shelf responsibilities such as updating their website copy to integrate with their social media accounts or working out on off-line business analytics to align on their social media campaign.

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The bad news is social media managers cannot deny on such tasks since they are paid to work for maintaining an integrated brand management with social media being a major part of their responsibility.

However, using a few tools social media managers can uncomplicate the entire process of account management. There are free and paid social media tools available online that simplify the task of updating, managing, monitoring, and maintaining social media accounts.

We cover some of the tools in this article. If you think we have missed on a tool that has had proved beneficial for you, let us know in a comment.

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what is the best social media management tools for businesses?

Social media tools are available to simplify the management of your social media.

You can use freely available tools or choose to use a trial version of paid tools as a test before deploying these on your social media.

Top 7 Best Social Media Management Tools – Quick Guide

1: Crowd Booster

Social Media management tools

Social Media management tools

Crowd Booster helps you measure and optimize your social media management. With it, you can improve on your social media identity by saving time on reporting, exporting graphs and tables, scheduling unlimited tweets post, and finding most loyal fans and followers. You need to pay to continue using it after the free trail. The tool is helpful for small businesses that require to start up with their social media.

2: Social Flow

social media tool

social media management tools

With Social Flow, you can maintain a holistic social media identity by leveraging on a data-driven social approach It helps you key in your audience in tree unique ways – finding out audience who matters, getting you accessibility to live audience, and proper timing. To put it in other ways, Social Flow is the smart answer to connect and communicate with your targeted audience in real-time. It is a paid tool, but with so many features integrated, you can try it out for a run

3: Sprout Social

social media monitoring tools

social media monitoring tools

Sprout Social is social media software that helps you join in social communication, publish messages across social, and measure the performance of your social media efforts. Customer support, streamlined engagement, well-equipped CRM tools, advanced scheduling tools, sophisticated analytics and custom reports and team collaboration make Sprout Social a go get it tool for managing your social media accounts

4: Buffer

social media management tools

social media tools

Buffer, as they say, is the easiest way to save on your valued time on social media. It simplifies your social routine by scheduling posts on all of your social media networks. With one-click, you are ready to post as many contents as and when you require to wherever you want. It is indeed a time saver. It offers a free trial period for testing, after which you need to pay

5: Tweepi

social media monitoring tools

social media monitoring tools

Tweepi is one of the functional social media monitoring tools that help you keep your Twitter account tidy and smart. With Tweepi, you can flush the un-followers, reciprocate, clean up the inactive, follow on new tweeps. It is a smart and sometimes the best tool to organize your ever-growing list of followers and tweets. An annual subscription comes handy and cheap.

6: Socialoomoph

tools for managing social media

Tools for managing social media

Socialoomoph aims to boost your social media productivity by saving your time. It easily updates schedules, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity. You can use Socialoomoph to boost your social media presence across a range of top-level service providers. The basic version is free but if you are a small business, you try out the paid version which naturally comes with tons of beneficial features

7: Hootsuite

best social media monitoring tools

Social Media Tools

One of the well-known tools out there, Hootsuite manages your social networks, schedules your messages, engages your audiences, and measures your ROI from one integrated dashboard. There are two versions available for you to try – Pro and Enterprise.

Besides these, there are many other free social media tools that are helpful to manage your social media.

These tools if used wisely can help you boost your social media activity by properly pinpointing the core engagement, targeting an actual variety of real audience, and monitoring your social media accounts professionally.

Before you start using the social media management tools, ensure that you are deploying a reviewed tool, the tool is popular and it does not steal or publicize your personal information.

There are tools that claim to be the best, but you need to take care of installing these. Ask on social media or research about the usability and status of any tool before using.

Should you go for the free social media management tools?

Free social media management tools sound great, but if you need real promotion, and real-time reports and enterprise benefits; free tools are not recommended. It is a common sense that if you are paying for something, you get to avail classic features.

So, if you are a social media manager who is to maintain a list of social media accounts; you need to properly devise your campaign and start leveraging the benefits of paid tools.

But if you are not a business house, and a freelancer or self-employed; who need occasional promotion of a website, free tools work. That again, for real promotion and the actual variety of result, nothing beats a paid plan.

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These above are the best social media management tools. Did you like our article? Or do you want us to cover more inputs? Have you recently used a social media tool that you’ve found to be productive? Please let us know. We are eagerly waiting to listen to you. Meanwhile, please read our other articles on social media management tools or an increased knowledge about how to stay competitive.

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