Social Media Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

A general study of involvement of social media tools in modern age business

Social media is the platform where people from different geographical locations, mindsets, and generation come together and express their experiences, thoughts, and ideas.  It is actually a theater of different personality or a unique way to know the people who are quite different and far from you. This is why social media is playing a key role in modern age business and marketing strategies.

Social media sites avail the chance to understand the interests and choices of different people from the different criteria. This is apparently a much better way to connect them, to communicate them. With a sound communication strategy and skills, a business can easily reach to the potential customers and fulfill its organizational and financial goals. With attaching more and more people with you, understanding their intentions and expectations a company can reset and amend the ongoing marketing strategy and make it more customer-oriented.

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advantages of social media tools

Advantages of social media Tools

6 Benefits or Advantages of Social Media

  1. A cost-effective method of marketing

    For the entrepreneur who is rather new, can’t afford the cost of the website and want to reach the maximum number of people, can create a Facebook or Tweeter account and carry on his ambitions and hard work. These portals are not only free but among the millions of internet users, you can find the potential buyers for your products or services.

  2. A better way to share information

    Facebook and other leading social networking sites are the better places to present the all necessary and attractive information about your business and brand such as history, vision, locality, incentive plans, offers and discounts, schemes and much more.

  3. A personalized method to interact with people

    Through social media presence you can get closer to the present and potential clients and this kind if the interaction is not both possible and convenient with websites. Furthermost, you don’t need to be a web technology expert to maintain a Facebook or Tweeter account.

  4. Can be used to increase traffic on the website

    Through the interesting social account posts relating to your website and planning the links in your about section, you can attract your followers to visit your website also and influence them to buy the products and services.

  5. Increased awareness

    The social networking sites are highly empowered by the powerful tool: likes and share. This is the best way to operate the multilevel marketing. Once a post is liked, shared or made the comment on it, all this is communicated to all the members of the group or the links related to that person.

  6. Instant customer support

    With social media communication, anyone can easily submit his or her complaint to the company or supplier and that can be easily noticed and fast action is taken to solve it.

No doubt, social media presence you can effectively boost up your business plans and achieve them also. It is not that simple to achieve your social media marketing targets just by creating a Facebook or Tweeter account and posting on it and commenting the reviews. There should be clear target based planning and you need a wholesome set of tools in your web-kit so that you can get the maximum outcomes from the power of these highly trafficked sites in your favor.

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Here we are going to discuss some software as well as online tools that can pump up your social marketing efforts.

Social media marketing tools that can boost your social media presence in your best benefits:

Tools to find the targeted audiences

Tools to find the targeted audiences

Social Media Marketing Tools To Find The Targeted Audiences

Don’t sell the sunglasses to the blind person and don’t waste your efforts on the people who are not concerned with your business. It is right to classify the potential clients and apply your efforts on them. The following suggested tools will certainly help you to get the right audiences among the billions of people active on the social networking sites.

  • Tactics Cloud

    This free tool is mainly used to target the Tweeter followers and relevant people on Tweeter. With the help of this tool, you can easily classify your followers according to location and keywords.

  • Lead Social

    This is a paid one kind of tool to evaluate your Facebook ROI. The tool is also helpful in finding the followers who are more interacting with your posts.

  • Little Bird

    Use this tool to get the influential people among the linked contacts. Through this, you can easily identify the potential clients and make serious efforts to influence them. Also, you can figure out the list of earlier influential people who are not active with you at the current time so that you can make extra effort to bring them back.

  • Group high

    When you need to search a massive database of bloggers using the functional search, this paid tool is just suitable for you. This tool also helps in finding the contact details of the blogger and the posts recently posted by him.

Tools to create better content strategy

Tools to create better content strategy

4 Social Media Marketing Tools To Create The Better Content Strategy

A good content is a key element in any kind of social media marketing strategy. Apply one or combine with some more to create the shareable and viral content.

  • Pick chart

    Adopt this paid tool to create visually appealing infographics which are the interesting part of your content and can attract a high traffic as well as shares and engagements.

  • Topsy

    Another free tool that helps in finding the popular type of content relating to the keyword of your concern. It suggests the links and inspirations so that you can develop some really interesting content for your post.


    This Moz application allows you to measure your website optimization in sharing social media. It also helps with planning and implementing the site optimization scheme.

  • Moz SEO toolbar

    This presents the domain authority of the web page in the context of web universe. In other words, Moz SEO toolbar is the way to rank domain and the page authority at each web page featured on your website.

Tools to analyze and improve results

Tools to analyze and improve results

Social Media Marketing Tools To Analyze and Improve Results

To analyze the social activities of your brand as well as analyzing and refining the content you need to incorporate these tools with your other marketing tactics:

  • Post Acumen

    This paid analytic facility provides some tactful information about your social networking behavior. For example, what is the most suitable time to post during the entire day, which image is more noticeable by the readers and the comparative level of your Facebook Business page against your competitors?

  • Statigram

    Apply this free Instagram analytical tool for tracking the followers’ growth and engagement status. Also, it helps you to discover the right time to post the images. With its support, you can introduce and run various contests and incentive programs.

  • Steady Demand

    This tool is only familiar with Google+, as this analytical tool helps in auditing your Google+ web page and its performance, optimizing your post and comparing to the pages by the competitors.

  • Simply Measured

    One more free tool to participate in generating the colorful and expanded reports for all your activities on the leading sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Brand 24

    This paid one helps in monitoring the presence or use of your brand name or keyword on the entire social media platform i.e. on all leading sites.

Some other social media tools apart from the above categories are listed below. These support your sound and improved presence in the social media canvas.

  • Edit Flow: It is a WordPress blog outflow tool as well as an editorial calendar.
  • Agora pulse: With this free social tool you can free Facebook contests and compare your Facebook page to the same category of the others.
  • Canvas: is applied to overwrite the text over the pictures and images.
  • PicMonkey: A free editing tool that facilitates the editing image, overlaying text and designing and developing collage for web pages.
  • Pixler: this is an alternative to Photoshop and comparatively easier to understand and applications and is free also.


Above social media marketing tools offer a great deal of help and assistance in creating, developing and maintaining the quality content for your web page. You can use them to identify the influencers, brand advocating and measuring the presence and productivity of the social media tools and tactics adopted by you. No doubt, they save your valuable time also.

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