How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly?

How to make your website SEO effective and efficient?

In today’s world, when everything is getting loaded on the internet, it becomes very tough to survive in the virtual world. By merely registering yourself on social networking sites or by developing a registered website will not help you to stand anywhere in the virtual space.  And in the world of this tough competition, it is very hard and tough to stand on top of all search results.

It might sound bit strange but just like in real world, today there is intense competition in virtual space also. And one needs to be on their toes to stand on top.

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So, what should be done to make your virtual presence stand out of all odds? Among the many different strategies that are used to make your website stand out of all odds, the most popular and the common tactic is “Search Engine Optimization” i.e. SEO.Many of us or almost all of us must be aware of the SEO concept but not all know that how this tactic can make your website stand on top of your competitors.

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Here, are few ways or points that can help you understand SEO in a better way.

Take a look:

7 Ways To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

website SEO

Understand website SEO

  1. Understand what search engine looks for

The main work of search engine is to show top results for user’s search, and they want to do it seriously in the best possible way.  And if you wish to make your website relevant for search results you need to know few things. And, before you want to top the list of user’s search you need to work on following points while developing your website.

  1. website performance
    As the name itself suggests, your website needs to function fast and properly. Whatever the platform is, your website should function accurately and perfectly.
  1. Content quality
    Another major point of consideration is website content. It should be optimized and original. And it should be meaningful too.
  1. User’s experience
    User’s review and ratings play a very important role in determining your position in search results. Better the experience users will have on your website more will be they viewed and better your position will get in search results.
  1. Authorization
    Does your website pass all the needed authorizations? And does it have all the authorized links associated with it? As an authentic authorization plays a major role in ranking your website.
  1. Treat your website as a feast

Just like you treat your stomach, learn to give a good treat to your website too. Links to your websites, use of fancy yet interesting content, your social media presence along with your website overall look and performance plays a major role in making your website stand out of all odds.

  1. Link your website with multi-channels

In order to increase the visibility of your website, you need to give it a proper exposure. SEO is not the only way to get on top of search results. Your connectivity on social circles also plays a major role. In other words, it is cross-channel optimization where you mark your presence on social networking sites while making use of consistent keywords and phrases.

  1. Concentrate on your meta-data

Correct and proper use of title tags and meta-data also plays a major role in making your website stand out of a crowd.Use the meta descriptions wisely, choose the title tags uniquely and you halfway there on the success road.

  1. Be consistent with domain names

With so many online platforms that promise you to deliver good visibility and exposure, you need to maintain a consistent domain name. This will not only help you to manage your all stuff in a better way but will also help the users to remember you in an easy way. Doesn’t it a good practice to follow?!

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SEO strategy

SEO strategy

  1. Keep a check of “what not to do” also

You always need not concentrate on “what to do” to fetch the best results for your website. Sometimes, the “not to do” list might also help you get want you to desire for. Take a look:

  1. Incompatibility
    While developing a website, don’t make it compatible with the single operating system. Rather, try to make it compatible with all O.S and with all electronic devices such as mobile and desktop as well as the palmtop.
  1. Overstuffing of keywords
    Never ever try to overload your website with the use of an optimized keyword. Overuse of keywords will not only make it overloaded but might also sound meaningless. Try to use your targeted keywords in a subtle manner.
  1. Unwanted purchase of links
    Many people think that buying “purchase link” will help them to gain better ranking on search results. However, this is not true. Actually, the reality is that buying of purchase link will not help you anyhow in gaining the top results of a search result.
  1. Avoidance of poor user experience
    Never ever try to ignore the poor reviews of your website’s user. A small negligence of bad reviews can take a heavy toll on your website’s existence. It will not hamper your online brand image but will also degrade your online reputation.
  1. Stay active

Last but not the least, to stay ahead of your competitors you need to be on your toes. You should know what is happening around the world and you need to be spontaneous in taking the decisions. Stay active, Stays ahead.


After going through the above points, it is clear that SEO strategy plays a very vital role in framing your position in search results. It is like a foundation on which the success of your website depends on. Among the many online marketing strategies and tactics, it is one of the most essential and necessary tools. However, the above few points can help your SEO strategy to work in a more efficient and effective way. So, keep them in mind and keep SEOing.

Wish a happy website ranking.All the best and give your best shot.

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