Fix “Nvidia Installer Failed” Issue Windows 10

Have you encountered issues of Nvidia installer failed?

When such issues occur, you can get your NVIDIA software reinstalled and fix the concern of Nvidia installer failed windows 10 with least concerns.  Whenever your computer is free from these kinds of malicious software, it is necessary to update your hardware drivers.

It is essential to go through the manual provided along with the computer prior to starting to use it.

Let’s have a look at different solutions to fix the issues of Nvidia drivers failed to install windows 10.

How to Fix NVIDIA Installer Failed Issue?

Do you face from the issue that I can’t install Nvidia drivers windows 10?

The problems of Nvidia driver install failed and Nvidia driver update failed can be resolved by reading the below sections. If the issue persise even after a hardware driver gets updated, you may need to focus on improving computer RAM. When this is the case, it is confirmed that there is a hardware issue.

Prior proceeding to the solutions, it is very essential to check whether the Operating System you are using is operating on the recent version Service Pack.

Also, confirm that every step is followed carefully prior fixing the Nvidia drivers not installing issue. You need to make sure graphics chipset is deactivated. Also, check that hard Drive must not be completely full and the antivirus program or Firewall is kept disabled.

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Methods To Fix Nvidia Installation Error

Nvidia graphics driver

Solution No.1- Installation of drivers

Carry out a clean Windows installation process and after that attempt to install the drivers one more time. It happens occasionally that Windows files block Nvidia Installer and so you may face the corresponding issue.

nvidia graphics driver failed

Solution No.2 – Terminate NVIDIA Processes and Discard the Redundant Files

You can be secured from Nvidia installer failed error if you attempt to install the graphics drivers after the process of upgrading procedure gets over. Also, it is possible to remove the error by updating the driver to its latest version. When you have faced this error, you can follow the steps given below. The Nvidia graphics driver failed windows 10 errors is one of its type linked to NVIDIA graphics card. It is known that there are lots of errors; however, when our games fail to launch, the feeling is frustrating. Moreover, a DLL error is usually the common Windows error.  In order to terminate NVIDIA processes and remove the redundant files, follow below steps:

Step 1: Click on Task Manager.

Step 2: Choose running NVIDIA > “End process”.

Step 3: After that, remove the files mentioned below:

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvoclock file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_lh file

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\

Step 3: Finally restart your PC.

Solution No.3 – Disable antivirus/firewall

When you are using Antivirus, you need to disable it for Temporary Purpose and disable Windows Firewall as well.

nvidia driver install failed windows 10

Solution No.4 – Update the NVIDIA Graphics Driver

To solve the error of Nvidia graphics driver failed, you need to download and install NVIDIA Graphics Driver’s recent version from its official website. Alternatively, you can make use of 3rd party driver update tools. It is anticipated that whenever you try to reinstall NVIDIA, any such issues will not be posed by the installer and your work would be seamless.

Solution No. 5 -Manually Update the Drivers with the help of Device Manager

Step 1: Initially, press Windows Key + R and after that type “devmgmt.msc” (excluding the quotes) and press enter to open the window of Device Manager.

Step 2: Now Click Display adapters and then from option drop down list right-click on the Nvidia Graphic Card and choose Enable.

Nvidia Installer error

Step 3: After you accomplished the above step, right-click on your graphics card and choose the option- “Update Driver Software”.

Nvidia Update Driver Software

Step 4: Choose the option – “Search automatically for updated driver software” and allow it accomplish the process.

Step 5: It is fine if the step 4 was capable to resolve your problem, else continue.

Step 6: One more time select the option -“Update Driver Software”. Take care to choose “Browse my computer for driver software” option in the next screen shown.

Nvidia Installer Failed error

Step 7: In this step, choose the option -“Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.”

Step 8: Now choose the compatible driver directly from the displayed list for Nvidia Graphic Card of yours and then click Next.

Step 9: Allow the above procedure to complete and then restart your PC to save the changes made. It is known that after updating Graphics card, an individual may fix Nvidia drivers won’t install windows 10 issue.

Solution No. 6Update the Nvidia Driver Through Driver Easy

The error may be caused by the installation of an incompatible driver. can cause this error. Prior proceeding to further steps, it is recommended to use Driver Easy in order to install the driver. You just require two clicks.

It is known that Driver Easy would automatically identify your system and locate the appropriate drivers for it. There is no risk of downloading and installing the incorrect driver. Moreover, you need to get worried about making a mistake during the process of installation. Users can automatically update their drivers with the help of Driver Easy’s FREE or the Pro version.

Step 1: Download and Install Driver Easy from the link

Step 2: Now run Driver Easy and then click on the option -Scan Now. Doing this would allow Driver Easy to scan your computer and inspect any faulty drivers.

Step 3: Now click on the Update button located adjacent to a flagged Nvidia driver to automatically allow the process of downloading and installing the right version of the driver. Alternatively, you need to click on Update All option to download as well as install the right version in the automatic manner of every driver which is either missing or gone out of date on the PC you are using. It is found that this would need the Pro version in which you would be prompted to upgrade while you click on Update All.

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There is no need to worry or get confused when the Nvidia driver install failed issue occurs. Under such cases, trying the above solutions helps a lot to effectively fix the issue.

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