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The creation of a positive reputation on the Internet is critical for all companies. Nowadays, any potential client, partner or employee starts to get acquainted with any company by looking for feedback in search engines. And the reputation of the company in eyes of customers depends primarily on what they see on the first page of the search engine. Companies like help their customers to solve various questions relating to how to increase the effectiveness and make positive customer feedback to be a powerful instrument in business promotion campaigns. 

There are a few most affordable and functional tools & methods that help in the shortest time collect positive customer reviews and use them for better company presentation. Among the best practices, powerful business leviathans use to increase the effectiveness of their business is the depiction of positive customer review on their website. This is especially beneficial when such feedbacks are written by widely recognized partnering companies like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Watsons, etc. Internet users who will find out about such positive reviews will be more willing to use the services of this company than any other.

They will also advise this company in the first place when asked to be helpful with somebody’s choice. This branch of business management even has its abbreviation-name SERM which stands for Search Engine Reputation Management. 

Usually, entrepreneurs think about reputation when they start having problems with it. The Internet gets a negative image either from unsatisfied customers or from competitors. The first thing the brand tries to do is to remove negative feedback.

However, true businessmen know that this is a one-time thing, which does not guarantee the appearance of new negative reviews. For cautious entrepreneurs who want to develop their reputation, such occasions are just another chance to think about a comprehensive approach to reputation management and find ways to satisfy their customers.

Such troubleshooting can change their behavior which is so frequently unjustified. Negative commentaries give chance to track weak sides of business strategies that is why they can also be counted as the reputation management tool.  

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There are a few effective ways of how to deal with negative feedback

Issue analysis and reference monitoring

When the strengths and weaknesses of the company, brand or person are revealed. Particular attention should be paid to negative reviews as they are an indicator of problems. If desired, the service of monitoring feedback and references in the media is available regularly. Also, entrepreneurs should find out what websites are the most visited by customers searching for products and services in their provision field. This will allow taking care of the reputation of the biggest share of reviews that can be left and seen by the new customers.

Defining ways to combat negative feedbacks

When the main reason for the appearance of negative feedbacks was determined, to reduce their number in the future, the existing negative reviews should be closed by a fair analysis of the situation. Then should be created a content plan to displace negative feedback from the first pages of the issue results.

Reputation Management Tools

Proper CRM system integration 

The use of these tools can help decrease the time needed for feedback processing and give clients what they need — fastest and interesting response with an offer to make them feel better about their online purchases. 

Remember, reputation is a whimsical thing. It’s created over the years and can be lost instantly. That’s why it’s so important to constantly work on the company image.

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