Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10

There are lots of gamers who prefer to use their Xbox 360 Controller with Windows 10 whenever they play any of their favorite games. It is considered as great an suitable if you don’t wish to spend money on any additional controller.

However, it is reported that the Xbox 360 controller driver may not work with Windows 10, and the below article will help you to fix it. You may also like best Xbox one emulator for Windows PC.

The Xbox 360 controller is regarded as one of the finest video game consoles and it is presently compatible with Microsoft OS.

Moreover, after download of Xbox 360 driver windows 10, you can connect it directly with either your PC or laptop with Window XP, or Windows 7, or Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 system in wired as well as wireless modes.

It is found that many users who like playing games are facing issue with the connection of Xbox 360 controller which is not recognized by Windows 10 system.

Also, users of Windows 7 might sometime face issues of Xbox 360 controller driver windows 7. If you are the user who is facing similar kind of issue then follow methods shown in this article.

Troubled Xbox users usually search for Xbox 360 driver not working and such users do not get the corresponding answer to the search now ends here as the article presents various solutions for this problem with an in-depth guide.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10: Methods Details

All the 3 different varieties of players possess nearly similar standard abilities and they vary only based on their personal strengths. In certain instances, it is found that human players are very capable as compared to their robot counterparts. Hence, it is known that experienced players would observe many oversteers as well as an overall absence of downforce. Though you might not locate the greatest famous games here, there is also a reason why.

The issue of Xbox 360 controller driver windows 10 not working for PC is occasionally faced because of the usage of corrupted USB drive because it is perceptible that Xbox 360 pc driver needs USB support if it is not wireless. Hence, in this kind of situation, if there is improper support, you need to initially check through various USB cables in various USB ports. By doing this, your problem may get solved; however, if it is still not working then it may be because of few other issues. Before moving further for looking at the solutions, let’s have a look at errors of Xbox 360 drivers windows 10:

  • Steam issues
  • Blinking buttons error
  • Play and charging issues
  • Error with wired Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox 360 controller driver not working

After knowing this, we are now about to know about different working solutions which are found to be 100% for the problem of windows 10 Xbox 360 controller driver not working on PC windows 10. It is assured that such solutions would resolve the issue and you can use any of them.

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Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10 Steam

Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10 Steam Issues: 100% Working Method

Solution 1: In Windows, Game Overlay Uncheck “Remember this application as a game” 

It is found that Xbox 360 Controller has certain issues with Steam, and based on reviews of certain users, they are unable to access Steam functions by the use of press of the center button over Xbox 360 controller.

Also, by default, if you press the center button over your Xbox 360 Controller then it must provide you Steam overlay; however, for certain reason, Windows Game overlay is shown instead. The aspect is what many games don’t want, and so if you wish to resolve it, follow the below steps:

  1. First press center button located on your Xbox 360 Controller when you are playing any Steam game.
  2. Once Windows Game overlay is shown, you need to uncheck “Remember this application as a game”.

After this is done, Windows Game overlay would get disabled whenever you are playing games on the Steam and Steam overlay must be restored.

Solution 2: Disable Game DVR in the Xbox app

The Xbox app’s Game DVR functionality could occasionally cause issues with Xbox 360 Controller and Steam. Many users have reported that center button is actually not properly working, and also it is providing them Windows Game overlay when they are playing Steam games.

It is known that this may not be a huge issue, and it could be resolved by disabling Game DVR functionality within the Xbox app. Follow the below steps to do that:

  1. First press Windows Key + S and then type Xbox. Select Xbox app directly from the list of results.
  2. Once the Xbox app starts, click on
  3. Go to Game DVR tab and then confirm that Take screenshots using Game DVR option is kept disabled.

Once you have disabled Game DVR option, Xbox 360 windows 10 driver must function with Steam without any issues. After disabling the Game DVR option, users would not be capable to record gameplay or even capture screenshots by use of the Xbox app; however, users could always make use of alternative software in order to resolve this problem.

Solution 3: Turn off a Game bar

In this solution, follow below steps:

  1. Initially, press center button located on your Xbox 360 Controller.
  2. Choose “Yes this is a game” option with a purpose to gain access to the Game bar.
  3. After that, select Settings icon is shown on the right.
  4. Now uncheck Open game bar by use of * on a controller.

Fixed Windows 10 and Xbox 360 Controller blinking buttons

For this, follow the two solutions discussed here:

Solution 1: Confirm that you have the latest updates installed

Many users have stated issues of blinking buttons on the Xbox 360 Controller. Whenever there is this issue, it is recommended that you work on to install the most recent updates for Windows 10. For that, follow the below steps:

  1. Open Settings app and switch to Update & Security section.
  2. Navigate to Windows Update section and then download every available update. Apart from that, you may wish to download optional updates too due to the fact that those updates are frequently intended to update your gaming devices as well as hardware.
  3. Once the updates get downloaded, you have to restart your computer.
  4. When your computer restarts, you need to check whether the issue gets resolved or not.

Solution 2: Reconnect your controller

There are many users who stated that their wired Xbox 360 Microsoft controller driver is blinking once Windows 10 wakes up from its Sleep Mode. With a view to resolving the issue, you are required to unplug it and then again connect it to your PC.

The present solutions work well if you are making use of wired Xbox 360 Controller; however, if in case you are making use of wireless Xbox controller, you need to unplug your Bluetooth receiver, later again connect it.

Also, you may need to pair your wireless Xbox 360 Controller through a press of the pairing button on Bluetooth receiver as well as Xbox 360 Controller.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Play and Charge issues on Windows 10

The solution for this issue is as below:

Solution: Use a wired controller or purchase Bluetooth receiver for Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox 360 Play and Charge cable is developed for recharging your wireless Xbox 360 Controller whenever you play some games on it. It is known that Play and Charge cable functions with Windows 10 system; however, the implementation of Play and Charge cable will not permit users to play different games on Windows 10 system with this controller.

Moreover, Play and Charge cable is made for recharging batteries present over your wireless controller, and though you have your controller linked to your PC or console, this controller still implements wireless signals in order to converse with your PC or Xbox console.

Hence, if you wish to recharge the wireless Xbox 360 Controller when you play some games on a system of Windows 10, you need to buy a special Bluetooth receiver for it.

Fix Issues with wired Xbox 360 Controller on Windows 10

The solution for this issue is as below:

Solution: Check properly that you are making use of powered USB port

At times, it happens that wired Xbox 360 Controller may not properly function with Windows 10 system if you link it to the USB port on a front side of your PC. To resolve his issue, it is recommended to connect it directly to the USB port, positioned on a back side of your PC since those ports are generally powered through USB ports.

In case you are making use of USB hub, it is best that you don’t link wired Xbox 360 Controller with it because a majority of USB hubs come without powered USB ports.

The proper use of Xbox 360 controller on Windows 10 system is an excellent approach to save your money, as both wired and wireless Xbox 360 Controllers are very compatible with the system of Windows 10.

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It happens that Xbox 360 controller driver windows 10 does not work. Moreover, the Xbox 360 Controller driver may not work on a Windows system and there can be many causes behind this. You can try any of the above solutions and get positive results.

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