Why Microsoft MTA 98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals exam?

Microsoft MTA 98-365 Exam. Obtaining IT certifications from Microsoft depicts a person’s capability in a particular Microsoft technology. Moreover, that means that one can get all kind of work-related and personal profits. There are 5 credentials in Microsoft Certification Program that are Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

However, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is an immense option to start if you would like to step-up into the technology area. MTA certification addresses a wide spectrum of fundamental technical concepts, improve technical reliability and validate key knowledge about technical stuff.

What Do You Gain From Passing a Microsoft Certification Exam?

When you qualify for Microsoft Certification exam, that time you become a part of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) society and you can get all of the reimbursement offered by the MCP and the member site. You will get transcript which would be the proof that you qualified the exam and can show your skills towards a particular certification. Sometimes, for example, when one qualifies an MTA exam then you can also obtain the associated certification.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

MTA windows server administration fundamentals exam is designed to certify the competency of IT professionals to understand server roles, installation, maintenance and performance management, storage and an active directory. Once you pass Microsoft MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification exam then you will be recognized by the server designer, network administrator, server engineer or server administrator.

Why Microsoft MTA 98-365?

Why Microsoft MTA 98-365 Exam?

If one wants to be the MTA professional, then he/she has to study the for Microsoft MTA 98-365 practice test. It covers understanding server rules, installation, maintenance and performance management, storage and active directory. In 40 minutes you have to complete 60 case studies, drag and drop, hot area and multiple choice questions to pass Windows Server Administration Fundamental exam.

About Microsoft 98-365Exam

Microsoft 98-365 Exam is a well-known exam which opens many paths for candidates in their career. Microsoft 98-365 exam depicts your skill to achieve the technical tasks like server installation, storage, server roles, server maintenance and server performance management and an active directory. The percentages show the virtual weight of each and every key focus in the exam. So, the higher percentage is, the more content area you will see in the exam. Those areas are:

  • Understanding server installation– According to Microsoft, understanding of server installation about 10–15% of the total questions.
  • Understanding storage-Understanding of storage questions depict about 10–15%of the total.
  • Understanding server maintenance– Understanding of server maintenance is focused about 15–20% of the total questions.
  • Understanding server roles-Understanding of server roles questions depict about 25–30%.
  • Understanding Active Directory-Understanding of ActiveDirectory focused about 20–25%of the total questions.
  • Understanding server performance management– According to Microsoft, understanding of server performance management about 10–15% of the total questions.

Exam 98-365 Study Guide

1. Server Installation

Firstly, a candidate should have knowledge regarding device drivers such as how to install drive drivers, how to remove, how to rollback, disable, troubleshooting, how to update server, IRQ, interrupts, driver signing and managing through Group Policy. After understanding of device drivers, a candidate must know about the services, for instance, what are the types of startup, what are the options of recovery, run as settings for a service, startup delay, how to stop or pause a service and dependencies. Last but not the least candidate should have an understanding of server installation alternatives for example, a candidate should select the precise operating system version alternatives; interactive installs; automated install using WDS, Server core vs. Desktop Experience, Nano Server installation, VHDX/VHD installation, perform upgrades, migrations and clean installs.

 2. Understanding Storage

First of all,a candidate should recognize storage methods and their usage in which he/she would get a brief knowledge of merits and demerits of diverse storage topologies, about local storage, Fibre Channel, network storage and iSCSI hardware. Apart from this, candidates must have an understanding of RAID redundancy like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 and assortments and hardware & software RAID. Moreover, types of disks are also essential hence, candidates should know all classes of disks including, Solid Hard Disk Drive (HDD) types, State Drive (SSD), ATA basic disk, file systems and mount points.

3. Server Maintenance

Knowledge of server maintenance includes understanding of business continuity like backup and restore, clustering, disaster recovery planning,AD restore, data redundancy, uninterruptible power supply also, understanding of troubleshooting methodology like what the processes and procedures are, best practices, event viewer, information technology infrastructure library, resource monitor, central logging and event filtering.

4. Understanding Server Roles

Server roles include an understanding of web services, for example, IIS, FTP and WWW installing from Server Manager, separate worker processes, adding components, ports, sites, SSL, and certificates. Additionally, understanding of remote access like remote administration tools, remote assistance, VPN, remote desktop services, multipoint services, licensing, application virtualization and multiple ports is also vital. And, there are many more things in which one should have competence in order to qualify for Microsoft 98-365 Exam.

5. Understanding Active Directory

Candidate should have understanding related to accounts and groups like what the domain accounts, local accounts, computer accounts, user profiles, group types, types of default groups, about group nesting are and how they work. Candidates should know about the group policy like processing, Management Console, how computer policies work, complete detail of user policies and local policies. He/ she should understand the Active Directory infrastructure as well.

6. Understanding Server Performance Management

Candidates should recognize major servers hardware components like memory, disk, network, processor, removable drives, graphics cards, power usage, and ports. And, there is a plethora of stuff that one should know if he/she wants to qualify for the exam.

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Candidates that are eager to take the Microsoft 98-365 exam should know the concepts and the technologies of Windows Server administration. One should have practical experience with some essential stuff like Windows-based network, Windows Server, Account Management Active Directory and System Recovery concepts.

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