15 Best Free Movie Apps For iPhone and iPod [Updated iOS Apps]

After the revolutionary invention of the Smartphone, the best movies apps have been very easily available to us. From downloading it from different sites to stream it online on different movie apps, there’s no struggle over watching movies online nowadays. Now, you do not have to keep your lines for hours at movie halls for only one movie. You can watch multiple movies at the same time with the help of these movie apps for iPhone or smartphone. Netflix, Hotstar etc. are the famous and best movie apps for iPhone or iPod users.

However, apart from these best movie apps for iPhone, there exist hundreds of other free movie apps which are the best-fitted apps to watch movies on your phone. And if you are the owner of an iOS, we have some special movie apps to make your life easier as a movie lover. If Interested also read my previous article iPhone emulator for PC and windows emulator for MAC.

Here, we have listed 15 best movie apps for iPhone and iPad among which some are free or paid. Let us have a look.

15 Best Movie App For iPhone (iOS Movie Apps) 

Although the choice for iPhone or iPod users in case of free movie apps is quite limited, still there exist many great such movie apps for iPhone with the help of which you can smoothly sort out your night time. Follow us out.


Flixter Free Movie Apps For iPhone & iPhone

Flixter is one of the best and free movie apps for any iPhone or iPad users. Along with an amazing rating, this movie app is the most highly downloaded movie app too. Powered by Browse, this app offers many attractive offers to deal with. Also, it has a user-friendly interface from where you can easily search and stream any movie of your choice online. Apart from movies, you can also watch every other famous TV shows on this free movie app as well.  

Free Movie Apps For iPhone & iPhone

2. MovieBox

Now, if you are searching for a reputed online movie app for your iPhone or iPad, this app can be the best choice. It is one of the best free movie apps for iPhone. From famous TV series to famous movies, you can watch literally anything with the help of this app. Also, this app supports every type of streaming format on your iPhone or iPad, so you can easily stream them without any prior concerns.

3. PlayBox HD

This app might not be available on your iOS play store, so you have to download this app from the PlayBox website itself. A great free app, PlayBox HD can also provide you with movies with ultra HD quality and you can also watch TV series up there too. It has a great user-friendly interface which gives the user a less hassle time while surfing this amazing app. It does not take up much space on your iPhone or iPad as well.

4. Google Play Movies and TV

 Free Movies App iPhone

Although Google did not have any kind of app or feature that is related to iOS before, now they have brought this new app to watch movies. This app is supportive of iPhone, iPad and Android phones as well. Great ratings and great download rate is the two exotic feature of this app. It is not fully free, it needs a subscription but it provides you with a certain free period. So, you can watch movies of any language with the help of this app anytime.

Download Free Movies App iPhone

5. Flipps TV

Flipps TV Download Free Mov

Whether you are searching for online movies, YouTube videos or any kind of videos, you can watch them on easily on Flipps TV. It comes with a great storage quality and a great user interface. Also, the movies on this app are of HD quality and not only movies, you can watch a TV series on this app as well. Just click on the search tab and get your favorite movies, videos or anything at all without any hassle. Also, the streaming format of this app supports iPhone and iPad.

Download Free Movie Download App

6. Remote App

Remote app

Well, you do not have to struggle anymore with the precious remote of your TV, because once you download this app on your phone, remote will always be in your hand. Although you will not find this app on PlayStore, you can download this app easily from any external links. HD quality, good streaming format and great user interface, this app can be a perfect substitute of your TV remote and hence the name.


7. Plex

Plex Free Movie Apps For iPads

One of the most popular and high-rated apps on the app store, Plex is a great app to compile all your wishlist. Here, you can list all the movies or videos you want to see and stream them online whenever you wish to. Although it has a little-complicated interface, it is not hard to get. And once you get to know the interface properly, you will feel this app is one of the best in this list of free movie apps for iPhone or iPod. You can also collect photos with the help of this app.

Free Movie Apps For iPads

8. TV Tag

If you are searching for one of the best social media searching apps, this TvTag app could be your best choice. Also known as GetGlue for iPad, this app can get you any movie and any TV series you ever want. You can select the movies or the TV shows that you want to watch and add them easily to your wish list. Just select them off the hook of wish list when it’s time to chill and enjoy the show. Also, it supports every kind of streaming format as well.

Download TV Tag App

9. Netflix

Netflix Watch Movies Online App

Netflix is currently one of the most popular movie apps on the iOS play store with their own TV shows. It is a paid app where you get the first month of a free trial session. It is an old and well-reputed app with a huge fan base. It has a high rating and you can choose the quality of the movie you want to see on this app– normal, HD and ultra HD. Also, it can stream movies according to your answered questions and it has a wish list storage box too. And yes, there’s nothing better than Netflix and chill!

Download Netflix Watch Movies Online App

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10. Fan TV

Free Movie Streaming App For iPhone

If you want easily sorted out movie app to be streamed in your iPhone or iPad, Fan TV can be the best choice. With a sort out tool inbuilt, this app is perfect for those who cannot decide which movie to choose and which not to. It has a premium and free version where you will get a free trial period to stream this app for free of cost.


11. Shazam

Free Movies App iPhone

With more than 100 million users in the world, Shazam is one of the most popular apps right now for watching movies. It may not be available on Play Store, but you can easily download this app from an external link or from the website. It is a great app with a smooth interface and you can watch millions of movies on this app. Just a perfect app to sort out your nights!

Download Free Movies App iPhone

12. PlayerXtreme

PlayerXtreme best movie app for iphone

High streaming quality and easy interface– these are the two points that are worth considering this app. It does not matter whether you want to watch movies or TV series; this app is a perfect choice. Also, it has a great database to support all your choices and it can choose on their own if you select which genre you prefer the most. So, if you are looking for a free online streaming movie app for your purpose, PlayerXtreme can be the best-suited candidate.

Download Free Movie Streaming App

13. LifeTime

LifeTime Movie App for iPhone

From every other recent movie to TV series, LifeTime is the app that can be your friend in distress. With an easy interface and great quality streaming system, this app is one of the best in this list of apps. A great app to stream movies and it is supported on iPhone and iPad. However, the number of advertisements flashing at the bottom of the screen is quite irritating.

Download Lifetime Movie App

14. Hulu Plus

Best Free Movie App for iPhone

From kid’s entertainments to adult horror movies shows, Hulu Plus is the kind of movie app that can be enjoyed by your whole family. It is one of the best-rated apps and it has a high-quality streaming system. Also, the user interface of this app is smooth and it does not trouble the user at all. It has a huge database that has millions of movies, cartoons, TV series stored in it and all you have to do is to search them. And if you want, you can trust they are sorting out tool to do it for you easily.

Hulu Plus Free TV Show & Movie App

15. Show Box

showbox Free Movie App

The last but not the least, the Show Box movie app! A free movie app to entertain your lazy times, this movie app has the most entertaining movies and TV series up their sleeves. All you have to do is to search them easily on their user-friendly interface and enjoy a rainy evening or a family gets together.


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These all are the best movie apps for iPhone or iPod to watch movie online. At the end of a hard long day, there is nothing better than a good movie app, right? It is quite hard to find the right movie app for your phone if you have an iPhone or iPad. But with this list, the hurdles are over. Happy Watching!  

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