How To Find A Best Profitable Niche For Your Blog

In this post, I am going to share Some most profitable niche selection strategies. When you are considering starting a blog, maybe the toughest thing is to find the most suitable and profitable blogging niche. This complicated task of finding profitable niche can be easier if we are completely aware of our strengths and expertise and comfort zones. In this article, we are going to discuss some niche selection strategies so that you can give a jump start to your blogging career.

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The beginners often wrongfully choose their blogging niche point. Most of the time the blogs are started by sharing almost all types of information, but they cannot realize a point at this moment that they cannot handle such a huge set of categories they are targeting. Maintaining a multi-niche blog is a difficult task that requires a great deal of hard work.

profitable niche selection

Ok, sometimes it is good to go with broad niche when you are looking for casual blogging, but if your ultimate aim with blogging is money making, you must have to find out the best profitable niche and create content around it. So, we are about to learn the expert suggested tips select your best blogging niche and avoiding the mistakes while making the selection.

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Does the micro niche blog still applicable at the present time?

It is rumored in the market that after the Google has changed in algorithms, micro niche blogging will lose its functionality, but the statement is partially true.

Sometimes earlier, the professional bloggers used to buy the exact match domains with high CPC keyword. This practice was followed by the creation of a micro niche site without any serious consideration of serious SEO. For a certain period of time, the technique worked very well.

When we are blogging for money making, it is always smart to select a narrow niche instead of a multi-niche or broad niche. And then craft the unique and interesting content, apply the SEO factors perfectly and follow the white hat link building techniques; you will surely get the desired results.

A micro niche site can be highly profitable when you are targeting any affiliate product making some good passive income together with Google Adsense program. It is very easy to understand the difference and the value of a multi-niche site with 5000 page views covering many topics and a micro niche site with 1000 page views covering just a single topic. Undoubtedly, this microsite can easily beat the bigger one because people prefer the site which focuses on any specific topic, subject or niche. This also ensures the increasing conversion rate of ad click and product sale will be higher. So you can enjoy a better profit.

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How To Find A Best Profitable Niche?

Usually, when the newbies start blogging, they share the article on versatile topics, but sooner or later they realize the mistake on their part. They need to know that for whom they are writing, why readers should their blog and are they able to write on all the topics in a long continuous manner. It is good to find a specific topic of interest in which you feel you are an expert and can create some awesome content consistently. This practice saves the time, usually occupied in traffic generation and link building for a multi-niche site.

If a blogger is still engaged in broad niche blogging and finding it difficult to cover all the topics he is targeting, is suggested to switch to the micro niche aspect for better functionality and profitability of the blog. This re-planning does not require a big investment and also there is no need of changing the domain name. You just have to re-plan your article and theme of the page. Believe me, not everyone is capable enough to deal with broad niche blogging and its complications. It will be wise to search your comfort zone and establish your expertise and creativity.

profitable niche selection

Best 4 Strategies To Find A Profitable Niche

  1. Your best profitable niche can be defined as the field in which you have enough potential to create the best quality content and attract more affiliate and advertising product related traffic. But, what to do when there are not the related keywords? You can simply move to the nearest niche and carry on your practice. Here is one more option; you can try to build an authority site with your particular niche. In the future, you can monetize it with any prime advertising program such as Infolinks, Google Adsense, etc.
  2. While you don’t see any advantage in switching your blogging niche, you should get an idea about the high CPC keywords or the topics that seem to be loaded with good earning potential. One thing that you need to consider at this time is: these niches are already saturated with several authority websites of similar subjects.  But not don’t lose your heart, with the smart strategy, you can easily face the challenges and establish your blog.
  3. Once you have finalized your blogging niche, never make the unnecessary hurry; take some time. Before launching your blog and writing your first blog post, explore the niche. Do some research, understand the subject and prepare your strategy to explain it well. There is a huge ocean of information stuff around you. Magazines, newspapers, online information and much more to avail you to improve and update your knowledge.
  4. There are various keywords suggestion tools out there both free (Google keyword tool) and paid (SEMRUSH, Samurai, SEO PowerSuit, etc.) to be used for finding the most profitable keywords.Do some research on users’ search tendency, figure out your expertise areas and then wisely develop a content strategy using the keywords and your selected niche. At this planning level of a rather new or re-planned blog, you also need to finalize your specific investment strategy so that you may be able to run your blog with high potential, efficiency, and success.

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Now you have the functional knowledge of the tips and the strategies to find your best profitable niche for your blogging career. Follow them, and make your best efforts to provide your users with the information which is important, valuable, entertaining and of course, organic. Nothing can stop your blog to attract the people.

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