Great Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

You should not have a lot of problems finding all there is about blogging. After all, the most important thing about it is to start writing and seeing whether that takes you somewhere. However, once you have an audience, things begin to change.

Not everyone is writing to make money, but most blogs have some kind of a monetizing method. Traffic from various sources is the key to sustaining everything. Yet nothing beats social media in this regard. Interested to find out how you can make more of Facebook, Instagram, and other channels? Then continue reading.

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Relatable Content

It is easy to get lost if you have made it to the top. People who have been actively following you are doing so because they like your content. The audience sees your posts, and they can make or break the whole thing.

Those who do not really care about the content should not expect positive feedback. Before you are about to push that “Publish” button, ask yourself if it is worth sharing.


A healthy page is the one with an active engagement rate. Responding to thousands of comments every day is impossible, but if you are starting out, it should not be an issue to interact with your followers.

Facebook Stories

One of the newest features on Facebook is stories. It is a perfect way to share less important updates with your followers.

Moreover, since it is not something that you see a lot of businesses taking advantage of, you can get ahead of the competition. This Oberlo guide on Facebook stories for pages has all the information you need.

Quality Images

Social Media Marketing Tips

Pictures will be another part of your content. It is obvious for Instagram, but we see plenty of images on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

The point is to make sure that your visual media is of the highest quality. It is eye-catching and is bound to attract more views. Also, if you have the time, test things out with filter and see whether it is possible to make an even bigger upgrade to them.

Different Posting Time

It is highly likely that your audience is not just from a single continent, but from all over the world. Engagement rate depends on the number of people that see your posts. It is important to determine what time is the best for posting.

There are plenty of scheduling tools on the internet which help you automate the posting process and allow you to plan the time you want to publish the content. It might take a few weeks to determine the best time, but it is well worth it.

Organize Giveaways

Nothing will bring you as much engagement as organizing a contest. Everybody loves free stuff, even if they do not really need it. You have probably seen these when liking, commenting, and sharing are equivalent to an entry ticket.

One thing to note, though, is that there are plenty of giveaways that do not actually give away the prize. The goal is to simply attract more people. Do not try this yourself because things will catch up with you sooner or later.

Take a Poll

Social Media Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Another great method to get more engagement is to organize a poll. Readers feel more valuable if their opinion counts. And what better way to accomplish that than by allowing them to vote on something.

It could be a simple question, or it could be a controversy to provoke a wider discussion. Ultimately, it will come down to what your blog is about but there should be a plethora of questions to ask.

Run an Effective Ad Campaign

effective social media campaign

The bigger companies hire professionals to take care of social media ad campaigns. It is not rocket science and anyone can learn the basics.

The effectiveness will depend on how much you are willing to spend, and what your target audience like.

Establish Connection with Influencers

No matter what your blog is about, there will definitely be an influencer or two in the same niche. There are a lot of advantages to leveraging them. Not to mention the fact that if you offer a hefty prize in return for their cooperation, they will be more than happy to jump on board.

In a word, the point of social media for bloggers is to get more audience. With the number of people that browse such platforms daily, it would be foolish not to invest more in social media presence. Follow the advice in this article and the number of your followers will skyrocket in no time.

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