Modern Day SEO Is Much More Than Just Google

Modern day SEO is much more than just GoogleFor a very long time, the term Search engine Optimization was a general synonymous with Google optimization. Google has a vast influence on the world web market. Every continent, country, city, and town today comes with the Google territory.

And it is also available in numerous languages, so there is no challenge to Google’s dominance in the search networking. This exclusive search engine giant holds near about 68% of the market and renowned as one of the top most brands on the planet. Of course, Google attains the special attention of most of the search optimizers.

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But now, the situations are little bit changing and Google seems like just a part of the vast spread and multi-layered game. The world is dynamic and nothing is absolute and the same is applied to Google also. The increasing technology and developing smartness of the new generation webmasters have crafted many new options, alternatives and trends with them the whole picture of the search market is changing and shifting also.

SEO is much more than just Google

Let’s find out these latest developments which are required by a successful modern day search market campaign:

7 Best Latest Development For Modern Day Search Market Campaign

1. Focus on personal digital assistance than the web

As per the new market trend, many new personal digital assistants have joined the market, for example, Facebook M, Cornata, Siri and much more. Basically, the work similar to our familiar search engine, but the recent focus of the web marketers is not just searching on the web, it is about searching the files on the desktops and the systems. And it this function they get a great support from information stored in the cloud which is undoubtedly more reliable and relevant. To keep the pace with the market, Google has also launched its own digital assistance support system “Google Now” but while there is no future of Google’s traditional search engine form, it will be a great mistake to rely on just Google and its subordinate forms. If you do it, there is no assurance of the success and its sustenance.

2. Yahoo and Bing are also considerable options

Of course, Google holds the control over the universal search market as about the 2/3rd of the web users prefer it for their search purpose. But you cannot deny the other 1/3rd. Bing and Yahoo are the other leading search engines who are silent and slowly increasing their acceptability and market share. Bing is in a better respectable position as it owns the 19.7% of the overall search market and it is expected to increase with the speed of 20% to 25% annually in the upcoming time. Some other newbies like DuckDuckgo have introduced many new and attractive features to grab the attention of the experimental users. And if we believe the market predictions, Apple’s new step to launch its own search engine can create a drastic change in the market scene.

3. Apps are the biggest challenge

The presence and increasing popularity is the fact that cannot be denied as they are stealing a remarkable web traffic. The users find them more reliable for their on-the-go requirements same to a manual web search. Why to search for availability of Nike basketball shoes online while you have the Amazon app installed on your mobile or tab. In this way, the future of search engines and especially the leading position of Google sometimes feels lost in the near future.

4. Here come the search engines from the apps

Like the challenge from the apps were not enough, now they are starting to pop up in the different other apps. Facebook is the recent significant example, as it has introduced its own search engine. Though, at present it aims to facilitate the status update to help people in finding content for reference, but, there are a great potential and possibility of expansion as its own platform. Facebook also offers many interesting publishing facilities to the content creators and suppliers, the system of indexing the content can be easily transformed into a social media search brand.

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5. Google depends on other platforms for its results

As per the Google authorities, they are using information from the other apps along with their own determination so that they can provide the users more reliable results and a better search experience, but the experts are looking this as the losing Google’s confidence in its own sources. One can easily find the Facebook post and the Tweets in the Googles indexing while typing relevant queries. Isn’t is confusing that you have to optimize for the other platforms so that you can optimize for a specific search engine.

6. User experience can trump the raw results

As the best facility provided by Google search, you get the best information as the top-ranked site in its search engine result page. But, the scene is changing the modern day internet user is now more experimental and instead of following Google’s search ranking he is now showing interest in looking beyond the ranks and carving to the less ranked sites. While your site is best in mobile-friendly features like responsive designing, fast loading time and better designing, it can easily grab the attention of the unaffected by lower ranks that Google has provided it. Remember, Google never detects the user preferences.

7. Social and referral traffic is changing the scenario

SEO activities are actually aimed for getting higher ranks and attracting more traffic to the site, but the success of an SEO campaign relies on many sub-strategy that works quite independently, for example, social media marketing, and guest posting. Of course, Google plays a leading role in traffic earning strategies, but you can never deny the importance of the position of social media platforms in attracting the new users from different social communities. In this way, a webmaster or a site owner need not to be bound by the Google oriented SEO techniques.

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We are saying that Google will lose its relevance to SEO, it is still the market leader and will play an important role in determining market rule, regulations and policies. The intention behind the above information is just to make you consider the other options, alternatives, and potentials that can be used for getting better results from your SEO efforts.

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