Tools to improve your social media presence

Strategies and Tools to improve your social media presence

Social media provides a unique platform for contacting people who share same liking and understanding beyond the geographical limitations. This specific feature offers a great opportunity for modern age business organizations to promote or market their products and services to the end users of social media, inform them and understanding their needs, expectations and reviews. And in the concern with small businesses, the social media presence can remarkably contribute to growth and success.

The 9 benefits of social media for business can be pointed out as follow:

 benefits of social media

Benefits of social media

  1. With social media you can easily understand and learn about your audiences.
  2. This gives you a better chance to target your potential clients.
  3. You can find here the customers as well as expand your client list.
  4. Here, at your social media web page, your client can give instant feedback and quick review of any of your product or service or any strategic change.
  5. Social media gives you the best way to improve your marketing strategy and beat your competitors and get ahead of them in this field.
  6. With a proper social media strategy, one can increase the visitors’ traffic to the official website and get the higher ranking on the search engines.
  7. You can easily and speedily share the content to the readers while using social media.
  8. This is very helpful in creating and developing the meaningful relations with customers and the audiences.
  9. When you are planning to create brand awareness, social media gives you a vast platform to reach a huge number of people without spending a large budget.

After reading the above benefits, we can simply understand the importance and the role of social media in a business.

Now, it’s time to get some knowledge about some social media strategies to improve visibility, and develop a stronger social media presence:

social media strategies

social media strategies

  1. Identify your target audiences: It’s true that social media provides a huge platform to communicate with audiences, still you need to pinpoint to the really interested audiences who can be transformed in the potential clients in the future.
  2. The perfect timing for sharing goods: With the many tools and online soft support you can easily identify the right time to post your information so that the maximum of the social network users may receive it and can react on it instantly.
  3. Content is the real hero: Any of your strategy cannot get the audiences’ acceptance and support if your content is weak. By developing some unique, informative and entertaining content, you can win the half battle easily.
  4. Be engaged with the community: Use the power of social media; increase your reach and engage the people beyond your close friends, employees and present customers. By participating in online chats, answering the questions and replying the comments and reviews you can create a bond that will surely help you to develop a good relationship.

Social media Strategies give you the direction and show you the way to reach to your goals and attain the targets, but tools can directly set you to the desired position. Once you have set the social media strategy, you must have a good supply of tools to support the strategy and save your time and resources.

Let’s take a look at what criteria the social media tools can help and assist you to get a powerful presence on the social media:

social media tools

Tools to improve your social media presence

  1. Image creation and editing tools: The social media image of an individual or business organization directly gets affected by its visual appearance. So having some good image creation and editing tools is in your best interest. You can either use the stock images, or get some new or draw them by using the editing tools as per your need and choice. Many support tools also illustrate you with some options and ideas. Pickmonkey and the Pixlr are the basic editing tools and if you want some advanced help in your visual makeover, Photoshop, Coral Draw, Serif etc. are some good options.
  2. Screenshot software: You can use screenshots as an important component in your social media presence improvement. It is a very impressive idea to share some creative and mind blowing idea or information that you find on any of your favorite websites. With right software you can simply capture something like it and share it to your followers and audience. provides a free and nice option and if you are interested in something advanced and with extra features, a visit to can avail you the snagit tool.
  3. Camera: your present customers as well as other interested persons will love to know about what is the life inside your office walls. By sharing some information about your business, its individuals and working environment you can develop a personal attachment of your audiences with your business. Also the pictorial information of your staff , events and happenings can be a good content of your Facebook and Instagram web page. So it will be quite right to have a good camera to take pictures. By using a SmartPhone you can take pictures and share it hand to hand. If your business is related to foods or fashion, you require a high quality camera to capture some detailed images to entertain the audiences.
  4. Photo websites: While the visual presence of social media profile mainly depends on the images you can create some great images by editing them and modifying them to get some impressive visuals. For this you are advised to join any of the stock photo sites available on the web world or you can use the or any such social networking site. While you are a regular visitor here, you will have to keep a regular eye on the updates so that you can entertain your audiences with interesting posts. Some tools like PhotoDropper can help you in locating images of your concern at one place.
  5. Bookmarking tools: For a social media marketer having some good image in the stock can be a great resource of information to share. But you cannot save any one of them for a lifetime. Here are some simple and convenient tools like or Pearltrees can help you with this. By adding it to the web extension you can save an image just by a click. Then you can easily use it in the future. You also can use the pinterest secret board feature to save images.
  6. Social media managing tools: While the entire strategy is based over the social media environment, it is very important to use the right social media managing tools to schedule the image posts and save a lot of time. can be used to support the posting on Twitter and Facebook. For Pinterest, using GoPixal or ViralTag is a good idea.

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Strategies and Tools to improve your social media presence


If you are confused that which social media tool is quite right for your improved social media presence, it primarily depends on your needs and requirements. And when you continuously work with these tools and keep on searching the new ones, you will be able to find your best set of tools that will help you to the get better presentation on social media.If you have any query related to this Tools to improve your social media presence article then please feel free to comment below.

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