How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% Issue

Those who are Windows 7 Users are particularly facing issue with Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 99%.

It is found that many times when users try to upgrade their Windows 7 PC, the issue of windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% arises.

It is observed that windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% for a significant length of time (like 12 hours or in some cases, more than 24 hours). The window 10 update stuck issue stays for a long time and hence there must be some methods to resolve it.

Don’t you feel that the issue of windows 10 install stuck at 99 percent is frustrating?

The answer is yes because the issue of windows update stuck happens when your screen displays 99% installation complete since many hours and then nothing happens.

Based on observation, it is revealed that more and number of Windows 7 users are facing this window 10 update issue.

There may be many reasons behind why the users face this kind of inconvenience. The reasons are:

  1. Windows 7 refreshes are pending
  2. Struggle with Windows update
  3. Not all that Powerful Hardware

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In addition to the above reasons, there may be some more reasons; however, there are 4 methods to fix this window 10 update stuck at 99%  issue. The methods are straightforward and give promising results.

windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99

4 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99%

Method-1: Discontinue Windows Update Service

The IT experts usually recommend this method to fix the issue. It includes tasks related to halting Windows Update Service in order that you don’t conflict with the upgrading process. It is known that Windows Update benefit Runs in a base and it can come in technique for Upgrading exactly whenever it is about to wrap up.

Lots of clients are found to fix the issue by just halting Windows Update Service. The question arises on how we can know that issue of installing windows 10 update stuck at 99% got solved? The answer is the steps shown below clearly indicate the completion of a procedure.

Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open Run.

Step 2: Now enter Services.msc in Run and press Enter. Doing this would start the rundown of Windows Services. Alternatively, you could Click on Start and search for Services.msc.

Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck at 99% solved

Step 3: After that, you would observe the list of Services just like the above image. Now just scroll down and then search for Windows Update and then double tap on it.

Stage 4: The previous step has opened Properties of Windows Update Service. Now, you need to click on Stop and later you need to Change Startup sort to Manual.

Stage 5: In this step, click on Apply to see the improvements. Once this is done, just Close Services and wait for Windows 10 Upgrading procedure to finish.

Through above five steps, we simply halted the Windows Update hence there is no doubt on upgrading experiences of our Windows 10 operating system. Moreover, it is assured that the upgrading actually does not conflict with the refreshing administration. If you follow all the above steps well, you would see that Windows Installation is done easily. Jus within a few minutes, it is assured that you will see Windows 10.

Method-2: Make use of Windows Media Creation Tool

Have you used Windows Upgrade Assistant tools in order to upgrade your operating system Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 but you got stuck with the issue of windows 10 upgrade assistant stuck at 99%?

If the answer is yes then you must use Windows Media Creation apparatus as well as you need to check whether the establishment experiences to fix windows update stuck.

It might not work for some clients, but as an alternative, you can at least try it out. The use of Media Creation tool is widely used to upgrade the Windows system. Moreover, it allows you to download ISO with the intention that you can have Windows 10 out of a Flash Drive and then use it anytime you need.

Method -3: Installation of Pending Windows 7 Updates

When the method 2 fails to work, then you must initially try and introduce refreshes which are available for Windows 7. When you are trying to upgrade Windows 10 without installing prevailing updates for Windows 7, it is possible that you may obtain the opportunity to watch the overhaul process stalling out at 99%.

Hence, it is important to just go to Windows Update, carefully check for Updates and then carry out an installation of each one of them which are available.

By simply installing the pending Windows 7 updates, the issue of windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99 percent would not occur. You will find that just within a few minutes, the Windows 10 Start Screen would be displayed.

Method -4: Play the Waiting Game

As a last attempt, users can just wait for the refresh to experience. Though it is true that waiting for long is boring and doubtful regarding the final result, you can try it off. Whenever the situation arises that all the above 3 methods fail to settle the update procedure which is presently stuck at 99% then at that time, you must 2ait for an establishment to complete.

There are some users who wait for one or two days to set out the issue. While waiting, take care that you don’t allow your computer to sleep. You need to offer the Upgrade an opportunity to continue the process and then forget it for one or two days.

It happens that if you are using an outdated PC or slow Device, this process may demand more time. Moreover, a part of the highlights may take several hours to introduce. It is important to remember that you must first carry out the above three methods and later just wait for the completion.

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The methods described above allows you to fix the issue of windows 10 upgrade stuck at 99% while Installation.  The method becomes very useful when users need to wait for a lot of time and when they found that the upgrade does not complete even though it is update stuck at 99 percent.

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