What Is Link Wheel Creation and Link Wheel Strategy In SEO

Today, we are going to show what is link wheel creation and link wheel strategy in SEO? so, let’s with:

What is a link wheel?

In the recent past, the internet has become an inseparable part of the business and the social media marketing has emerged as the key element of the overall marketing strategy. While a great deal of content and material is being posted daily by the authors and online professionals, obviously there is more alike material is visible at all the sites. In this situation, it is very challenging to attract traffic to a site and there is the need for developing and implementing the strategies to achieve higher rankings, increased visitors and reach to potential customers.

What is the link wheel strategy?

In the concern of online marketing, the term link wheels mean by a strategy developed for enhancing the visibility of the website so that the search engine ranking may be improved in an attempting manner.

In this marketing tactic, various websites are reassembled to each other in a circular pattern and each website provides a direct link to the target website.

The latest web 2.0 technology is used for link wheel strategy and the entire practice is based on the theory of “power of multiplication”.The link wheels creation strategy multiply the link counts and build the healthy networks in the web world.

link wheel strategy

What is link wheel strategy

Why link wheel strategy? 

The search engines rate the sites on the basis of the vote concept. The more a website is searched higher ranking is achieved by that. The linking of a website to the other websites or the web pages is regarded as a vote. And the higher number of votes will boost the ranking of the website. Once regarded as the type of black hat practice, today link wheel building is a popular white hat marketing tactic as it relates to driving the traffic to a website through the resourceful links (blog posts or microsites).

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The importance of link wheel creation strategy of the SEO

Online marketing and promotion is an everlasting and consistently developing process. We are witnessing a dramatic change in the formation and structure of social media marketing.

In the present day marketing scenario, where Google AdWords, sponsored search, and SEO are the most popular terms; the marketing professionals are treating the keywords as the key elements for standing at the top position among the crowd.

The companies are investing their great time and resources and the creation link wheels strategy are the important part of this.

link wheel creation strategy

Importance of link wheel creation strategy of the SEO

How can it improve your website ranking?

Link wheels strategy development is the process where the readers’ attention is grabbed by blog posting or creating the web pages on a particular topic. By creating some unique content and adding some backlinks to your main website you can attract the audiences to visit your website.

How many links can be created in a link wheel creation?

First, it is good to understand that what is a good link and the answer is the natural, full of valuable content, coming from an authoritative site and still relevant. So if you want to know the right number of links in your link wheel creation strategy and the consistency of adding some new in it, give your prime focus on the quality of the content.

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How to identify links that harm your website ranking?

Never get influenced by the large amount of links s build by your competitors, you should value the quality over the quantity. As the quantitative point of view, a company with approximate 10000 links can be regarded unbeatable, but another one with 7000 but much more authoritative links can easily win the race.

Don’t make the links at a harsh speed; it is a continuous process and you can make pace with creating selective quality and valuable links on a regular basis.

One more thing if yours targeted website is a new one your link wheel creation should be focused on the main page or home page. And in a relation to an older website, the focus should be on links to the internal pages and the detailed information.

Let’s start with Pros and Cons of building the link wheel strategy

Just like any other thing in the life, the link wheel creation also has its own pros and cons. An online marketer must have been aware of these advantages and shortcoming methods so that he can efficiently implement the link wheel strategy process in the best benefit of his company and targeted website.

5 Pros of Link Wheel Strategy

  1. This is an impressive tactic to attract the audience traffic towards your website and turn them into the potential customers. When you post some interesting andvalue-basedd content on different websites and social media sites along with the link backs of your target website, people simply drive curious and click on these backlinks and visit your website. This strategy is the best way to invite the potential clients.
  2. By developing the efficient link wheel strategy, you can easily get the opportunity to enhance your online visibility and can present your specification among the multitude of the sites and web pages.
  3. The SEO marketing is highly concerned with the keyword and link wheel building is also based on developing contact featuring the long tail keywords. By smartly adapting the keywords in your unique and interesting content you can easily produce the positive SEO results.
  4. When developed and executed in a proper manner, the link wheels creation strategy can avail you the most impressive organic search results.
  5. Link wheels creation are the part of your detailed strategy for extending your efforts to get higher ranking of your primary on the search engines.

After analyzing the advantages of the concept of building link wheel strategy, now take a look at some shortcomings or the disadvantages of it:

5 Cons of Link Wheel Strategy 

  1. The proper link wheel development is the method the natural and organic linking approach. But, if you plan and execute it in the improper manner, it will be the just misuse of your efforts, time and resources.
  2. The link wheel creation process consists all the time-consuming practices such as keyword research, content creation, generation of valuable backlinks etc.
  3. Link wheels creation strategy are often criticized as they always not fulfill their objectives. They never guarantee to drive the boosted traffic, conversation, and backlinks.
  4. When the link wheel creation process is followed with a sole aim to increase the search engine ranking, it can cause harm rather than benefits to the company or organization.
  5. Here in link wheel building, the marketer simply gives the search engines more importance and focus in comparison of the client or audiences. This will not give any direct advantage to your business.
  6. Some professionals follow the improper shortcuts for creating the link wheel strategy. This may result in the longer lasting penalties and sometimes the de-indexing of your primary website. In this case, all your efforts are ruined.

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I have explained the pros and cons of building the link wheel strategy for your blog or website, by using these tips and techniques you can understand the actual way of creating link wheel strategy effectively.If you have any query or suggestion related to this link wheel creation strategy then share with us in a comment section below.

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