How To Find Your WordPress Login URL: Beginner’s Guide

A beginner’s guide to find your WordPress login URLIf you are the one who strives to know how do I log in to WordPress then you are at right place. Now, people are often discussing “how to find WordPress login page URL?”. Will this article help you figure it out the complete process to find your WordPress login URL?

Today, At the present time, WordPress has gained the highest popularity among the content management, marketing systems and holds approximate 22% of the entire web. Started with a simple, soothing beginning, it was user-friendly, easy to operate blogging system, it gradually developed in an extravaganza of millions of WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and various important enhancements.

Usually, the beginners and the new users of WordPress tend to get lost while trying to log in because the present day WordPress themes cannot be directly linked to the login page or its admin. So, there is a high requirement of a guide or assistance to teach the newcomers about the easy and effective methods of finding the WordPress login URL.

Why do you need WordPress Login URL?

With the login to the admin area (or the WordPress management dashboard), you are enabled to perform many tasks and adjustments such as creating the new posts, adding the pages, changing or re-arranging the designs and adding/removing the plugins.

How to find the WordPress Login URL?

It is essential that you install the WordPress with an efficient web hosting provider. For this, you have to add the term login or admin at the end of the site URL. Such as or

With the both WordPress URL settings, you will easily reach to the WordPress login page of your site. If due to some reasons, while you are not able to access your WordPress login page as per the URL is not properly working properly, there is another way to access it:

In the situation while you have installed the WordPress setup in a different subdirectory like WordPress, here you can  reach into your WordPress login page through this URL:  or

While the WordPress is installed in your system through a sub-domain, in this case, the following URL will be applied to reach to access your WordPress admin login page: or

Now, when you have logged in, on your screen, there will be the WordPress admin area of your website will be displayed on your screen which is situated in the wp-admin folder. There is another way to get the direct access to the admin area. You can enter the website URL through the following: or

This method works while you have already logged into your website through this and the session is still alive. With the both affirmative conditions, you will be able to reach directly to WordPress dashboard of your website. But while any of the situation is not in your favor, you will be directed to the WP login page.

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find your WordPress login URL

The Way To Remember The WordPress Login Page

Sometimes, the new users or the beginners find is difficult to remembertheirs WordPress login link. In this case, they are suggested to add a bookmark in their browser bookmark bar. There is an alternative also; the WordPress login link can be added to the site’s footer, menu or the sidebar. This can be performed in the two easy ways as mentioned below:

  1. In the first option, the WordPress login URL is added to the menus of your website. Just log in to the website’s WordPress admin area and follow Appearance and then menus. Now click on the link tab, it will expand and you can add your text and WordPress login link here. When it is done, you will click the Add button in the menu and add this link here. One thing to remember especially must click on the save menu button.
  2. In the next one, is concentrated over the application of Meta a default widget. Through this widget, you can add a link to the login page, the website’s RSS feed and then link to the other sites. To perform it, first, go to Appearance>Widget and then add the meta widget to the sidebar or the widget-ready area of your website. While you are not interested in applying the meta widget, you can simply go to the menu widget. The WordPress login links can be added to anywhere; to the sidebar, at the footer or any other widget ready area that is available in your applied theme.

find your WordPress login URL


Use of Remember Me to reach directly reaching the WordPress login page

If you have observed your WordPress login page, you will find a checkbox with the label “Remember Me” on it. Before login first time, if you check this it will allow you to direct reach to the admin area without login on your subsequent visits for a few days. It specifically depends on the cookie settings in your system.

In the case, where you always forget to check this checkbox while your login task, it is good for you to install the very helping plugin named “Always Remember Me”. With it, you are automatically able to check the Remember Me option at the every WordPress login time.

Adding the WordPress login form in the sidebar

Sometimes, there is more than one user on a WordPress site, here it is recommended to add a WordPress Login Form in the sidebar of the website. The application of the Side Bar Login Plugin will be right to add a custom login form.

When you forgot the WordPress login URL

Here can be the two situations as described below:

  1. If there is a lockdown-wp—admin Plugin has already been installed on your system, then you have to delete it from your back end. After it, you can log in through/wp-admin again. If required reinstate the plug in and take note of this URL.
  2. In the other situation, if can’t login after installation of the above-described plugin, here are the steps of fast WordPress login:
    1. Watch out for the Database.
    2. Get the file “wp-options”.
    3. Get inside wp_options and find Id_hide_wp_admin
    4. Replace this Id_hide_wp_admin with the option “yep” in the value box. Now save it.
    5. Here, you have to find the Id_login_base. Remove the log in a base or the specific name you have chosen for login. The option value box has to remain vacant now. Save it.
    6. Log out.
    7. Login to the website with the URL
    8. And the task is performed successfully.

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Well, I’ve shared a guide or assistance to teach the newcomers about the easy and effective methods of finding the WordPress login URL. Hope you’ve found this information useful.

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