Top 4 SEO Tools That Do Wonders

Top 4 Blogging Tools. Do you want to earn a living from blogging? With so many helpful blogging tools available open source it has become relatively simpler for a blogger to make an awesomely designed content-rich blog with a statement!

Let’s find out some of them which can simplify your blogging efforts and if utilized properly can‘t just turn your blogging into a goldmine of information, but also pull targeted traffic for you which would translate into money, success and most importantly happiness! Oh, and if you find any blogging tool we unintentionally missed out on, do not forget to broaden our knowledge by making a comment about it.

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We will cover top 4 blogging tools based on some key areas of blogging, namely:

4 Blogging Tools for Bloggers


2. Social Media

3. Content

4. Traffic and digital marketing

Top 4 Blogging Tools to make your blog rich in research

Please note there are so many blogging tools in each of these categories, but we will cover only one from each. It’s not that they are the best, but these serve some good purpose. However, we will cover another article to enlist more tools in each of these categories. So this entry is a starter to the series


BuzzSumo is perhaps the most Evenly-managed tool for researching off and on the topic. Just key in your query or the URL you want information about and that’s it! It will provide you the most practical list of popular content and references of influencers sharing the content

An Example –

buzz sumo tool

Top 4 SEO tools that do wonders

We entered the keyword “Windows 10” and BuzzSumo sent us list of socially popular list of content categorized in terms of shares. For improved search results, you can try the premium version!

Social Media

2- Rival IQ

Today blogging is more than just expressing yourself, it is about monetizing you – but to monetize your skills effortlessly, you need to know how to market your blog. That’s when you require the skilled help of competitor analysis. Rival IQ is a nice addition to serving the job – the website gets you a bird’s eye view of rivals. With Rival IQ, you can analyze your performance, get critical insights and beat the competition.

Rival iq

A great tool, but you need to pay to use it, after a free trial.

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3-KingSumo Headlines

A great plugin for WordPress, KingSumo optimizes your headlines in greater varieties to come up with interesting ones. You come up with many headlines for your post, readers are then shown different headlines as they share your content, and in doing so, you get advantage from your cool headline that is mostly shared.

king sumo

Traffic and digital marketing

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4-WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are serious about making an impact blogging, you will start putting importance on SEO. With SEO by Yoast makes you content optimization uncomplicated and you could earn some great work results by properly understanding how to optimize your website. There are parameters to choose from, which you can select to get desired work.

Wordpress SEO by Yoast

That was about top 4 blogging tools. We will publish another article covering a list of top blogging tools you can find helpful blogging.

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