Top 10 Methods To Monetize Your Blogs

Blogging requires a great deal of time, labor and sometimes money so that a blogger can successfully create interesting content. Good content is key to attracting and maintaining the traffic towards your site and inspiring them to share it with others. Of course, it is a very challenging task to get the return on your investment.

So, you need to understand some great ideas for generating money from your website or blogs.

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Top 10 Methods To Monetize Your Blogs

1- Automation of affiliate marketing efforts

methods to monetize your blogs


There are many programs like Amazon Associates ( ), that many bloggers are following to generate money from their blog. If you successfully drive the users’ traffic to a particular marketplace, these programs will reward you with a certain percentage of the income generated through such sales and transactions.

It is an attractive opportunity, but is a little bit troublesome as setting up each account is very time-consuming. You can get the required assistance from Viglink and many similar marketing sites to join many affiliate marketing programs at the same time.

Now, how it works? Here you have to create a content or a post with a small or bigger description of a product. Through this service, a link will be placed with the name of the product in your piece of content that will directly connect your reader to an online store selling that item. When any of your readers ultimately buys that product or anything else from the store, you will simply get a commission on it.

While there is no charge for signing up for such services, Viglink charges 25% of any commission you earn from signing up its affiliate program. Skimlinks is one more popular site that offers similar services and runs the affiliate programs for very comparable fees.

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2- Try sponsored posts

methods to monetize your blogs


There are many sites out there, to help you in getting advertisements on your blog post in a very simple way. Joining Google Adsense is a nice option in this category. But when your blog has achieved satisfactory growth, you can concentrate on the other custom options.

Adding the advertiser’s logo to the particular piece of content is the latest growing trend of offering the sponsored posts. So, you own a great content with nice educative and informative quality – and you are entertaining a good traffics through it – this is a worthwhile situation for an advertiser to sponsor all or any of your posts. Of course, the sponsored content is deemed as a laborious and time-consuming process, yet it is effective and works well for both advertisers and the content creator.

3- Add an instant marketplace

methods to monetize your blogs

With a specific type of online help like, Ubokia ( )you can add a miniature marketplace to your site that specifically focuses on products in your niche and you need not worry about maintaining or checking the transaction yourself.

To understand this in more detail go through this example, if you write about sports and want to offer a marketplace for sports goods plus sports apparels both, you can easily do this. Ubokia and the similar sites pay a certain percentage of commission (usually 1 to 3 percent) on sales to the bloggers who host their marketplace. The amount is usually deposited in their PayPal accounts.

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4- Stay Current

methods to monetize your blogs

Methods to monetize your blogs


While you are a part of the constant stream of online marketing, it is very necessary to pay attention to the programs that the other bloggers are using. It will help you to maintain the pace with the surrounding environment and finding some rather new ways to monetize your blog. If a blogger focuses on e-commerce and search engine optimization, he can simply figure out the exceptionally improved and working methods to generate online money through blogging.

5- Advertising networks

methods to monetize your blogs


Using ad networks to display the ads from an advertising network is an alternative method of direct selling of advertisements. While Google Adsense is the most popular option for bloggers, there are many other alternative sites which are offering some good advertising networks such as Chitika, Kontera ( )and BurstMedia.

Pay per click and the CPM are the bases on which advertising networks usually pay that causes the variance in the amount of income generated from advertising networks’ month to month. The online marketing experts suggest the use of advertising networks to fill the ad inventory while they cannot sell directly to the advertisers.

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6- Services

methods to monetize your blogs


Marketing of the services is another genre of earning revenue from blog posts. Today. Bloggers are earning thousands of dollars through blogging and additional freelancing and consultant services. Speaking gigs and one-on-one coaching are the most recent trends of generating a good amount of money.

After spending some remarkably successful years in the internet marketing field, you can use your blog as a platform to market yourself and promote the experience you have. A large community of the internet user is willing to pay you to get benefited from your time, knowledge and experience. The offering of recommendation and consultancy service is the great supplement to your online income and raise your profile as an authority.

7- Classified / job board / marketplace

methods to monetize your blogs


To get a remarkable reputation and revenue online, you need to make efforts to set and maintain a good level of traffic. It will open the doors of opportunities for you. To take advantage of your dedicated traffic, you can launch your own marketplace, job board or classified.

It is much easier to set up and offer the people a place to advertise, sell and buy items online. In the beginning, it should be free, but when it gets success, you can charge users for posting ads.

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8- Paid posts and sponsored reviews

methods to monetize your blogs


What is an advertiser always looking for, a way to promote his products and services. They usually ready to pay a good amount for a review on a suitable blog post. A sponsored review is the review or the product report that you write about a service or product for a fee.

On the other side, a paid post is the blog post or an article that the advertiser has written and willing to publish on your blog for a fee.

While you are having a good online traffic, many advertisers will approach you about sponsoring reviews and paid post. Here you need to take some precautions and clearly place the disclaimer with each paid post or sponsored piece of content to inform your readers that you are not the actual writer of these posts.

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9- Premium content

methods to monetize your blogs


Ebooks and the membership websites are good platforms to generate money from good content and one can also charge the followers/ readers to access your best articles. The trend is very popular in SEO marketing, Culinary and fitness world.

10- Email marketing

methods to monetize your blogs

As an ultimate marketing tool for bloggers, email marketing is the widely used method of earning good online income. Through this, you can easily and instantly deliver your message or information to the inbox of your target audiences. It is a highly effective and powerful tool in comparison of social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter.

Email marketing about separating the hobby bloggers for professional bloggers. You win half the race if you manage to create a list of some thousand email subscribers.

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Besides, the aloft mentioned means there are many other ways too which can advise you in monetizing your website or blog. Where on one and some of these means are passive, some added means charge your alive and circadian accord in adjustment to accomplish money. Do we acclaim an absolute abstraction of what means to use? How will it affect your earnings? And how far you wish to go to implement these ways?

And already you accept a bright mindset about monetizing your site, you can start with its implementation.

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