Top CPM Ad Networks For Blog To Make Money Online

Looking for best CPM Ad networks for Blog to make money onlineCPM Ad Network is the new face of the Internet ad town. It stands for Cost Per Impression. Gone are the days when you need to manually enter the choicest methods to improve the ad views of your website. The earlier methods to incur views on your website had to be very tough. You may also like what is AD viewability.

You need to reach to a certain number of audience and views to improve the number of likes and shares on your website and then improving the views on your website. CPM stands for cost per impression. The closest competitor to CPM is CPC.

The latter requires your audience to click on the ads featured on your website for you to earn money; whereas CPM is simple, defined and yet easy. It earns you the great variety of money if your visitors to your website view a certain ad. There are some good variety of networks which offer great alternatives to Google AdSense. You may also like unique ways to make money online.

CPM(Cost Per Impression)?

Cost Per Impression is one of the great ways to make and earn some great amount of money online with the help of your blog or website. CPM is also known as Cost per thousands of impressions.

Let us have an example to understand the concept better. For example;

if you have 20000 page views every day and then if you have one ad unit on every page of your website, then you might roughly have a total of 20000 impressions for that ad. If the CPM rate you’re getting is $3, you’ll earn $60 every day.

The definition of CPM if measured with the help of a data – (Number of impressions/1000)x CPM rate.

If you apply the method to the example we cited, then the calculation is – (20,000/1000) x 3 = $60.

$60 per day from CPM is quite a  nice income. But then for that, your blog or website needs to be really good.

There are a lot of ad networks which offer the great variety of CPM ad. With these networks in place, you can effectively use the facility to earn income. We cover the top ten CPM ad networks in this article, but before that let us understand what are the functional difference between CPM and CPC.

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A difference between CPM  and CPC?

Before we take a look at the top CPM ad network, let us understand a few things. Google AdSense is the most popular ad network with the highest CPC rate. Google AdSense pays you when a visitor clicks on an advertisement. For example, if your ad is being displayed on your website thousands of times, and if your visitors are not clicking the ads, you actually earn nothing. That’s the crux of CPC. Your ads need to be clicked so that you earn money. But if your ad is not clicked, what? That’s why you need the help of CPM. The initial difference between the formats of ads is that one gives you guaranteed income, whereas the other is selective

CPM gives you the scope of guaranteed income. If your ad is viewed, you earn money. When it comes to getting approvals from Google, many bloggers usually fail to do so. They keep on requesting for permission, but they get denied. CPM ad networks are really cool alternatives for such bloggers. Read the article for the list of such services.

Top CPM Ad networks

Here are top CPM Ad networks to make money online from your blog

Top 4 CPM Ad Networks To Make Money Online

1. Technorati Media CPM ad network

Technorati is a San Francisco-based company and is one of the largest ad networks in the world with a very nice history. They claim to get about 300 million unique visitors from their ad networks or network of blogs. Minimum payout is $50 but the company follows NET 60 payment model. To get paid for it, as a blogger, you need to wait or a minimum of 60 days from the month in which you earn $50. The company pays via PayPal, wire transfer, cheque etc.

The network is reviewed well by bloggers, and that it pays good and offer nice CPM  rates. But one of the wrong points in using the network is that it does not allow it to use the services of any other ad network. However you can use Google AdSense with it, so you get benefits of using a great CPC network and CPM networks.

2. CPM network

Advertising is an AOL company. The company claims that it monetizes about 1.5 billion impressions a day. They have been reviewed well by users, who want to use a great ad network to monetize their blog. You can earn a lot of money is the ad network is used properly. They follow a NET 30 payment. If you have a decent number of page views, you have a chance to get into the network

3. Burst Media CPM ad network

Burst Media is also reviewed well, but you need to have a decent number of audience on your blog to start earning money from it. Their payout threshold is $50 and the company uses common and popular payment methods such as PayPal, and fund transfer.

4. Vibrant Media ad network

In-text ads. Advertisers need to display scripts on their website with the help of link and text. The linked/words are the ads that advertisers buy. The number of networks you can use need to be unique. Today; it is regarded as one of the greatest ad networks, and the users who are actually using it are working well and review it well. The number of ad network needs to be improved.

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Why we listed only selected entries?

The above-listed options are believed to be great in terms earning a steady flow of income with the help of CPM ads. There are other listed options as well who offer unique options. But when it comes to ensuring greater benefit from your CPM ads, it is a fact that nothing can be as different and unique as the ones we listed. These networks have been known to offer great results and are this held well. If you need to earn money from your blog, just start working on measures to promote your ads on these networks.

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