Best 45+ Must Have Apps for Rooted Android Phones (Updated List)

There are a number of reasons why you need a help of apps to root your android phones. There are some best android root apps available which guarantee that after rooting your android phone, you can definitely improve Android battery life, eliminate bloatware, and let your Android system function better. These top-most root apps for Android also let you customize the systems for the finest performance in comparison to a phone supporting Android system that has not been rooted. There are various requirements arising for which you need android root apps of good features. Also, read Android system webview review.

For instance, maybe you require to eliminate bloated system apps, or you require installing a custom based ROM or it is possible that you just require some best functionality on your Android phones. Irrespective of your requirements, if you prefer tinkering, then you will certainly love your rooted Android phones. Apart from different tweaks and mods, there are a number of top rooted apps available on the App Store targeted completely at rooted devices.
Described below are must have rooted apps for your Android phones.

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best Apps for Rooted Android

45 Best Root Apps for Android Phones(New and Updated)

1. Rom Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is included in a category of one of the must have rooted apps for every root user. It is found that this application is best for app manager, rom management, root explorer, scripter & terminal emulator, and other good features. Android phones users can too use this app to adjust CPU frequency, change status bar icon or install custom boot animation, etc.

Download ROM Toolbox Best Root Apps For Android 

2. Viper4Android

Viper4Android may not be one of the most intuitive rooted apps on the block, however, it is one of the most versatile ones. At its central, it is basically a standby for your Android phone’s audio processing software as it allows functions that you else would not have, hence it has must have great kind of functionalities.

3. Greenify

This is also a top android rooted apps to let your Android device function faster and smooth by hiding the background apps which you usually don’t use. It is available on app store, it increases the battery life of your Android phones. This application is free. Greenify has updated in a way that it helps certain apps to stop from lagging your Android phones and leeching the battery.

Download App For Android

4. Undeleter

You might have come across some time when you have unintentionally deleted essential files from your device. Though there are free as well as paid apps that allow you recover deleted images on non-rooted devices, if you are in need to recover all kinds of deleted files, Undeleter is the best app for rooted android to install.


5. FlashFire

This is also one of the best root applications for Android phone as you can flash firmware, ZIP files, and also OTA updates from manufacturers, using this app. FlashFire also lets you streak data like 3rd party apps, system data, Dalvik cache etc. with the capability to backup as well as restore partitions.

Download FLASHFIRE Root App

6. ES File Explorer

On this list, ES File Explorer is a free, full-featured file and application manager, hence it is recommended to download rooted apps for Android. It works as all of the below-mentioned desktop and mobile apps in one: application manager, file manager, download manager, task killer, cloud storage client, LAN Samba client, FTP client, etc.


7. Rec

There are many rooted phone apps available for Android devices but Rec can readily capture the content of the screen. This is useful for editing and viewing later on Android phones, and it functions as a host of other valuable tasks.

8. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework functions as the apps for rooted android phones that have substituted installing ROMs for several in form of the default root experience. In Android phone as well as in the computer, modules are made within the framework by several developers that do multiple tasks.

Try This Android Root App

9. LiveBoot

If in case your geekier side wins out, you can choose to watch a scrolling text log of every booting tasks as well as you can self-check whether your phone is performing as they occur with LiveBoot. It has must have the great find of feature i.e. it is incredibly customizable as you can modify the text color as well as content of the messages.

Try Android Root App For Free

10. GMD GestureControl

This is one of the root apps that bring various exciting multitouch gestures and it also allows you to make your own custom gestures. For each gesture, you can choose numerous actions such as launching a shortcut, app, activity or unlock a launchpad, which users can completely customize.

Must have android app for android

11. Titanium Backup

This is the best app for rooted Android phone that allows you accept the app data from the system directory as well as save it directly to SD card or also to cloud storage for future restoration. You can even select to backup the APK through the data using Titanium Backup.

Download Android Rooted Apps

12. SuperSU

SuperSU is one of the recommended root managers for all your Android devices. It assists you to control any application in order to access or allow root permissions. It is best as it comes with many features like auto root permissions, un-root, as well as a history of root permissions.

Download SuperSU Android Root App

13. Device control

This app is placed into the category of best root app android as Device Control is one of the best applications for rooted Android phones. It has the ability to control CPU as well as GPU frequencies, screen color temperature, vibration strength, voltage control, and kernel specific extras.


14. Chainfire 3D

Chainfire 3D is the good app that works as the middle-man between your mobile apps and graphic driver. It permits users to inactivate or activate graphics to operate latest games, also on out-dated Android devices, hence possess must have great functionalities.

Try Best Apps For Rooted Android

15. Flashify

Flashify is available as root apps store, known to be a simple root application that aids do a bunch of otherwise boring tasks. With this free app, you can flash different recoveries, download flash ZIP files, ROMs, make full Nandroid backups, and more.

Download Flashify Rooted App

16. Servicely

Though Servicely is a relative newcomer to this field, it has gradually become one of the best apps for rooted phones. This app will check on Android phones at a definite interval to watch which unsolicited services are operating in the background and, based on the way it has been configured, it kills them automatically.

Download Android Root App From Play Store

17. WiFi Key Recovery

As the name implies, the WiFi Key Recovery app allows you view saved WiFi passwords on your Android phones. It is one of the rooted phone apps that list down the name as well as passwords of wifi based networks you have linked to, in the history.

Download WiFi Key Recovery Root App

18. System app remover

Today numerous smartphones brand fill their phones with bloatwares, adding to problems. Such useless application is sometimes not recommended for use and takes much memory. The largest frustrating and annoying thing is that you cannot uninstall them; however, System app remover works on a root that can remove system app effortlessly.

Download App From Play Store

19. DiskDigger

This is the top rooted apps as it does not require a rooted device to function, however, there are more odds to recover a file if the Android device is being rooted. Moreover, you will be allowed to recover images in high quality if in case you have a rooted device from this app available on the app store.

Download DiskDigger Android App

20. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a kind of a root app that not just avoids advertisements from loading on the webpages that you conduct visit but even subdues them in apps like snap chat and Facebook. This is a good app as it is customizable — you can whitelist separate apps as well as sites — and it can display ads that the community of Adblock has considered harmless.

Download Root App

21. GravityBox

GravityBox is one of the good apps for rooted android phones belonging from the Xposed module repository. Hence, before you get using it, you will need to install Xposed Framework on the rooted Android device as well as install this root app from its numerous modules.

Download Android App

22. LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher is an additional example of great root apps which is updated regularly and it expands customizability and usability of the Android UI. Moreover, you can even decide a configurable “pie” menu that can mimic the system and navigation bar, or can even receive your individually distinct commands.

Download LMT Launcher Root App

23. ROM Manager

Through a use of ROM Manager, you can backup your prevailing ROM, flash new ROMs, and can even install custom kernels or themes, hence it is the best android root apps. The app highlights a long list of ROMs which is regularly updated, as well as you are allowed to install ROMs to the OTA or SD card.

Download ROM Manager Rooted App

24. Tasker

Though Tasker works on non-rooted devices, its cutting-edge abilities are only accessible for rooted Android phones. This app allows you systematize tasks in system settings, apps, activities and much more. For example, you can routinely adjust the music player to begin whenever you plug in the headphone.

Download Android App From Play Store

25. Undelete Recover files and data

URFD (Undelete Recover files and data) is the best app for rooted android that can recover every deleted data which you recently deleted. The app is free and supports deleted files from formatted or corrupted partitions of several memory devices like external SD card, internal storage, and OTG mounted a drive.


26. BetterBatteryStats

This is among must have a great app that tracks what apps are rousing up your Android phones, letting it awake, and the way taxed your CPU is. It needs root access to let you access full functionality on version-Android 4.3 and previous, however, the root is required for it to function in KitKat version.

Best Rooted Android App Download

27. ROM Toolbox Pro

This is among the top Android rooted apps on the list that includes ROM installation as well as management. This app has the competence to install latest boot animations in absence of any reboot. In case if you require saving battery life, ROM Toolbox Pro can also pinch the CPU governor.

28. System Tuner

You can investigate what is going on with your computer or Android phones and create a few pinches to adjust up performance through this free app. It allows you to pinch CPU settings, eradicate background processes, backup and restore apps and their settings, etc.


29. DataSync

If you are playing any game on your android phones and you wish to change over to your tablet, but start up where you left from, then this app is good. DataSync permits you to use the wi-fi connection to sync app’s data along with other Android phones.

30. Boot Animations

This is the best apps for rooted phones as it conveys you hundreds of casual boot animations for android phones with diverse screen resolutions. It also allows you make your personal boot animation using a GIF or you can select a custom based boot animation file directly from storage.


31. CF.Lumen

This is a top rated app that allows you include filters inside the screen for improved viewing at definite times in the day. This app lets you adjust filters for sundown, daytime, sleep and there are many options using which you can play with.


32. GLTools

This is best root applications for Android considered as a gfx optimizer app that brings a custom OpenGLES driver. It provides you various controls to develop gaming performance as you can also modify the resolution, adapting bitness for any game or app.


33. DriveDroid

The app is available on App store that lets you boot your PC from an IMG or ISO file saved on your Android-based device. Apart from that, this app even allows you to download USB images of about 35 Linux distributions within it the app.

Download DriveDroid Android App

34. SD Maid

SD Maid is arguably the best app for rooted Android device to handle the internal storage configuration. It functions on non-rooted devices; however, it delivers few advanced abilities for rooted devices, like it even detects duplicate files and allows you to uninstall many apps simultaneously.

Download App

35. Quick Boot

Quick Boot is a recommended download rooted apps for Android that adds a menu after which you can rapidly power cycle your device. Using this app, you can boot inside recovery menu of your phone or bootloader, and this will display your hardware and network details for your phone.


36. SDFix

SDFix is basically a system modifier tool that supports those running Lollipop and Kit Kat version to overcome the feared locked-down SD card issue. This lets your SD card to be useful and seizes away the limits imposed on different apps such as file browsers.

Download SDFix App

37. Dumpster (Free)

Dumpster is one of the root apps that are billed as the android equivalent of a desktop operating system’s recycle bin. This permits users to regain deleted photos, music files as well as video as uninstalled apps. It is known that deleted files are directed to the dumpster, permitting for recovery in Android phones.

Download Root App

38. DPI Changer

As the name clearly implies, DPI Changer is the good app as it is applied to change the DPI or PPI of device’s screen. It is known that the enhancement of the visuals is one cause behind it being so successful, alluring to every gaming users.

39. XuiMod

If in case you are looking for top android root apps in the list, then this is one of the good apps for rooted android phones. Status bar gradients, animation, transparent features to your prevailing animations, with many interesting features make this one of the greatest used root apps for Android phones.

Download App

40. MTK Tools or Mobile Uncle Tools

Proceeding on with the list of android root apps, this app is devoted for MTK android supporting device. The app can fix any GPS issues with the device, it can even support you pinch the speaker’s volume. It has good capability to backup and restore IMEI of any Android device, with bootable capability accessible in recovery mode.

41. AppsOps Android Root App

Observing to reject permissions to the precise app, this is the best app for rooted Android from the list. You are allowed to use this app to cancel the permissions of any application or restrict any of the app read agreements of a diverse app. Though, in this app, few users have felt system break down because they had canceled system functionality.


42. Root Call Blocker Pro

Making a good position on the list of best android based root apps, this is a paid app that delivers few astonishing features. It works to block calls from numbers which are not inside your contact; moreover, it even lets you block calls for a precise time frame.

Download From Play Store

43. Full! Screen

This is another good app to make on the list of best android root apps, can work on the computer and Android phones. It can help the users in a way that it takes the soft key in conjunction with the notification bar. Moreover, users can avail back their additional space, and it permits for the customization of various buttons.


44. GooManager

This is a best and special app to create a position in our countdown of best apps for rooted phones with Android system. It helps you download as well as install anything you prefer on ROM and GAPPS download for the Android device are let it possible. For purpose of custom recovery, you can install TWRP recovery through Goo Manager.

45. Smart Booster

This app is valuable while playing games or whenever the phone continues to reboot because of heavy usage. The app is good as it retains the background apps at inlet which else ditch your resources. The app has numerous features that are astonishing and is vital for the ones searching for faster operation on their device.


46. Solid Explorer

This serves as one of the best file managers in the method of Android-based root apps as sit permits root access. This access makes it an entirely functional root explorer, possesses FTP client with assistance for private as well as secure connections.

Try This Root App For Android

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It is certain that most of the best Android root apps that are described above convey capabilities which non-rooted users cannot. Consequently, if you have rooted your Android phones, these are the must-have apps to unlock the world of few incredible mods and apps.

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