What Is Link Wheel Strategy

Today, we are back new topic What is link wheel strategy? In this highly competitive internet market, the success of any promotional campaign is most of depends on having quality backlinks for every blog or web page.These backlinks give exceptional strength to a web page and help in attracting more traffic through search engines.

So no doubt, building backlinks for achieving higher SERP ranking is the highly focused matter among the marketing community.

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To build the impressive and really working backlinks, a technique is followed by the marketers and webmasters, that is known as “Link Wheel strategy”.

In this strategy, the webmasters develop a planned format of actions that is concerned with creating sound content, attracting the audiences and other websites, promotional programs, and then finally influencing other links to join you.

As a wise SEO, an online marketing expert selects a manner by which they may have the highest return on the efforts and resources invested.To learn the best search engine visibility and ranking, it is required to build a vast and varied link profile that can influence the audiences and search engine spiders at the same time.

A successful link wheel reflects on getting higher rankings in search engine rank pages and also in improved traffic towards your site.Google also trusts on quality link wheel and you can drive a good amount of online traffic through this.Many smart bloggers often follow this strategy for getting higher search engine ranking.It is equally effective for both long term and short term blogging campaigns.

Creating a link wheel strategy is not an easy task to perform.It requires a creative approach, hard work, a  good input of time element, an open mind along with a good guidance and experience that is achieved through a long time spent in this field.

In this article, we are going to have some detailed information about link wheel creation strategy.

The link wheel building is a strategy for a modern aspect and advanced techniques. Here you have to create a wheel of links, and then link it to the main blog and also from the other blogs.

In the link wheel creation, a webmaster creates a private network of blogs with the use of web 2.0 like “Blogger” or “WordPress”.You must have or create a remarkable number of blogs to link them with each other as well as your main blog.

link wheel strategy

link wheel strategy

Link wheel is also a good way to perform your off page SEO.And when you use web 2.0 sites, you simply boost your ranking along with increased traffic to your main website.

The method is especially beneficial for you while you are looking for backlinks.When an expert webmaster completes all the required actions correctly, he or she can expect:

  1. An authority position on your site
  2. Boost in the SERP rankings
  3. Increased traffic
  4. Respect and trust of the audiences.

Link building is a creative art

The most challenging task of SEO profession, yet it is vital to the success and existence.When you input your professional creativity, hustle, time and a good budget, you have to work with patients and also have to concentrate on its short term and long term productivity.Each link building action is quite different from the others. And the method or the way you choose for link building is highly affected by your business, type of website and especially on your personality.

The given topics are the showcasing the basic link acquisition types:

link wheel strategy

What are the link wheel strategy

Types Of Link Building techniques

  1. Manual or outreach link building

    In this process of link building, The SEO develops the links by

    • Emailing the bloggers  and asking them for links
    • Submitting your site to the directories
    • Paying for a listing.
      Here, the SEO professionals contact with the target link and create the value proportion by explaining that why linking to you is in benefit of you.For example, you can fill the submission form for any website award-winning program or you can convince a professor that your content is quite capable of being part of a public syllabus.
  2. Natural or Editorial links

    Such links are found naturally by sites or the web pages that are interested in getting a link to your content or company.In this type, there is no need for any specific action from the SEO.The only thing that you are required to do is create the worthy content and develop awareness about it.Your content should be relevant, informative, interesting, entertaining and educating at the same time.

  3. Self-created or noneditorial link building

    In the completely different type of link building, millions of websites offer any visitor an open opportunity to create links to user profiles, blog comments, forum signature and guest book signing.Though there is a very low value of these links, aggregately they have an impact on some specific sites.This type of link building is not very popular this time as many search engines and Google also often consider them as spammy links and sometimes penalize for such practice.

Here the main concentration is on passing the juice to the main blog from all the sites of the link wheel.A good link wheel creation strategy makes the search engines aware of your site’s potential and worth indexing frequently.As the ultimate result, your rankings get higher and your site entertains the top SERP position.If you want more dramatic results, you need to add content to the web 2.0 sites frequently.

As the next step in your link wheel strategy, you need to promote your website. At this point, you cannot afford to ping the web 2.0 properties while publishing your content with them. It will boost up your site by earning 2 to 3 backlinks top your main site.

To promote your link wheel strategy, you are suggested to follow the given points:

5 Steps to Promote your link wheel strategy

  1. As the first part, you have to create a social bookmark link to your every blog that you have to create with the use of web 2.0 properties.
  2. Then you have to capture the RSS feed of all the above-described blogs and submit them to the various related RSS directories.
  3. Now ping the RSS feeds.
  4. While you have any subdomain on web 2.0 sites, do not forget it to the directories.
  5. Use the power of social bookmarking to boost up your site.You should consider one thing here, this is not very beneficial for your main site.But if you have freely created the site, then social bookmarking will indirectly boost your main site with remarkable ranking, authority, and traffic.

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What is link wheel creation strategy

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I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of building link wheel strategy for your blog or website, by utilizing these tips and strategies you can comprehend the real method for link wheel strategy effectively.

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