Tools To Manage A Online Reputation Management Process

Tools for simplification of the online reputation management process

Reputation means by what the people outside are saying or having the opinion about you and your business. Businesses are working hard for gaining the reputed status among the customers from the ancient period, the new thing in this term is the use of social media marketing tools have changed the identification of the businesses and increased the speed of spread of reputation.

Today, people are trending to trust on the non-traditional information channels like social media platform and they also believe that the mouth publicity about a company’s product and performance is the best way to measure its reputation. The modern-day mouth publicity can be represented as personal recommendations, blogs, customer reviews and opinions posted online. Reputation management helps the businesses to improve their visibility in local search and also provides a progress report that proves its actual worth.

reputation management process

Reputation management process

Don’t waste your precious time in spending the hours in tracking the online reputation of your business. If you are unaware of the helping tech tools available, the online reputation management can be a headache for you. it is really a challenging task to find your real worth between social media mentions, ad campaigns, blog comments and plenty of online comments.

Now, you need some tools for simplification of the online reputation management process. These tools are free as well as some are available with a priced option but all of them play an important role in reducing the time and labor in managing a company or brand’s reputation.

reputation management tool

Reputation Management Tool

Here are some very easy and convenient tools for making your online reputation management campaign a pleasant experience.

6 Easy and convenient tools for managing online reputation campaign

  1. Trackur: This social media monitoring tool avails the instant mention notification whenever your brand is mentioned. So, you can promptly and appropriately respond and also you don’t need to be stuck with your Facebook for a whole day. Visit trackur for taking your online reputation management to the extreme new level as the various built-in capabilities of this tool helps you to track down and analyze the online trends. For example, which of your marketing effort has earned the massive response. The free basic plan is good for beginners and while you need the expert tech support Trackur paid plan starts with just $27 monthly.
  2. Naymz : This smart and useful tool is actually designed and developed for tracking your online reputation be simply scaling and measuring your social influences. Repscore is the intriguing feature of the tool that rates your company or brand influence across the various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. Also, this tool is loaded with many inbuilt features who can facilitate your efforts to enhance your brand, tracking the visitors and comparing your ranks with your competitors. Here you can monitor the brand mention on the both leading search engines from a single window. It is basically free, but for the advanced version of Naymz, you will be charged $12 per month.
  3. Brandseye : This extremely efficient tool is actually a wholesome set of feature that can turn your online reputation management process to its simplest form. With this tool, you can get the email notification as soon as your brand is mentioned online, track down the conversations and compare the available metrics with your pre-stored internal data. These features are very useful in pinpointing the place where the conversations turned towards you. So, now you are free from sitting glued in front of the computer or tab for the obsessively checking the social media feeds each second. This is the most efficient and highly expensive tool that is available by paying$220 per month onwards.
  4. Rankur : This highly effective tool makes your online reputation management efforts very convenient and impressive. With it, you can figure out the hot search trends and track your social media presence. The tool also provides the advanced reporting facilities so that you can narrow your result be demographics and other data to real-time analysis that how your marketing and branding efforts are being taken by your audiences and what is customer’s opinion about you and your products. The basic plan of Rankur is available for free and to entertain its advanced features you can start up from $14 monthly.
  5. Social Mention : Just similar to who’s Talkin ( ) this absolutely free of cost tool works like a search engine to score the social sphere for any term typed in it, for example, mentions of your brand, competitor or any other keyword or phrase. It deeply searches the blogs, microblogs, videos, image posts and also the questions asked online. It avails the detailed results along with the information of sources and users, its positive or negative aspect, and its overall reach. Not only this, you can check the tool every time and place as it is not an automated tool.
  6. Google Alerts One more effective and a real working tool from the basket of Google, this tool actually offers the most impressive performance and valuability in the online reputation management process. What you have to do is the set of the alerts for any search term of your relevance (name of your company or brand or the keyword), specifically, describe the type of the results you expect and how often you want them. With each time you get the mention related your typed terms, Google will alert with its notifications as Gmails. So no extra logging in, or any other inconvenience is involved here. Just like most of the Google things Google Alert is also free.


Online reputation management is essential for maintaining and scaling your status in the modern day high competitive business scenario. But, you don’t need to have a full-time schedule and a headache creating time commitment to perform it. The above-listed tools provide a great support in your reputation management efforts and keeping tabs on your brand, products, and company across the web world. Now you can easily monitor the online reputation as well as pay all the required attention to other critical and complex tasks for your business.

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