15 Best Ebook Torrent Sites Still Running In 2023

Looking for eBook torrent sites? Let me help you with the best ebook torrent sites of 2023 to download your favorite ebook for free.

In this digital hectic era, it is not always possible to carry books around, is it? And what if you suddenly crave of a book but you cannot read it because you don’t own it? I bet that is the most pathetic feeling a bookworm can ever feel.

So, what can be the possible solution for such trouble of heart and mind? Well, obviously e-books! You may also like best torrent sites, Free movie streaming sites, Free movie download sites.

Just like movies, you can buy e-books from different sites such as Amazon, etc. But why buy a book when you can get the e-book for free?

Well, you can easily download e-books from the segment of torrent ebooks. There are many e-books torrent sites are available from where you can download your e-book without any hassle and read them whenever you want.

And if you do not know where you can download these fabulous e-books, we have made this article just for you. Let us have a look. Also, read best free movie download sites.

New eBook Torrent Sites

Best eBook Torrent Sites To Download eBooks

From movies to ebooks, torrent is the easiest choice one could ever have. But after the shutdown of the torrent site, many torrent e-book sites have been shut down as well. And it is not easy to find out those sites which are still running, is it?

However, here we have picked out those 15 special torrent sites from where you can easily download e-books without any problem. Let us have a look.

1. Extratorrent

In 2018, this is the best ebook torrent site there is. This torrent site of a torrent is still a working one and you can get all the e-books from here. Once you open the home screen of this site, you will notice the categories. Click on the categories and you will find the e-books options. Now, you can choose all the e-books from this site for free.

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2. The Pirate Bay

After torrent, the Pirate Bay is the next best torrent sites to download e-books or movies. Founded in the year of 2003, this site is the best site to get all your favorite e-books for free. Although this site has been banned for multiple times, it is still working through other proxy sites. You can download and contribute to this site for more users to find the books that you have found out. Apart from books, you can also movies, TV shows, and games on this site.


Founded in the year of 2008, this site of ebook torrent is an absolute gem when you are searching for e-books and want to download ebooks. This torrent site is perfectly categorized into different segments from where you can easily download the book you have been looking for. You can find both magnetic and direct link on this site of ebook torrent.

4. Kickasstorrent

After the demise of a torrent, Kickasstorrent has been saving people from getting bored for a long time now. Although this torrent site is most famous for movies and TV series, you can find many e-books to download on this site as well.

The plus point of this torrent site is the great user interface. With the help of this smooth UI, you can easily find out your desired e-books within minutes. And the best part is that all these e-books are absolutely free of cost.

5. Torrentz

If you are looking for the perfect site to download e-books from, Torrentz is the ideal place for them. Not only that you can find more than thousands of different e-books in here, but you can also choose the best download links to download it from as well. Founded in Finland, this site has been ranked as the best site to download movies and e-books in the year of 2012 and 2015. Also, the user interface of this torrent site is so simple that any amateur can also find any e-books in here.

6. Freebookspot

Now, if you are searching for an ebook torrent site that is only for the e-books download, Freebookpost is the perfect place. This torrent site has been designed for e-book lovers only, and you can easily search for hundreds and thousands of e-books from this site. Along with the simple user interface, this site does not have a compulsive registering process as well. All you have to do is to visit this site and download your favorite e-books without any second doubt.

ebook torrent site

7. 1337X

I guess every e-book lovers already know the name of this amazing ebook download site where you can only find torrent e-books links. Adventure, romance, and fantasy– the variety of books on this site will surely mesmerize you. And the simple user interface lets you find your favorite e-book without any problem. All you have to do is to put the name of your book on the search tab and hit the search button.

8. TorrentDownloads

In the world of books, e-books are not the only demand of the bookworms, right? Many people love to hear their favorite book in an audio case as well. And for them, TorrentDownloads is the perfect site. You can download e-books, audio books, and magazines from this site. All these three sections have been categorized perfectly on this site and the simple user interface makes it easy for the users to find their favorite book without any kind of trouble.

9. LimeTorrent

It is a great ebook torrent site for those who are searching for e-books. A great torrent site to download movies and TV series, this site provides many great e-books as well. With the help of a simple UI, anyone can easily find the e-book they are searching for. It is a public directory and thus it is not at all hard to download these e-books as well.

10. YourBitTorrent

Founded in the year of 2003, YourBitTorrent should be the favorite torrent site for all the bookworms out there because it provides you with thousands of e-books to download. Apart from the variety and category, this torrent site also provides you with different download links to download your e-books from. And the best part is, this site has a lesser advertisement which makes it quite safer to download the e-books.

top ebook torrent site

11. Seedpeer

Although this site is not as popular as other ebook sites of torrent, this site can provide you with a great collection of e-books to download. The site lists out the best available e-books on their home screen and anyone can download the e-books easily by just one click. And if you are having trouble finding the perfect book of your taste, you can just put the name on the search bar and hit the enter button. You will get loads of different links to download your e-books from.

12. TorrentFunk

Just like the name, this torrent site is the best ebook download site to provide you with rare e-books. The collection of different e-books of this site can amaze you. The user interface of this torrent site may not be that simple but the collection of different e-books worth the trouble. You can easily find the e-book from this site with the help of search bar and if you do not, you can find them manually as well. Also, this site provides you with different ebook download links which have fewer ads to bear with.

13. Wikibooks

Everyone must have heard of Wikipedia, but have you ever heard of Wikibooks? The one of the best e-books torrent site there is, this site has thousands of different e-books in their collection. You can find e-books of different language on this site as well. All you have to do is to enter the name of your book and press the search button. The whole user interface of this site is neatly categorized and you will not have any trouble finding the perfect book. Also, this torrent site provides you with different download links to download the e-books. And you can get all these facilities free of cost.

14. Bit Snoop

A famous name in the world of e-books torrent sites, Bit Snoop is a popular torrent site for the book lovers. If you are searching for that rare piece of an ebook to download and cannot find it anywhere, Bit Snoop will surely have it. The ebook collection of this site is so big that you will be amazed at it. Also, the types of the ebook are perfectly categorized so that you will not have any trouble finding out the ebook that you seek. More than 2 million ebooks have been listed out in this site. All you have to do is to put up the name on the search bar and press the enter button.

15. Planet eBook

Last but not least, Planet eBook is the perfect excuse for anyone to be a book lover. With a collection of more than 50k e-books, Planet eBook is the one great place where you can find all the classics that you ever want to read. Also, you will get the choice of your ebook download links from this site as well.

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So, here we have listed the 15 best torrent e-book site for you to download and read e-books from in the year of 2023. Hurry up and download all the books you want because who knows when these sites get banned as well. Happy reading!

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