How To Manage and Maintain Your Content On Your Website

Confused “how to manage your content on your website? When it comes to developing a great website, website owners often put enough deal of importance on how to make it navigationally improved. So, the design, development etc take the center stage for website owners. Add to these, the special focus on improving the website load time is also considered to be important. But very seldom do actually the content takes the center stage. We are not saying that website owners are not interested in writing great content. They very well know that content is the king, and to keep on ranking well for their keywords, they need to publish very good quality content regularly.

But they fail on deciding one thing – how to put great content, how to gather great content, when to publish great content and most importantly – perhaps the most important of all these things – how to monetize the content published on their website. Today’s article is a first of its kind on the web. We will cover some very basic and obvious points which every website owner perhaps heard or knows but actually never thought of so seriously.

What’s in this article for you?

Content is king, content is perhaps queen as well. Content is again the general and even the masses. There’s nothing new to it and everyone – who is intelligent – knows it. But did you ever pay proper heed to how to actually use the content for maximum benefit?

How to organize, manage and maintain the content so that what are you posting today can stay relevant even tomorrow and then years after? How to actually leverage the message of those content so that they always stay fresh, evergreen – driving you constant traffic and revenue? If you want to know the ways to intelligently use your content, here’s your answer!

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If you are a building a website from the scratch: Always use fresh, new content

Suppose you are building a make money online blog. Your first point of importance should be in writing very high-quality content since there is a great deal of competition involved in the niche. But this should never mean that you should copy and paste content from another website. Doing this put water on your hard effort that goes beyond developing and marketing your website. For a new blog, always do your market research, and write for your own audiences after understanding their personalized behaviors and interests (more on that later).

But most importantly, you need to be original and cover unique quality content that is not published elsewhere. It is a  proven fact that if you publish long-form articles populated with a variety of useful tips and tricks which can benefit your audience and which are not published elsewhere, your website will actually scale up – in rank, popularity and in its effort to earn you revenue.

So, for new blogs and mostly even if yours is an old blog, try to hire specialized writers and pay them good for writing quality content. This pays you back in the long term.

How To Write Great Topics?

When it comes to writing great quality content, you need to be choosy. Pay proper attention to writing quality topics. One of the ways to gather what to write when you think everyone else who is already established has already published everything you want to do a research on their most popular articles. This serves many purposes. It gives you an idea of which types of posts are actually liked by your audiences, and how you should devise your content architecture.

Gather most popular articles from the leading blogs of your niche, and then rewrite those articles. But as we mentioned above, you need to be unique. So, how to? You can actually rewrite those articles in different ways, you can change the title, tone, and interest while keeping the message of the article intact.

how to manage your website content

When To Post Great Content?

When it comes to posting great content, you need to be choosy. Research always matters! Do a comparative research about when your audiences are most active. This means a lot of data gathering, very accurate data can only be given by the data scientists. But you can even gather some interesting data about them. You can see the comments people are making on your competitor website’s blogs. See the timing, or you can even see when their social media are updated. You can even see when they actually post their content. They have become great and popular because of some reasons and comparing their data – though sometimes could differ – you can get a bird’s eye view of some guidelines. So, post your content when your competitors are active.

How To Keep Your Website Content Managed?

When it comes to managing your content, one of the great ways is to ensure that you keep popular and even non-popular but ambitious posts seen. That means you should have widgets that display the latest, popular and most commented posts in front of your visitors. The more you publish well written, quality posts and articles; more data you gather on the website. Content published today can actually get old tomorrow, but if you do not give them an old touch they will not become old. One of the ways – although debated – is to not give your content a date of publishing. This way your visitors would find them always relevant.

But that does not mean that you should make an article look new if it’s is time bound. For example, your visitors are smart enough to know that an article with the title “Top Blogs of the Year” does not mean any particular year and despite so universal it holds no value at all. So, rather than generalizing content that can be confusing for your audience =, try to be universal in your tone. In the case, you can re-title the article with “Top Blogs of the Decade so far – updated”.


These are some of the ways you can write evergreen quality articles yet while retaining the interests of your visitors. Content is important for popularize your website, and being decisive about how to put it, when and why to make you effort firmer. Do you need more insights about managing content on your website?

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