What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Hosting and Why They Need To Care About It

Every marketer always takes care about some essential aspects to make sure their business runs flawlessly and fetch high returns. Among the different aspects being taken care of, the prominent ones that every marketer considers are a reach, acquisition, conversion, and retention.

All these aspects are successfully taken care of if the marketers consider the best hosting service. All the hosting features that are important for your business are important to consider for getting effective results. The below sections will give proper understanding for every marketer before choosing any hosting service:

Hosting features to look for before choosing the hosting plans

While marketers choose hosting plans, they need to look at the below features:

  • Specifications
  • Price
  • Dependability
  • Performance
  • Specifications
  • Managed Services
  • Support

What are the minimum recommended specifications for hosting?




IPV4: 2 IP

PANEL: cPanel (or DirectAdmin)

MGT: Fully Managed

BACKUP: Fully Automated

Cost considerations

Every marketer needs to take care of the cost considerations before choosing a particular hosting service and hosting plan. The price of hosting can be as easy as a single all-inclusive fee or it could be the base cost plus published extras. There may be certain hidden costs involved. The starting point with cost is where to start i.e. marketers can consider going for the basic cost per month. This starting point plan price serves as a reference point and most marketers can try it out for the first time. Actually, the price people pay can often be multiples of the advertised cost.

There are some hidden costs to be considered in certain circumstances. They are really not optional and can prove to be the only way to get your account out of a suspended status or files migrated to some other host. There may be some tax added to the advertised price or they may be some setup fees that are hidden. The marketers also need to take care about the migration fees i.e. fees included in one site or all or no migration assistance available. Sometimes, the support is tiered along with some items covered and others not, so check that too. So, these price considerations are important for marketers to take care of.


Look at different hosting types

Before choosing the preferred hosting service, every marketer should thoroughly research and understand the hosting types. Doing this will save your time, money and effort. There are many different hosting types available currently but you need to choose the one that meets your needs and budget. It may not be easy to decide the type of hosting plan before knowing its details. So, go through the description of different hosting types as below:

shared hosting

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting is one of the most common forms of web hosting and it is widely used. Actually, this hosting option is the least expensive and suitable for common uses. With the use of a shared hosting option, several web hosting customers would share the same computer. Every website of different account will get stored within the same driver, will get processed by the same CPU, and finally delivered by the same web server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With the choice of the dedicated server hosting, you will employ complete control over a whole server. This option comes with many benefits but it is actually more expensive. If your budget allows its fees then you can consider this hosting option. Whenever you own direct and complete access to the server which is running your website, you could easily install any type of niche software.  One of the key benefits of this option is that you are the only one consuming server resources. Therefore, it significantly boosts your speed and performance.

different hosting types


Scalable Cloud-based VPS Hosting

The issues faced with the problem with conventional VPS, dedicated servers and shared hosting plans is that if there is enough traffic then you will hit the physical limit of the actual server. This is in respect to a real machine with real limitations on the amount of memory it can use, amount of storage it can hold, and the number of requests it can handle. Majority of the websites never hit these limits, and VPS or shared hosting is more than sufficient.

Managed Hosting

In case you require the power and bandwidth of a VPS or dedicated Server, but lack the technical skills to perform serious server administration then it is best to go for a managed hosting plan.


Before choosing a web hosting service, every marketer should consider and take care of the aspects discussed above. There are many good options available like hostinger. since it has all the characteristics and affordability that one needs. If interested, you can read reviews about it that were written by users and experts here. After comparing the hosting providers and looking through the reviews, it becomes easy to choose the preferred hosting service and plan according to your needs and budget as well.

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