How To Scale Up Your Image On Social Media

How to scale up your image on social media?

No matter you are big or small, influencer or a newcomer, you want to achieve more followers and likes on social media platform. At the same point, you look for an online marketing strategy that will really work. While social media is often pretended as a moving ocean of content (blog posts, images, tools, and ideas); here the content flows at a fast pace. If you want to attain all your targets, you need to build your own social media strategy and maintain the pace by regularly checking and rechecking it.

What is social media strategy?

Your social media strategy is the basic framework on which the entire social media oriented marketing and promotional activities work. It is a fine amalgamation of various parts of content management, creation, curation, and organization. Unless you make the well-set plan and timely implement on it, you cannot expect that people will find you. A solid social media strategy will surely help you in building your authority in your niche and letting the people know about your online existence, importance, and relevance.

Before you begin the planning and implementing your social media strategy, there are some simple questions, answering them can guide your way:

  • What is the need, you can fulfill for the followers?
  • Why should people follow you?
  • What are you are offering them consistently?

At the first stage, you have to develop or manufacture the products or service of great quality. Then start blogging to help get the word out. It is always good to have a team of writers and a solid social media plan to deliver your message to more and more people out there.

The social media strategy is the combination of some important elements and they are:

  1. Content creation
  2. Content curation
  3. Social media amplification
  4. Social media conversations
  5. Social media listening

Content creation and curation; what is the difference

In content creation, the media or message is created in the form of text, graphics, design work, video or finely combine them all. To share and express your views and qualities, a creation of media is important. A nicely created content spreads awareness and builds the trustful relations with your target audiences.

On the other hand, content curation is all about dealing with the content that others have created to share through your social media account. In other words, it is sorting highly meaningful bits and their presentation in an organized, valuable manner. You often curate the content that is developed in the similar way you do so. These pieces should have a capability of work together with the content created by you and boost it. An effective content creation and curation process need the following characteristics involved in it:

  • Organized approach: Without an organized approach, your social media strategy is an absolute waste of time. The sound planning is nothing if it is not implemented properly. Make a clear mindset about what, how and when all things are to be done so that the plan may be executed according to a pre-set schedule. Here, the key elements are being realistic to time, motivations and ability to implement.
  • Loaded with optimum tools: A marketer should load his tool belt with many supportive tools help your content strategy
    1. Buffer – Social media scheduling
    2. Canvas – Quick and easy image creation
    3. Tailwind – Pinterest management
    4. Feedly – RSS
    5. Zapier – Automation
    6. Pinterest
  • Automation through engagement: Social media is highly influenced by the comments and conversations that take place on these social channels. All your posts and their posting schedule should be based on automation. It helps you to concentrate on other tasks and provides you the best time to respond their tweets and posts. Automation does not mean that you can remain offline or unavailable for long intervals; audiences will notice it soon.
    You need to set the schedules to watch the comments posted on your social profiles, the likes, dislikes, and question by the customers and other audiences. You can have some specific tools for streamline the performance. Here are some interesting ways for this:
  • Tailwind for Pinterest
  • HootSuite for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • Iconosquarefor Instagram

Cleaning house (Social Media Comments)

It is also important to sweep out all the spam comments from your posts, so do not spend all your time in just checking comments and responding to them accordingly. These come in different forms in different platforms. The benefits of cleaning the spamming social media comments are both visible and invisible. If you manage to keep your profile or community free from spamming and profanity, this will directly encourage the people to post positive comments. This is a must or daily on-going task that should never be ignored.

Build a reciprocal network through social media Amplification

It is really a big part of any social media strategy to post a great content that easily grabs people’s attention, whether it is created by you or you have shared someone else’s post. This is the manner in which the quality content either created by you or by somebody else is welcomed to be followed, shared and looked for.

It doe3s not mean that you have to beg people to share content or bug the influencers to share your content. If the content is simply good it will be in better demand in the market. You should have your own sound distribution process for sharing your own content so you will not be depended on others to share it or need to ask them to share the content created by themselves.

social media strategy

social media strategy

Social warfare plugin

This helps an online marketer a lot as it facilitates the content to be shared even when he is not there. Though it takes a bit longer time in loading the image into the plugin, because it effectively reduces the load time of a page since the images are behind the scene and produce some fantastic results, it really worth it. Here is the ideal image resolution of the images to be created for social sharing:

> Pinterest 735 x 1102 pixels
> Facebook 940 x 788 pixels
> Twitter 1024 x 512 pixels
> Instagram 640 x 640

The few points that are the part plugins contain:

  1. Create blog graphics (560 x 315) for Open graph sharing
  2. Pin blog post on Pinterest first
  3. Share on Twitter with an image
  4. Schedule later in a day for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+
  5. Schedule tweets to go out on future dates for more traffic
  6. Add relevant hashtags to content based on the social platform and what’s acceptable.
  7. Add click to tweets into Social Warfare with quotes from the blog post

The customization of text and style is very important for each social media platform. And also, avoid dumping the link everywhere as this action frustrates the audiences and it is not really helpful in getting a social conversation or blog traffic.

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The last but not the least step of social media marketing improvement is lathering, reins and repeating it. It is a continuing process. You need to stick with it every day and share the interesting and valuable content on all social platforms.

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