How To Monetize Your Website With Google Adsense

In this article, learn about Google Adsense and improving the website monetization through it. Now start with how to monetize your website with Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a leading service run by web giant Google, where the online advertisements are posted on the web pages and websites of the similar niche and with the advanced application of the internet search technology.

The method allows the website owner to earn a variable cost per click (CPC) that is decided by the mutual agreement or deal between the website owner and the advertiser.

The deal is highly affected by the various factors, such as the reputation of the website, keywords applied and much other product cost variable amounts additional to the advertisement.

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In this way, a website owner can get the different amount from the different advertisers for the advertisement display on the same web page. Along with the CPC, there is another way is CPM or the cost per thousand impressions.

Here the cost per action is considered when the visitor follows through after clicking the advertisement and makes a deal on another website for example.

In this way, the cost per action method is more relative and effective for Google Adsense and other affiliate programs.

5 Advantages of Using Google Adsense Over Other Advertising Networks

  1. It is much easier to set up and start. Just by having an account here and adding a code to the themed file, an advertisement will run on the web page.
  2. Google Adsense is a most reputed and recognized advertisement program, so while your blog is running with the Google Adsense, it gives an authority appearance to a blog or web page.
  3. Once an account is approved by Google Adsense, you are allowed to place the Ads on any website that complies with its terms and services and there is no need to have the various accounts for this purpose.
  4. The support form of Google Adsense is the other beneficial point here. The lots of tutorials that further suggest improving the revenue from here.
  5. Unlike the many small advertisement companies, Payment is not an issue with Google Adsense. The transparency and the clear payment procedure make it the best program for making money through a blog.

make money through Google Adsense


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How to make money through Google Adsense, the step by step process?

  1. It starts with the crafting of a high-quality content enriched with the most competitive keywords. Make the maximum effort to make it valuable, informative and attractive for both the readers and the search engines. But also, follow the proper SEO guidelines such as, not to over-stuffing of keywords, avoid the over optimization and keeping it natural.
  2. Have an account with Google Adsense. Go to at, with a valid postal address, a Google Account, a website or a web page, you can easily have your own Google Adsense account.
  3. Next step is to fill a form that informs the Google regarding your content along with a short application to fill out which is likely to be approved within a few days or weeks.
  4. When approved, you can easily manage and control the size, appearance, and place of the Ads on your web page or site. You can make it natural looking for your readers.
  5. The placement of the Ads is a very important issue here, which is mainly affected by the taste of the publisher or the agreement betwee both parties. But some options naturally look better and work well with the readers’ mentality. One can choose between the large rectangle, medium rectangle, leaderboard or the skyscraper advertisement.
  6. The next thing is the color of the advertisement. One should go for the help from a Google recommended color schemes that can suggest various color ideas. It is very easy to find the suitable color scheme from here, but if you are the creative and technical one trying to make something more unique and interesting own your own. The online experts suggest blending the ad colors with the text and designing of the web page. It will give the natural appearance of the web page and the advertisement as well. It is ideal to apply the color scheme that is already working on the web page.
  7. Here’s another question that arises is “where to place the Google Adsense Ads?” This actually depends on the size of the advertisements each time. While your page is mainly an online selling page, undoubtedly, you would give preference to the products you sale along with the giving a proper place to the advertisements. On the other hand, if you are an information provider, and these ads are your main earning source, you will give more obvious placement of these ads. So this issue requires a great deal of balance and experience to create a balance.

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To improve your website’s productivity through Google Adsense here are some basic tips

  1. Placement Of the Ads

    The position is a very important thing that directly influences the rate of clicks on the website. To figure out the best place of posting the ads, one can have the help of Google Heatmap, a Google service launched in this concern.

  2. Number of Ads

    An advertiser is allowed to post or display up to 3 ad postings on a web page along with a single link unit. An advertiser should make efforts to utilize this facility in the most creative and productive manner. For this purpose, the attractive combinations of banner sizes can be placed at the different locations on a page.

  3. Color bland and sync

    As per the researchers, the color, style, and appearance of an advertisement that easily blends with the web page, plays a supportive role in achieving the best CTR. To get the best out of your advertising efforts, you are suggested to remove all the unnecessary borders from the ad post and change the color of text and make if finely blend with the web page.  In this way, the advertisements give an appearance as a part of the page and not a forced advertisement. Such advertisements look more trustworthy.

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These are some of the ways to monetize your website with Google Adsense to grab the higher attention of the visitors and present the website’s image to them. But be cautious that these and other tactics may not be the violation of the Google’s fair code of conduct.

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