How To Find Good Opportunities In The Bad Reviews

Don’t fear the bad reviews; explore the opportunities in them. The reviews are the evaluators of your online performance and reputation, they present a  ground where your customers make their decision in the light of other client’s experience. Actually, the feedbacks or the reviews are the critical tools that directly or indirectly improve your business. And it is suggested to the site owners to not get discouraged by the bad reviews, take it as an opportunity to grow, improve and develop.

Undoubtedly, the only and the most effective method of securing your online reputation is making your best effort to provide your customers the best experience. If there are still some bad reviews, take it as a challenge, contact them, find out the reason for their dissatisfaction and then solve the problem that is causing the entire frustration. It is the most optimal way to turn a bad review into a positive one and have a loyal and happy supporter of your business.

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As per the recommendations of the industry experts, the following are the 4 steps or the tips that you can deal with the bad reviews and improve your online reputation.

4 Smart Tips To Deal With Bad Reviews

1. Respond immediately and objectively

As you receive a bad review on your site, quickly start the procedure of connecting or communicating with the unsatisfied reviewer. The response must be done in a prompt and professional manner. You should use the personal message about his problem and ask that how the problem could be solved and also that what more there could be done on your behalf to make up the bad experience. In exchange, you can ask him to reply publicly on your website, so that other customers also can experience your dedication about client satisfaction.

good opportunities in the bad reviews

This thing is highly essential that you pay your whole attention to finding out the reason of any negative experience of the customer in a relation to your product or service. The negative review actually, opens up the new pathways to learning from the mistakes and developing a stronger relationship with the customers’ community.

But beware while attending your unhappy customer do not start any wrong argument with him or the community. Never discourage him or insult him or added less respectfully. Your objective is to turn your critic into a loyal one and not to increasing the unfavorable atmosphere among the follower community.

Without any hesitation, always get ready to include the apology in your response and ask the suggestion for better services and the worry free experience next time. Never forget to thank him for finding out the mistake on your account and participating in improving your business. Of course, your aim is solving their problems and gaining their trust again. If you succeed to win him, you can easily convince him to update his review with the resolution. It is definitely your achievement to solve a customer’s frustration.

If you do the proper research and figure out that the bad review was a fake, you ask them to remove it. Many websites are not open for removing the reviews, but they can filter out the fraudulent reviews and mark them or flag comment to advise the other customers that the review is not a reliable one.

2. Learn from the reviews

Any bad review or the legitimate complaint is the opportunity to enhance your learning experience. If the bad review was the result of any mistake on your part, admit it honestly. Communicate to him that what corrective steps you are going to take in this concern and further ask the customer to give a sentence for any visible improvement or the additional efforts required. Once the problem is sorted out, set a strategy to prevent any mistake or problem again. If you find a pattern of the bad reviews or negative comments, quickly take action. Definitely, there will be a pattern for the feedbacks also. Notice them and include in your future strategy.

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In most of the cases, the negative reviews arise because of the improper and unfriendly behavior of the staff or employees. If the same reason is here, watch out the origin of the problem and take necessary action. It should be a lesson for your employees also that any ignorance of client satisfaction will not be allowed. It can be taken as the part of their training also.

Don’t fear the bad reviews

3. Promote the positive aspect of your business

One more reason of the negative reviews about your product and services can be that you are not promoting the positive aspect of your business to the follower’s community. Generally, the reviewers used to post their comments after the bad reviews or negative comments instead of any positive one. The positive reviews and the comments by the satisfied clients are the real assets of your business; utilize them for the best benefit of it. You can highlight your favorite ones on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Or can repost a few sentences of a great review on your websites’ homepage so that everyone can see them.

4. Law of numbers

Instead of being overwhelmed due to few negative reviews, try to get a great number of positive comments in your favor. The great number of positive reviews will definitely help you to get the overall supportive search results. You do your own work, and the search engine will do theirs (which is of course for your benefit).

One more thing to consider: in the temptation of getting positive reviews, doesn’t try to generate them or pay the others to post these. The clients are experienced enough to understand the difference between an organic review or a high-quality review written by an expert writer. In this way, you will simply lose your credibility and trust your brand.

Though the reviews help you to find your shortcomings and offer the ways for future development and advancement, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by them. Be rational while figuring out the problems and fixing them. Stay calm and look for the affirmative solution. Stay focused on damage control and always be ready for a plan B if the existing fails to work. It is your learning process and there is nothing to lose.

so, the conclusion doesn’t fear the bad reviews; explore the opportunities in them, always try to solve your customer’s problem by keeping in mind your objective is to turn your customer into a loyal one.

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