How To Unblock Youtube At School and Office 2018

You are going to find out the latest tricks to unblock youtube at school and office.

There are many of us who face the situation of blocked YouTube at school or at the office. Certain countries like Pakistan have also blocked the use of YouTube.

Without any doubt, YouTube is the most popular online source of entertaining, informative and interesting videos, but it is also blocked by the administration of many educational and business institutions either for preventing the waste of time or due to the conservative issues. Such a restriction sometimes frustrates the people studying or working there.

Here in this article, we are going to reveal how to unblock YouTube, so that you can enjoy the interesting videos and keep the pressure away:

Use VPN (Virtual Private Service) To Unblock YouTube 

VPN is actually a global private network where you pass through their specifically secured private tunnel. Here, you will have a quite different identity to the web server. There is no way to know your real IP address. The service of sending and receiving the data using VPN is available in both options free and paid. Here are some popular VPN systems that are being used for unblocking YouTube.

  1. Air VPN: Just by downloading and activation, you will get many sites unblocked including YouTube. Here, you also have to download Hotspot Shield so that you can use it on your PC as well as smart devices (mobile and tablet) with android and ios.
  2. Surf Again ( It also helps in a similar manner
  3. Proxify (
  4. Avast SecureLine VPN

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Use online proxy servers (YouTube Proxies) To Unblock YouTube 

While you are not able to access any particular site such as YouTube, these online proxy servers offer you a backdoor entry to your desired video site instead of directly connecting to it. Here you are connected to the proxy server at the first and then to the site (like YouTube). It is the most efficient method to get access to various popular, but, unfortunately, blocked sites at your institution such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

To work with the proxy sites, at the very first you need to enter the address of your favorite, but blocked the site in its search inbox. A thing of that especially is taken care that type or paste the address into the web page and not on the generally used address bar. By a click, you will able to access your expected site. Though the web page comes from the inside proxy server website, you don’t need to worry; just carry on as you usually do. It is the smarter and safer way to enjoy the blocked websites.

4 Options For Best Online Proxy Web Servers To Unblock YouTube 

  1. Express VPN
  2. Kproxy
  3. Private Tunnel
  4. Mega Proxy

The above are the proxy server based sites so that you can easily get the access to the blocked YouTube and the other sites.

Now, let’s get some information about some tricks which don’t need such proxy site to watch the blocked YouTube:

Best Ways To Unblock Blocked YouTube

  1. Use Hola browser extension to unblock YouTube

    It is a known as the most convenient method of unblocking YouTube and similar sites. And while there is no restriction or prohibition on using it, it can be easily used at school, college, and offices. It is required to download it in your browser and install it. Hola browser extension mainly redirects the sites through its secure private servers. Without needing any proxy site, you can browse all you want just by installing it and in a great simplicity.
    Hola is also very supportive to smartphones and tabs. One can find it from the app store, install it and turn on the unblock option in the installed app. Here are the different Hola extensions for different  systems:

  1. Use of Https connections for unblocking YouTube

    As an interesting trick, you can replace the Http connection with Https as in most of the incidents, some blocking software is applied to block YouTube. And, if you try instead of, you can easily get access to your entertainment zone. In this method, you change the connection with the secured connections. Though there are very limited chances that this trick may work, there is no harm in trying.

  2. Use of Tor browser for Unblock YouTube

    This browser is basically used for anonymous web surfing. It especially works best while combining with Mozilla FireFox and proxy servers and get the best access to different blocked websites including YouTube. An administrative permission is always required before installing this application. In this way, it is just a drawback, but with permission, you can unblock any of the websites you want in your account. Here, you don’t need to go into any proxy site, but just type the website address like YouTube to the address bar and it will access the site for you.

  3. Browsing through a proxy web address

    As another trick to unblock YouTube or other blocked sites, you can also use the available proxy sites. The method is included with a limitation that you have to submit the URL of the website each time you visit here. In this way, the method can be felt highly hectic one, especially when you have to unblock this site quite often. To make things easier or to get easy access to YouTube or any other blocked site, here are some fine tricks to be followed:

    1. Get the proxy IP addresses (
    2. While working with Mozilla Firefox, browse the setting: Options > Advanced> Connection > Settings
    3. Now, make a click on Manual Proxy Settings. Enter Proxy IP Address from the above-mentioned list, with the port number 8080. Now click OK and changed setting will be saved.
    4. Now, when you want to get access to a blocked site, at the very first type its URL in the address bar of a new tab. It will definitely work.
    5. So this is the best way to unblock sites without repeatedly going to the online proxy sites. But it works only with Mozilla Firefox.

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Well, I’ve described some tricks to unblock youtube at office, school and workplaces, by using these techniques you get access to various popular, but, unfortunately, blocked sites at your institution such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, If you have more suggestions on how to unblock YouTube at school then please share with us.

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