How To Write SEO-Friendly Content For Blog Posts

How to write SEO content for a blog?

Blogging is the method of a tactic of driving a big amount of traffic to a website. If it goes in the correct manner, it also plays a great role in getting the attention of leading search engines. While the SERP ranking is highly important for the success of any online marketing campaign, you need to create or develop your blog posts that can meet the search engine requirements and influence them to secure the top place.

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This article is about the points that should be taken into care during writing SEO friendly blog posts or stories. The SEO oriented content strategy along with proper use of keyword phrases is the first condition for success and the marketer should try to create at least one blog post for each keyword phrase.

Following are the tips for writing SEO-friendly content creation that every website should use:

Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Content For Blog Posts

Start with keyword rich topics

Blogs are often treated as a great tool for SEO and online visibility of a brand as with each blog post there is a new web page comes into existence with a whole new opportunity to get higher ranks for a specific search to be made by your potential customers.

Below are some ways to generate a content idea that can be used as the baseline of your blog:

  1. Reply customers questions into “dear customer” lie posts.
  2. Check the QnA sites such Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn, Quora or any other of this type where your potential customers may be asking the questions.
  3. You can choose some keywords which you feel that can help you with your content strategy, and run them through Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool that will show the detailed analysis related to your phrases. When you are aware that which keyword phrase was mostly searched by most of the people in a particular period of time, you can design your competitive content marketing strategy.

Create a keyword rich title

Undoubtedly, the title is actually the title of the web-page and that’s why search engine considers the title as the most important part of the web-page. You need to create the title that can grab the maximum visibility.

Following are some tips for this:

  • Use of keywords: Start it with the targeted keywords as the search engines give specific attention to the starting words in a title.
  • Number your list: When you add the numbers in the title it becomes more interesting. For example, top 10 questions that may be asked for your job interview. This will generally increase your overall rank.

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Apply keyword into the blog post wisely

To support your title you need to work with your keyword in the very first one or two lines of the post and then in the best part of many times. When you find that there is some difficulty in using the keyword phrase in the very first line of the article, you can open up the article with a one or two lined overview that may contain the keywords properly.

But beware of overusing the keywords as Google and other search engines will not accept it as a healthy SEO practice. You can be punished for such over-optimization practices. There is no specified rule or formula about the repetition density of the keywords, it should not seem forced or creating uneasiness to the reader on seeing it.

As per new trend, the keywords also can be broken into two parts, for example, “French Blue Cheese”. You can use it whole for two or three times. But it will also be effective if it is applied in two separate manners “French cheese” or “blue cheese”.

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seo content writing tips

How to write SEO content for blogs

SEO plugin for checking your work

Based on the opinion that getting a second opinion is good, this step is essential for content strategy of a business. There are many good plugins suitable for all types of blogging platforms. After you are done with writing the basic format of your article, you can apply the plugin and find some suggestions for taking the appropriate steps for optimizing it in accordance with the targeted keyword phrase.

Use social networks for sharing your content

Social networking sites can influence the search engine’s ranking system very easily. For example, Bing’s customized search is powered by Facebook and on the other hand, Google + simply affects the Google’s search results. Sharing the posts through the popular social platforms is the recent trend in driving a huge traffic towards your website and creating a buzz about your post.

It is true that any tweet or the LinkedIn update may not be helpful to you in boosting the overall ranking; it may introduce you to a blogger who is now linked to you through an inbound link, that gives an additional value to your post and that is simply observed by the search engines. So, to encourage more linking, liking, and sharing, you need to add a proper “share” button with the article posted by you.

When you have created a good content, presented it nicely, posted on the leading social media platforms and furthermore you are quite perfect in motivating your visitors; no doubt, your content will be shared with a large gated in Social media marketing with the aim community.

Get benefitted through your blog’s search engine visibility

Most of us are engaged in the social media marketing with the main object “increasing the financial outcomes” and not just creating the popular blog. When you are developing all your content for building your business, you need to create a keyword-rich link from the blog post to the sales page to your website.

Search engines give a remarkable value to links and a marketer should develop the most efficient links on the blog post page. It will be ideal that you create the links which say”click here” or “learn more” you need to create them with the button “ buy online books”.

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As the conclusion, we can summarize the entire process of developing the Search Engine Optimization oriented blogging. The way to create some really impressive and effective blogs that will help you in generating a remarkable search engine traffic and new leads of business one need to use the given process:

  1. Create a domain that is yours and you have the total control over it.
  2. Each of the blog posts must be created around the keyword containing the subject.
  3. Your title must include your keyword in a proper yet interesting way.
  4. Input your keywords appropriately in your blog post.
  5. The blog post must be interesting and shareable so that more and more people come to see it and show their confidence
  6. Include your website’s e-commerce page with your search engine powered page so the influenced visitors may easily be turned into the potential customers.
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