Top 9 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your Blog in 2018(Updated)

Mostly all WordPress users looking for Best WordPress Plugins for their blogs to improve usability. Bloggers always try to produce new content to promote on social media platforms and to increase their traffic. But most of the bloggers often miss having a look at their sites usability and user experience. Bloggers must concentrate on the user experience because having a proper usability and improving their appearance is the must in today’s blogging world.

An essential thing for any blogger is to improve their user experience and also to make their task easier to grow their blog. And also choosing the best plugins for your WordPress blog can make your blogging day by day life easier and you can work efficiently with these plugins.

So, here are the top WordPress plugins that enhance your blog in 2016.

Top 9 WordPress Plugins That Enhance Your Blog 2018

1. WordPress Seo by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the widely used SEO plugin which can perform many tasks easily on your blog. It’s not only an SEO plugin which is used to lessen your SEO efforts but also it’s the complete website usability tool. Where you can add open graph Metadata, publish XML sitemap, page analysis and more.

Along with that it also helps you to add your titles, Meta description and reminds you about keyword density and all the drawbacks of your content.

WordPress Seo by Yoast

It’s a complete SEO tool and also a bloggers website package tool where it’s easy to install and setup.

2. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the popular plugins to acquire contact information from your user, and it’s the most important plugin to improve the blog’s user experience.

It’s having more than 1million+ active installs. And it’s a free plugin where you can easily install.

In a survey conducted by Komarketing on 2015, they found that 44% of the responders said that they left the website or vendor’s website because there is no way to contact the user, they are not having any “Contact information/Phone Number.”

Contact Form 7

So, using the contact information on your website is essential for your website growth and also keeping a contact form in easily accessed position on your website is crucial to get new customers to your services.

3. Backup Buddy

The easiest and the beginner-friendly backup solution and migration solution plugin for the WordPress is Backup Buddy.  It’s one of the best plugins to get your site back up easily without any stress.

Backup Buddy easily allows you to setup an automatic backup option of your website where you can quickly schedule the backup of your site.

You are also having your site backups on the cloud, and you can stay safely without any stress. So, your backup problem will be gone. And if you want to migrate your site then you can do that easily as well.

Backup Buddy

It has half a million active customers, but this plugin is a premium plugin but it’s worth for every penny you pay them.

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4. W3 Total Cache

Website speed plays a significant role in driving audience towards your site. Because as humans we often don’t want to wait, we will always get frustration when we see or wanted to browse a slow loading website.

So, they can’t wait for your site until it’s loaded so your site must be loaded in few seconds. There are some surveys which already proved this fact.

Kiss Metrics: Kiss Metrics found that even a 1 sec drop in loading time could be a 7% loss of companies’ conversion. For an e-commerce site.

So, to load your site faster, you need to use a cache plugin and in that cache plugins, w3 total cache is the excellent plugin for loading your site faster than ever. The W3 plugin can quickly eliminate the re-downloading data of your website on the user’s browser and saves time.

And this plugin creates the static caches for each and every page of the site so that it is loaded as fast as they can.

This plugin can also be integrated with content delivery networks [CDN] to decrease your website load time. But W3 cache is not that easy to install and integrate it.

As it is having a complex of variety options but all the options work fine only thing needed is to focus on that w3 cache when you are installing.

W3 Total Cache

This w3 Cache plugin is trusted and actively used by 1 million plus people.

5. Wp Smushit

Optimising your website is the must and should improve its speed. Now to optimise all the website images, compression plays a significant role, because a “heavy image” can ruin your site loading speed.

So, using compressed images is the best option for any blogger. A survey conducted by Adobe has proved that 39% of the people said that they would leave a website if the images didn’t load in time or if the pictures take the time to load.

So using an image compression plugin is the best option to compress the images and to make your site faster. Wp is the best plugin where you can compress your image to the higher level without affecting the quality of the picture.

Wp Smush

So it’s the best plugin, and if you want more from the plugin, then you can opt for the premium version of WpSmush.

6. Broken link Checker

If you blog is growing or if you are already a trusted and well-known blog, then you might deal with a lot of issues every day with all the broken links.

As you already know, broken link affects the site rankings. If a website shows 404 errors from its referral link of any other referring links. The users are not likely to return to your page again and also search engines won’t give your link much value.

So, those broken links are bad for users experience for your blog audience and visitors. So, you must use a broken links checker to your WordPress.

Broken link checker monitors your link in your post, pages and custom fields. And if you choose a monitoring period for the links then you will receive notifications about the links through your WordPress dashboard or an email.

Broken link Checker

You can quickly check the suggestions of each and every broken link, and you can change them to working links. This is a crucial plugin for all WordPress bloggers.

7. EWWW Image Optimizer

This Image Optimizer is the best alternative of the WP and it’s also the free version which is used by many online users.

Mostly, this plugin is used to compress images in bulk, and it’s the best image compressor regarding compressing an image.

EWWW Image Optimizer

As it even compresses the image more than WP and give you best results. Which can help your blog to load faster? Most of the pro bloggers recommend this plugin to crush their images and improve their sites.

8. Click to tweet

If you want to encourage your visitors and also want them to share your content then this plugin clicks to tweet will lower your bounce rate and increase your engagement and number of members reach your site.

Creating a Shareable content is best and in that shareable content or regular post keeping a click to tweet snippets is the best way to enhance the interaction with your visitors.

You can easily add better click to tweet plugin to your WordPress plugins, and it’s also easy to setup plugin where you can just use the simple shortcode for making a highlighted text which is tweetable.

Now, encouraging your visitors or audience in such a prefilled tweet make your articles look most attractively and also more appealing to the audience and you conversion rate can also increase due to this factor.

Click to tweet

So it’s best to add click to tweet plugin to your WordPress plugin to increase your blogs user engagement.

9. Google Analytics

Analytics tool is the best and powerful tool to track your site analytics. With this free Google analytics tool, you can measure your website visitors and also measure your site engagement and users behaviour.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress is the one of the best and most trusted analytics tool where you can see the perfect analysis details of your site. Which gives a huge advantage of how to improve your site.

If you don’t install your Google Analytics tool in your WordPress, then you have to spend time separately to log into your google analytics account and measure your site from there, and it’s a time-consuming process.

Now a day’s bloggers are fully busy with their writing task and editing tasks itself. In this busy task to make their work easier and faster, it’s better to use the Google analytics plugin in WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics

With this plugin, you can clearly understand your website traffic and performance details of your every post and your site main pages etc.

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I hope you like this WordPress plugins to improve your blog usability. These are the best and essential WordPress plugins you have to use to improve your website’s user experience and also to make your tasks easier than ever. So if you have any queries drop your comments in comment section. If you have any kind of suggestion then you can provide them below, I am waiting to see your response.

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