How To Increase Your Website Traffic Using Tumblr

What is Tumblr and how can it help in increasing website traffic? Tumblr is a new generation fast-growing social media platform that is dedicated to microblogging. It is a popular website like the other names of this niche such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest. As one of the most applied methods to increase backlinks and traffic, it is a prime white hat method.

It is an attractive method of posting text, images, audio and video file. Sometimes it is used as social media and in some other incidents is used with aspects of marketing and blogging.

How Can Tumblr Help in Increasing Website Traffic?

For a professional blogger, Tumblr provides an uncommon, unusual way to perform SEO of your website and also it can serve as an effective tool of marketing. Application of Tumblr in marketing is a rather new approach and sometimes it seems like a tricky one. But people are moving towards it and experts are finding is a latest potential platform to be used for beaming up an SEO and traffic rate.

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The functioning and methodology of Tumblr are totally different from WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter. Approximately, it handles more than 132 million tumblogs and 300 million visitors each month that stands for 15% of the entire internet using community. This platform is highly preferred by the younger generation and women. Tumblr can be described as a unique combination of social media and blogging practice. In other words, it is a hybrid version of WordPress and Facebook; a perfect website for posting text, images, audio, and video that further provides a nice blog space. Here you post, re-post, comment and love (similar to like).

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Usually, it takes a lot of time and efforts to create a sound profile or build an account and develop a good community of relevant people so that you may get a lot of traffic from a social media website. And, it is just the wise application of techniques that can make you capable of driving a great traffic to your website. Usually, the ordinary social media tactics are similarly applicable with Tumblr, but if you are looking for some specific help to achieve faster traffic on your account, you should follow the following simple 7 yet effective tips:

how can it help in increasing website traffic

7 Effective Tumblr Tips To Get Faster Website Traffic

1. Be simple and nice

To start with Tumblr, you have to open an account and choose a theme from the various options available here. There are both free and paid ones to be chosen according to your choice and preference. Make sure that you are going with a simple and clean theme. A theme with overwhelming of colors and excessive boxes on a single page will help you to give a right impression on the followers. By selecting a clean and decent theme, you can encourage your readers to visit your page more often and keep them engaged.

2. Re-blogging

This feature of Tumblr can be treated as its biggest advantage. While you are following a blog and have their streaming pot into your News Feed, you have benefit to re-blog this post to all your followers. Tumblr facilitates you to share your articles to million of people, no matter that only a hundred people are following you.

3. Explore page

You can ask your fans, friends, and followers to recommend you to the Tumblr Admins. When any of them gets a good piece of content or an article, it is easy for him or her to place it on Explore Page at Tumblr. By following this process, one can gain much more than a usual traffic and a huge spike in page views.

4. Direct your users to Facebook and Twitter

It will be an intelligent step to display the links prominently to your Facebook and Twitter feeds on your Tumblr website. While working with Tumblr, you are required to especially focus on social media. Your fans and followers can follow you on a variety of available media through the re-blogging feature. One can make an assured success by spreading his social media website to market and by taking the advantage of the fans’ community on Tumblr.

5. Update the site with high priority and regularity

The regular up-grading is not just a suggestion it is the must condition for someone who wants to get the best out from the efforts made on Tumblr. This action will help to maintain the enthusiasm and curiosity of the readers of your account. The good number of post enriched with a nice content is what your readers need and the best thing you can do to make your profile more appealing and engaging.

6. Work with all types of media as possible

Don’t stick with a specific type of posts or media. Use the various media forms to get a diversified submission of blog posts and content. In this way, you can attract the users of various preferences and communities. As an intelligent step, you may post the content  (text, images or videos) that represents your business and niche. But don’t forget all your postings should be entertaining, interesting and fun-filled at the same time so that you can maintain a sufficient level of engagement with the young generation of users.

7. Use visual with their best

While especially followed by the user mostly below 25 years and women, this is a hub for crazy, enthralling, fascinating and coolest images. People love to post and watch the latest and greatest images, photographs and stills in the GIF format. As an interesting feature of Tumblr, you can have the visual era of the requested picture along with its substance. If you make any laziness or carelessness in posting the pictures on your online journals, you will lose the users interest and enthusiasm for your profile.

Some other things to follow on Tumblr:

  1. Add various tags with decent relevancy
  2. Post with active and regular manner
  3. Focus on interacting with the users
  4. Prefer quality of the posts over the quantity
  5. Follow more to be followed more
  6. Loving and commenting on others’ post is a good thing
  7. Let your post go viral
  8. Memes can be used as an interesting content
  9. Use hashtags
  10. Posting animated illustrations, cartoons and quotes can help you in achieving the highest level of attention.


At the end of the article, we can say that Tumbler can be impressively used for marketing quite similar to many other social media platforms. When a business owner manages to maintain the pace with creating and sharing the really nice content and get involved with the communities of the fans and followers, he or she can expect a decent amount of quality traffic to the profile as well as the website. As an important tip, adding the interesting images as much as possible while posting or sharing content on tumbler is the key to attracting a great number of readers.

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