How To Optimize Your Facebook Page For SEO

Optimize your Facebook page for SEO? In this fast-paced online business, the success highly depends on SEO and the SEO strategy is highly concerned about being found in local search results. While preparing a perfect and suitable SEO strategy a marketer essentially incorporates the social media facts as the top focus point. Also, read another article about how to use tinder without Facebook.

When people search for any information about your brand on Google, the first results that come on the screen are usually from your website, Google+ and YouTube pages. But if you have done a good SEO practice, you can easily observe that many Facebook Pages are also being shown in those results.

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Though many people do not think their Facebook page as a website still, they are probably using it like this. Facebook page oriented SEO is a rather new thing and Google also indexes the social media networks.

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The importance of Facebook-oriented SEO can be understood by the given points and what efforts can be done to leverage Facebook to improve your rankings.

importance of Facebook oriented SEO

Importance of Facebook-oriented SEO

Importance of Facebook Marketing For SEO

  • Google indexes your social media pages

    When we search for a product, brand or company on Google, we find that their social media pages are also visible among the top results. The Facebook, Twitter or any other pages are included in this list. Google search spiders keenly pay attention to the keywords that you include in your Facebook profile URLs and page description. Also, the information that you provide to your blogs, articles, and images are observed as the rank determining parameters.
    A tip to help: While developing your Facebook page, you contain the accurate information about you and your business. It should include:

  • The name of the company in its correct form
  • Physical address
  • Website address
    Here, you also have to make sure that your business is categorized correctly (in case you have to choose a category while setting up or creating your page) and the business description describes the main products and services provided by you. To increase visibility, you should fill out all the other available fields, such as company logo, link to videos or business hours.
  • More Facebook shares will lead to higher rankings

    It has been proven by the recent internet practice during these couple of years that social media activities and search engine rankings are interrelated. If your content is relevant and valuable, more and more users will attract towards it and share it with others and this practice will be certainly observed by Google. When Google finds that your post is being linked and shared with a great frequency, it will rank your content a higher place as it is considered the content with the great value and importance to the audiences.

    A tip to help: To earn the attention as well as the improved ranking you need to work hard for creating valuable, relevant and interesting content that your audiences and the customers will love to share with their friends and other links.  Also, make it easy for them to share the information on your networks and develop the supports on your web pages.

    Don’t focus on the quantity of the audiences, but the quality of the audiences. Your thousands of followers that are not interested in your posts are less valuable than the hundreds interested and serious ones. A marketer should pay extreme attention to building a community of quality audiences that will watch out the pages with attention and enthusiastically share the content.

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  • SEO and social media go hand in hand

    Since social media has become the undeniable part of our day to day life, it is being assumed slightly that social media is becoming the new SEO. Actually, Facebook and other social media platforms are the important SEO tools that are used by the businesses for increasing visibility on the internet.
    Now, it is time to find out that what the SEO principles that should be followed are and what tactics can be applied in the Facebook strategy that will result in an improved position among the search results.

Let’s find out the methods by which you can optimize your Facebook page for SEO

Facebook methods for seo

Facebook methods for SEO

Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Page For SEO

  1. Set Your Facebook Page according to your best benefit

    Facebook is loaded with the surprisingly easy overlook features. While you can mention a long name in your URL, it will be nice to choose a memorable and easy to spell keyword related profile name. But it should be highly relevant to your brand, product or company; nothing else. The clear URL optimization gives the message to the readers and the search engines that what is your Facebook exactly about. If you have to categorize your company, pay a great attention to the available categories and subcategories. It helps in better discoverability and increased the credibility of your business.

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  2. Never underestimate your Facebook about us section

    The about section associated with the page must be filled entirely. The section offers a great opportunity for Search Engine optimization and needs to be approached strategically. Here, you can add the important and interesting information about your company and products. But be careful and avoid overloading this section with the irrelevant keywords and repeated phrases. If you are operating or running a local level business, it is most important that you have mentioned your correct physical address. It will be covered by both the Google search results and Facebook graph search results.

  3. Develop quality content

    The quality of content helps you in each level of content marketing, but in the relation of SEO, it obviously holds massive potential to earn strong rankings. The content with remarkable credibility and relevancy attracts a large number of audiences and potential customers also influence the ranks among the search results. Furthermore, the focus of content creation should be the end reader, not the SEO. It is your dedicated readers’ community that can help you in your social media campaign by liking, commenting and sharing.

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So, these all are best ways to use Facebook page by which you can optimize your Facebook page for SEO, if followed in the right way, these facebook techniques will defiantly help you in increasing the visibility of your website and boost your SEO strategy.

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