Best 29 WordPress Plugins For Effective Performance

Today, I am going to share a List of best 28 WordPress plugins for effective performanceThere are numerous WordPress plugins available out there and picking a right and most suitable plugins is a complicated task that usually confuses the beginners. These WordPress plugins are frequently classified into the categories of performance, search engine optimization, social media, and many others.

Instead of providing the top 10 or 20 WordPress plugin list or a review of popular plugins available in the market, we are going to have a different approach to exploring the plugins available.

Based on the research, followings are some WordPress plugins which can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your blogging. Let’s check them out.

Best 29 WordPress plugins for effective performance

WordPress Plugins for Database ,seo and File Backup

WordPress Plugins for Database and File Backup

1. BackUp WordPress

This plugin facilitates the backup of your entire site and you can arrange and schedule all your files as per your requirements.

WordPress Plugins for SEO:

2. All in One SEO Pack

As a great support to your WordPress blog, it improves the efficiency of your blog with its many inbuilt features.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is an ultimate Plugin presented by Yoast that can be used significantly for the titles, meta description, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and many others.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

It becomes very easy to generate an XML sitemap for a WordPress blog through this plugin as its format is highly supported by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and

Wordpress Plugins for Blog Security

WordPress Plugins for Blog Security

5. All in One WP Security and Firewall

This technically advanced plugin can bring the security status of your WordPress site to more improved level.

6. BulletProof Security

With this extremely efficient plugin, you can get better protection against CCSRF, RFI, CRFL, XSS, Base 64, Code Injection and SQL injection.

WordPress Plugins for Blog Statistics

WordPress Plugins for Blog Statistics

7. Google Analytics for WordPress

One can apply this plugin to simplifying the adding of Google Analytics with the other search engines. The plugin further helps in automating collect and track downloads to the WordPress Blog.

8. com Stats:

This plugin facilitates the tracking views, viewing the page/post, referred, and clicks. For the function of it, API key is required.

Wordpress Plugins for caching

WordPress Plugins for caching

9. W3 Total Cache

This is the fastest and the most effective tool for performing optimization for WordPress applications. Once you have used it in your system, you will surely don’t need to go back to the other substitute.

10. WP Super Cache

As a static caching plugin for WordPress, it generates the HTML files for directly serving of Apache and there is no need for processing the heavy PHP scripts. It further boosts up the speed of the WordPress blog.

Wordpress Plugins for Contact Forms

WordPress Plugins for Contact Forms

11. Contact Form 7

The plugin is designed for managing the various contact forms and also you can simply customize the form as well as the mail content. It is highly supportive of CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, Ajax-powered submissions and many other types and applications.

12. Cforms:

You can use this plugin for most flexible, customized and sound Ajax supporting contact forms.

13. WP Contact form

The plugin helps in dropping in the forms so that the users can contact you.

14. Gravity Forms

One can apply this plugin to the fast and impressive building and publishing of the WordPress forms.

Wordpress Plugins for Social Networking

WordPress Plugins for Social Networking

15. Sociable

The plugin is popular as it allows the automatic adding of the links to your preferred bookmarking sites to your blog posts, web pages and also in your RSS Feed.

16. Share This

You can apply this smart social networking plugin for easy connection with your audiences. It also facilitates the emails and blog posting to the leading bookmarking sites.

17. Fat-free WordPress Social Share Buttons plugin

The plugin holds a quite simple and “Fat-Free” share button plugin to add most of the social networking sites (such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter) and their share buttons to your posts.

Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense

WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

18. Simple Google Adsense Insertion

With this plugin, it becomes very easy to insert the Google Adsense into your posts, sidebar and web pages.

19. Google Adsense Plugin

This is a highly supportive in setting the parameters for ads displaying in various formats (text, graphics, images, link, etc.) and other elements like size, colors, designing and positioning of the ad blocks on a website.

WordPress Plugins for Photo Gallery

20. Simple Photo Gallery

With this plugin, your search for an impressive, highly reliable, and still easy to use photo gallery plug is easy to use and access.

21. Nextgen Gallery:

As per its name, this plugin is really advanced and due to its smart features, it is the most popular plugin of the date.

Wordpress Plugins for E-commerce, PayPal, Payments and Donations

WordPress Plugins for E-commerce, PayPal, Payments, and Donations:

22. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

When you need a helpful plugin for online selling the products and services with a great accessibility through a click from your WordPress blog, it is the most suitable one for you. The plugin is the best available solution for selling the e-books or other digital products through the various posts and pages.

23. WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

It is the popular WordPress plugin for dealing with PayPal payments and accepting the donations just with a single click. A very handy facility when you want to have a customized payment widget on your web page, it can be added to a sidebar, page or the blog post.

24. WordPress E-store

It is a really working plugin that provides you a wholesome solution to sell products from your site; especially helpful in the secured selling of digital products from your WordPress Blog.

wordpress Plugins for Membership and affiliation

WordPress Plugins for Membership:

25. Simple membership plugin

This plugin ensures the secure and protected posting on your blogs, posts, and pages so that only your members, both free and paid, can see the protected content.

26. WordPress e-Member

A highly featured membership plugin that holds the capability to turn a new site or an existing one into a sound membership holder.

WordPress Plugins for affiliation

27. WP Affiliate Platform

Specifically designed for the Affiliation of tracking, management, and recruitment, it supports the webmaster to launch and run his own affiliate campaign.

Wordpress Plugin for software License Management

WordPress Plugin for Software License Management

28. Software License Manager

This plugin helps in providing the software license management for the entire web applications such as PHP-based membership script, WordPress Plugins, Themes and many more.

29. Donorbox: WordPress Plugin for Donation Box

Donorbox ends up being the best raising support or charity module for WordPress. It has a 5-star score on WordPress and scores over 4.7 on a different platform. The organization answers rapidly to input and 10000+ nonprofit fundraising organizations to utilize this donation plugin in their WordPress sites. This WordPress plugin helps in providing the donation platform for your site.

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Well, I’ve described here a list of top 28 WordPress plugins for effective performance, so with the help of this WordPress plugins list picking a right and most suitable plugins is easy for beginners. If you want to add on to this list with more best plugins then share with us.

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