Best 6 Ways To Spy On Your Competitors

Best 6 tips to Spy on your competitors and get away with it uncaughtFor managing your reputation, being smart is not the only way out. Today’s emerging market dynamics and growing consumer preferences require you to be smarter or beyond that.

One of the nicest ways to cleverly maintain your brand value while pinpointing your competition is to spy on your competitors, but in a way that is legitimate and they don’t guess it out. If you are thinking to spy on competition is something against your ethics, let me tell you every great brand in this world has its own set of a department to closely monitor the competition.

In fact, without analyzing competition, no brand can actually make great sales. It is very important that you are in the know what is happening in the market so that you can adjust your brand value. With this article, we are trying to cover top ten ways you can spy on your competition and get away with it without noise.

Why spying your competitor is a good idea?

Do not ever stoop to or resorting to any evil practices such as installing CCTV camera in the premise of your competitors. These are illegal and always a bad thing. There are many great ways to spy on your competitors and get away without making any noise. Being defined about the objective of your work and then using the proper variety of legally rational and non-violent means to spy on your competition is important. Coming to the idea of spying, it is a good idea since taking a serious approach to what is going on around keeps you active in the industry. You can even resort to an improved variety of ways to help the ecosystem. The competition actually helps the consumers since better service means consumers are better served.

Before you work around some of the core concepts of monitoring your market, there are a few things which you carefully need to consider before launching your brand. If you are new in the marketplace, your research needs to be started before you are launched. When you have launched your brand, you need to actively monitor your competition. Without monitoring your competition, you cannot actually improve your brand reputation. Spying legally can help you understand the consumer ecosystem, what you need to do to stay ahead, and how much demand is in place for your brand in the market.

Which are best ways to spy your competitors legally?

  1. Get the keywords your competitors are using.
  2. Research the most shared content.
  3. Get alert to know what is going on around.
  4. Get access to the newsletters and blogs.
  5. Monitor your competitor’s social activity.
  6. Get the research.

best 6 ways to spy your competitor

Best 6 ways to spy your competitor legally

1. Uncover the keywords your competition is targeting

If you are selling something online, you can spy on your competition to uncover the keywords your competitors are using. The keywords which you are using can be used to even better improve the brand value.

2. Research the most shared content

One of the great ways to understand how your competitors are doing online is to get into their content and see which type of content of their are shared mostly. These type of content can actually get an idea of which type of content you should write . If your target audience is the ones who is of the nature of the website means if your target audience is the ones which are the audience of your competitors, it is a fact that they are mostly to read the content they are reading in your rival’s website.

3. Get alert to know what is going on around

Stay ahead of your competition by staying in the know of the latest progress in an industry with the help of alerts. Feed in specific keywords related to your competition on alert service providers dashboard. such as Google alerts. Key in the keyword on it and save. whenever something new gets published related to the keyword you entered, Google will inform you.

4. Monitor your competitors’ social activity

It is very important that you get a proper idea of which type of competition is on in your industry. Friend them on Facebook, of course using a different username, get to know what they do, what they post, which type of users are the ones who are most active with them, what type of social activity they are publishing. You can even use the tips and tricks to make a great social media brand.

5. Read their specialized blogs and newsletters

If you are working with the improved variety of ideas to spy, it is important that you read blogs and newsletters of your competitors. Reading what they are publishing is important since it gives you an idea of what should be covered, and what to cover in the upcoming blog. Getting exclusive access to your competitor’s content in the disguise of a consumer can help you get a proper understanding of what’s going on in the market.

6. Get the research

Periodically carry out research on your industry to know what is happening. The proper research tools are available so that you can use these for your benefit. There is a range of ideas which you can use to compare your competitors and then you can actually work on a great variety ideas.

These tips can help you get away ahead when it comes to managing your reputation. Online reputation management is very crucial and when it comes to working on the core ways, knowing what is going on the online world and that what your competitors are doing is important.


When it comes to improving your brand value, you need the active variety of ways to actually start competition analysis. This article outlines some of the core ways to improve your brand value with the help of spying.

If you have any ideas to help improve the article, you can write to us. The improved variety of ways to monitor your brand is very crucial so that you can improve your reputation. Great brands need to be updated about what is going on in the industry and that is why they need to start competition understanding. Please read our earlier articles to get improved variety of ideas about brand values and competition. To tell us to cover any specific topic, please write to us.

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