How To Use Social Bookmarking Sites To Improve Page Ranking and Traffic

How to use social bookmarking sites to improve page ranking and traffic? There is no exemption that a website owner needs to learn the tactics and tricks to attract more traffic to the site as well as improve the page ranking in all the major SERPs. While you are engaged in the selling of products, services, and ideas, it is a must for you to focus on this approach especially.

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The social bookmarking sites can be very helpful for you to boost your page ranking and getting more traffic as well. There are some simple and easy to follow steps that can be helpful in getting your listing at the top of the front page. A website owner needs to understand the below-described 15 points and apply them in the practice to achieve the desired results:

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15 Ways Boost Your Page Ranking and Getting More Traffic

1. Create some catchy headlines

In the absence of an attractive headline, many good articles with quality content remain unnoticed. Remember, your headline is the announcement of your content, quality, and creativity. So if you want to increase the possibility of the first-page position for your article, go get some really dashing headlines.

2. Never avoid the short description

Headlines create an attraction and to maintain this first enthusiasm, you need to develop a short, yet meaningful description. The word limit of 100-150 words is regarded as ideal and accepted by most of the social bookmarking sites. The thing is to remember that lies and false facts should not be the part of the description as the over tempting things often fail to build users’ trust in the subject and the content of the article.

3. Content quality is a must

Not just the headline and the description are the everything that can force the visitor to stay on the page and create his interest in your product or services; you need to craft the whole content with a great quality, appeal, and educational value. Unless a fantastic content, the article is trash and no bookmarking can help to attract traffic and the ranking. It is also vital for repetitive visits.

4. Make your site voting and bookmarking friendly

While the other people bookmark your site, it needs in the great favor of your site and you to encourage it. By placing a bookmarking button at the end of your article, you can make the task easier for your interested users.

5. Knowledge of the ideal submission time

Your submission time can play a crucial role in supporting your attempts to get first-page visibility. If you submit your content at a wrong time such as during late-night hours, it is just the waste of your efforts as the social networking cycle runs round-o-round and when the users will wake up, your post will not be presented as the recent arrival and simply will lose its impact and value. As per the studies, the ideal time to post an article is 3 p.m.

6. A right submission strategy

Under a right submission strategy, you have to find out the best suitable social bookmarking site with the right category for your content such as industry, health, entertainment or anything else. Without it, all your content will be posted to the miscellaneous or general with the many other unclassified things already placed.

How to use social bookmarking sites

7. Co-operate with other social bookmarkers

Being alone is never a wise strategy. While you manage to have a good network of friends to back up your content promotion efforts, your chances of getting the first-page appearance get higher. More likes, shares +1 and votes by your friends simply boost your position.

8. Better use English

While you want to reach to the global users along with the African countries and new high potential Chinese and Indian market, it is suggested to use English instead of any other exotic one. If your story has been told in English, it will reach to a greater number of people all around the world.

9. Be the latest one

By posting old news or information, you will easily lose your hard-earned user’s trust and credibility. There are very limited pieces of content such as featured articles, How to’s, and the similar ones can be occasionally re-posted but with the required updates.

10. Check your facts and spellings

With the wrong fats and spelling mistakes, you can get negative remarks and comments that are surely not in the health of your site.

11. Be wise while choosing your topics

Sometimes not even a great content published in the right category gets the desired SERP position and audiences’ preference; the selection of an unpopular topic can be the possible reason. It is best to conduct your own research or follow the market trends to get a clue of what is in the demand and then create your content around it for ensured success.

12. Get links from related and popular articles

An article which is at the top-most position just after its submission will naturally lose its position and audiences’ traffic within the week or two. In order to keep the top position sustained for a long time, you need to have the links to the related and popular articles of the same category which can draw their audiences’ attention and make them read more than one article.

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13. Avoid automated submitters

This has been often experienced in the active social bookmarking that a webmaster or a website owner is spending a lot of time on end posting links; the use of automated submitters might be seen as a solution but surely it is not. The use of automated submitters may harm your profile through the malware in them or they can be the reason of your password cracks.

14. Responds to the comments

If you have posted an interesting article, then there are pretty good chances that you have started a heated discussion with numerous comments by the interested readers. It is a proud thing for you, so don’t forget to respond to the comments. Through this, you can make many friends and improve your profile.

15. Make your server ready for the expected traffic

While you are working hard for getting higher traffic in order to improve page ranks of your article, it is essential to make sure that your server is enough capable of handling this traffic.

100 Best Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019


1.                                             8
2.                                       8
3.                            8
4.                                   8
5.                                            6
6.                                 8
7.                                      8
8.                                        7
9.                                  6
10.                                 4
11.                                  5
12.                                         6
13.                                      7
14.                                        5
15.                                5
16.                      5
17.                                       5
18.                          3
19.                             8
20.                                    6
21.                                       5

New Bookmarking websites updated list

23. 8
24. 7
25. 7
26. 7
27. 7
28. 6
29. 6
30. 6
31. 6
32. 6
33. 6
34. 6
35. 6
36. 5
37. 5
38. 5
39. 5
40. 5
41. 5
42. 5
43. 5
44. 5
45. 5
46. 5
47. 5
48. 5
49. 5
50. 5
51. 5
52. 5
53. 5
54. 4
55. 4
56. 4
57. 4
58. 4
59. 4
60. 4
61. 4
62. 4
63. 4
64. 4
65. 4
66. 4
67. 4
68. 4
69. 4
70. 4
71. 4
72. 4
73. 4
74. 4
75. 4
76. 4
77. 4
78. 4
79. 4
80. 4
81. 4
82. 4
83. 4
84. 4
85. 4
86. 4
87. 4
88. 4
89. 4
90. 4
91. 4
92. 4
93. 4
94. 4
95. 4
96. 4
97. 4
98. 4
99. 4
100. 4

well, I’ve described 15 points that website owner needs to understand to use social bookmarking sites to improve page ranking and traffic. If you have any suggestions then share with us.

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