Tools To Improve Your Social Media Optimization Campaign

Tools to improve the social media optimization campaign

Before you get to improve your social media campaign, there are a few things that you require considering. With this article, we are trying to cover some of the social media optimization campaign tools and techniques.

Social media optimization is the process of using the Social media as the profitable platform for presenting and growing the online presence of your business.The term SMO is concerned with the creation of strategy, building on marketing plans and maximization of connection with the target audiences.With a sound SMO plan you will surely:

  • Empower your brand
  • Generate online leads
  • Get superior online visibility
  • Connect with your audience

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Best Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

To support a webmaster tool in profitable development and implementation of an SMO campaign, here are some social media optimization tools suggested by the industry experts:

Best Social Media Optimization Tools and Techniques

1- SMO Tools To Find Your Audiences

At the very beginning stage of SMO campaign, you have to define and find out the target audiences and then start to figure out their usual active platforms.Below are some social media optimization online tools that will help you in finding your target audiences across the web universe.

  1. Followerwonk: Specially designed for Twitter, this tool allows the webmasters to search Twitter profiles and building influencer’s list for future engagement.
  2. Traackr: It provides an influencer marketing platform and smartly forms a specific list of influencers and their qualifications on the basis of given search criteria.For example, the region (UK) or the subject (Girls’ fashion outfits).

2- Discovering the Relevant Content SMO Tools

When you successfully targeted the social media platforms, your next step should be getting the topics in which your audiences used to show their higher interest.Without seeking out, sharing and developing the most relevant content, you cannot expect the success of your SMO campaign.To support your data-driven content strategy, you are suggested to apply the following tools:

SEMrush: It is the well-known paid tool that helps in identifying the keyword phrases that any site is ranked for.Through this, you can have a good idea of what is ruling the market or what is the keyword strategy of your competitors.

Google AdWords Tools: This prime tool can be impressively applied with or as an option of SEMrush.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer: The application of Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer can facilitate the tracking of the most recent mentions of a keyword, giving the detailed information about the social buzz on the basis of brands, topics, and many other related matters.The tool also assists in an excellent content building.

social media optimization campaign

social media optimization campaign

3- Workflow or Campaign management SMO tools

While you are having and applying a set of effective SMO tools, you must develop a workflow system that enables your entire team  (the size does not matter) to work on the same page. Furthermore, where the senior management tends to approve the writer created content, there should be some tools helping in developing an approval and permission process.Following are some of them:

HootSuite: A highly effective tool in content uploading and advancement of scheduled postings.While someone is looking for a content approval, he can easily approve, edit or remove it just by logging in.The tool also offers many surplus social media content management features.

Kapost: While you have a complex Approval workflow, the tool helps in mapping the specific content to a persona.It also supports a development of complex SMO campaigns and tracking the journey on the basis of the campaign calendar.It works with the three main parts:

  • Alignment
  • Accountability
  • Insights

Spreadfast: It is an amazing, executing and the social media interaction tool.

The inbuilt feature “conversation” helps in campaign planning, organizing and managing.

With another tool “Experience” you can get the superb content visualization to drive engagements through many methods such as contests.

And “spark” is a fine method of tracking topics, identifying brand conversation, and sharing real-time contents and ideas for multiple market mixes.

At last, a marketer can “intelligence” for uncovering the meaningful conversation along with identifying the volume and velocity.

This moment: Quite similar to Spredfast, its features also facilitate the engagements with the various methods like social mosaic walls, contest hub, and digital billboards.Sometimes it also supports in comprehensive cross-channel campaigns.

4- Social Media Optimization Tools For Measuring the Results

It is also very important that a social media marketer compile the results of the campaign on the basis of efforts made.It gives you the facility to adjust the social initiatives if they are needed and also support in improving your engagement and outreach towards your goals.There are two main parts of measuring the results of a social media campaign and they are, community growth and social listening.With the intelligent application of the following tools, you can serve both of these purposes.

Socialbakers: It aids an SMO marketer an easy method of measuring, comparing and contrasting various social data points.The tool also provides a social listening platform, to perform a cross-channel social conversation based on keywords.To benchmark a social ad performance against competitors in a central location, it offers some ad analytics management tools.

Radian6: This is a well-known tool for social measurements and is highly beneficial as it is capable of plugging into its own marketing cloud products, “Salesforce”.With the use of Salesforce CRM, it becomes very convenient to track the visitor’s journey across various touch points.

5- Various Multifunctional Social Media Optimization Tools

There is a set of many functional SMO tools is also available that assist a webmaster in many specific situations and circumstances.One can choose and apply them as per the requirements of SMO campaign.

NetBase and Sysomos: Both of them help in finding the target audiences, their most popular platforms, schedules and preferred content.Along with these, they support in mentions monitoring and detailed studies of the conversations.

TrustRadius: With the approach of comparison standpoint, the TrustRadius is a very important and valuable platform.What you have to do; just plug in two similar platforms and observe the results.The reviews provided by site users will give you the real analysis of what is the outcome of the platforms you are using.

At the last, we have come to this conclusion that if you are sure about your goals and have a certain set of target audiences, with the effective and intelligent application of suitable tools you can increase your social media optimization campaign.Yet, the performance and the profit earning capacity of these tools is directly affected by how you use these tools and how they will drive awareness of your brand.The selection of tools also must be done on the basis of your requirements and their suitability.

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In short, the success of your SMO campaign is the result of what you exactly want? How you choose your social media optimization and management tools? And are you able to develop a beneficial set of these tools?.

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