How To Create A Social Media Profile On Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter?

How to create a social media profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter?

Social media marketing is the most powerful mean of brand establishment and maintaining the customer relationship.It supports in developing the market reputation and take advantage of the social media channels.

To exploit the potential of the leading social networking sites and the active communities, a webmaster has to create a specific profile page of the business.This is the very first step to the long journey of social media marketing along with the leading social networking channels.Here, in this article, we will get a brief knowledge of the process of creating the profiles at some very important social sites.

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Here’s are a complete guide on how to create social media profiles on social networking sites.

social media profile on facebook

social media profile on facebook

How to create a social media profile on facebook

Facebook: This is the most popular social site with a huge number of active member worldwide.

To create an account on Facebook, follow the process

  • To start the process, open the Facebook site and get registered by entering your name, e-mail address, and a password.When other required information is filled and security text is also entered, click the “sign” button.
  • At the next step, the site will send you a confirmation message with your e-mail address.Click the given links and complete the registration.
  • If there are already some friend requests, you will be asked to confirm or ignore them or skip this step.
  • At this stage, find friends by typing the names in the search text box and send messages.
  • You also invite the e-mail contacts who are still the member of the Facebook community.
  • Complete the profile information by entering the college and high school information and your company or occupation.Now save and continue.
  • Facebook suggests you a long list of the people on the basis of what you have typed in the search text box.Select the people you want to get connected with; save and continue.
  • This is the time to enjoy the new Facebook profile, to make it more personalized or brand oriented, add photos, friends and join the online communities.

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social media profile on google+

social media profile on google+

How to create a social media profile on google+

Google+: As the part of the Google family, Google+ offers a wide scope of connecting people and spreading your message using the giant back hand by Google.

To create the account on Google plus follow the process:

  • At the very first, go you Google+ website.A Google profile is compatible with all Google applications.If you have a Google profile, then just sign in but if not then create and account first.
  • To create a new Google account, open the related page and fill it with your name, the username you prefer, password, birth date, gender, contact number, and the other e-mail address.Click on the agreement of terms and conditions; now follow the instructions.
  • When the Google account is created, go to a Google+ signing page.
  • At the very first login to the Google+ profile, you need to start with creating a profile.
  • Click on the “Create profile” and complete the personal information with a username.Click upgrade.
  • Now Google Plus will ask you for your friend list.Complete it on your choice or skip it with a click on “next”.
  • At this stage, Google Plus will further offer you many pages, if you find them interesting, choose them otherwise click continue.
  • Upload your profile picture.
  • After filling some more required information on your choice, click “finish”.Get started with your Google+ identity.

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social media profile on Instagram

social media profile on Instagram

How to create a social media profile on Instagram

Instagram: A leading name in the online picture sharing community.The site has a huge canvas of presenting an individual or a brand personality to the internet community.

An Instagram account is created with these steps:

  • All this starts with downloading the Instagram application on your system.It is available on the internet at free of cost.
  • Once the application is downloaded, click “open” that will lead you to the page for creating an account.
  • The next step is registration.There are two registration options for Instagram: your Facebook account or your e-mail.If you don’t have the Facebook accounts, choose the “Register with e-mail.”
  • Complete the page with asked information related to a user name, password, and e-mail.With the email message, you will get the log-in information.You have to add your platform username and the required password.
  • Add your registered contact number.It’s time now to fill the other detailed information about your personality and brand presence.
  • When the information is completely filled click “finish”.Then wait for a verification email.You are now a valid Instagram user and a part of its vibrant community.

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social media profile on Twitter

social media profile on Twitter

How to create a social media profile on Twitter

Twitter: The site that empowers the user to create the magic of 140 words.Reaching to the remarkable number of audiences, it is a great may of social media marketing.

The process of creating a Twitter account following steps are to be taken:

  • Visit the page is opened, find the sign-up a box or directly go to
  • Complete the profile creation page with full name, phone number, and the password.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click on the “sign up for Twitter”.
  • Now the Twitter administration will send you the SM text message with the code to your mobile number.It is actually done for verification of your phone number. You have to enter the given verification code into the provided space.
  • When you click on “sign up for Twitter” you have to select a username. This username represents your unique identification Twitter.Either you can type it by yourself or the Twitter will suggest you one.Then it will check its availability.
  • Double check the entire information you have filled such as phone number, password, contact number etc.
  • Now click on “Create my account”.

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social media profile on linkedin

social media profile on LinkedIn

How to create a social media profile on LinkedIn

Linkedin: A rather new and outstanding method of social media marketing, LinkedIn has gained a powerful reputation among the markets.

To use this powerful tool of online media marketing the profile creating process includes the given process:

  • Start with creating a LinkedIn account with filling your first and last name, a unique password, and your email id.
  • Now fill your demographic information such as country, zip code, your employment status and others.There are some options to choose the suitable ones.
  • Fill the valid email ID so that LinkedIn may send you the verification message.
  • You can add or select the contacts from your email address book to be joined in LinkedIn.This step can be skipped if you are not interested.
  • If some contacts from your email address book are not the part of the LinkedIn community, you can invite them at this stage or can skip this page also.
  • You can add your contact number on your choice.
  • Choose the account type among the two options available: the free of cost “basic” and the paid one “premium”.
  • When the basic info is filled, your LinkedIn profile will open for use.
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