How To Promote Your Blog?

Today, we are back with one more interesting post on how to promote your blog (infographic)A new blogger always starts a blog with lots of excitements. He/she designs the blog to his best and puts his/her effort into writing the content.

But is it enough for them to drive traffic?

New bloggers and marketers always think about one severe question around hundreds of times and try to get new answers.

That is “How to promote your blog”.

It’s a nice question and bloggers always struggle with this issue. So they usually try to explore as many possibilities they can because they are not satisfied with one answer as they want more answers and they try all to get traffic to their sites.

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At the initial stage of our blogging, if we ask others, how to get traffic and backlinks for others and many say about one thing i.e. write appealing content, and you can get lots of traffic your site along with natural links.

Do you think writing an excellent piece of content will drive your traffic, shares, and likes?

I think only writing a very killer content won’t help in driving traffic these days, along with that you have to promote your blog. By promoting we can get many eyes balls to our articles.

Recently in an article of “New York times,” they were written, “the blogs falling in an empty forest”.

Do you know that what actually it meant?  It is all about bloggers and why bloggers quit, they conducted a survey to most of the bloggers who has “retired” and “failed” bloggers to understand what’s the problem they are facing and why did they quit.

They found an interesting fact that approximately 95% of blogs fail to get traffic. And that’s the reason why they left blogging due to lack of traffic.

Not only New York Times survey but also in many other surveys they revealed the same answers and same kind of words. “Bloggers always quit their blog due to lack of traffic”.

But do you think quitting is the better way? After you spent and invested that much time for your blog and now quitting is the correct thing. It’s never a better idea, just try to go ahead of your troubles you can go ahead.

If you are reading this blog then you’ll actually find ways to promote your blog effectively. I’ve actually created this content because this is an area where bloggers always fall and force themselves to quit.

So, I decided to share this post to help all the bloggers and marketers to promote their blog effectively and to increase their traffic.

Strategies to promote your blog

These strategies can really help you to work for your blog. But before having a look at these strategies, I would like to inform you that “you should maintain your content’s quality to allow these promotion methods to work”.

If your content is clumsy means you may not get any traffic and shares. It may hardly reach any influencer.

So, create a great and unique content in your own style of writing. Once you finish that, start to promote your blog. There are many strategies you can follow.

Here I am sharing a few easy and effective tactics to promote your blog.

15 easy and effective ways to promote your blog and make it viral

  1. Social media

I think you all will definitely know this trick. From a blogger to a normal social user can know about social media sharing.

So, I am just outlining this point in a short description. To get the traffic you must use social media, as a weapon, but handling it properly is more important.

You must share your blog and its post in LinkedIn, Pinterest, Figg, twitter, and Facebook. There are lots of more social media platforms where you can share your articles. But mainly focus on twitter, facebook, and Pinterest. Here you can get a huge base of audience.

Some people always argue, sharing your tweet multiple time a day will cost you. But it’s not true, many experts like “Guy Kawasaki” is also sharing their tweets multiple times and he also said sharing three times a day is the best strategy.

Read this article on to know more about how to promote your blog on social media.

promote your blog on social media

  1. Build an Email List

Hopefully, you may already know about it. But many new bloggers quit this due to a lack of knowledge. It’s much better to build an email list on your website as soon as possible.

By building an email list you can just make a user base where you send your blog’s content with your email subscribers.

But sharing only about the sales and promoting a product will make your audience hate your subscription and they’ll unsubscribe you. So, just focus on your email topic and just email him/her the interesting post of your blog.

By doing this you are not only encouraging your customer to come back to your website but also making them share your content. As you know if a person likes your posts then he/she will be likely to share your posts.

Read this article to know more about how you can build email marketing list.

  1. Email Outreach

Email outreach is the most effective way to connect with the influencer and other bloggers.

If you don’t have enough social media community or audience for your blog and not having the email list yet.

Then you can easily make use of this step. By this step, you can also talk to other bloggers, business owners, and mainly influencers.

Now, to do that just create a killer content. Then create a list of people whom you might think those who are interested in your topic. For this you can make use of tools like Buzzsumo, to find the audience who liked the content most and make a list of bloggers and influencers.

Send them an email in a way that they get impressed with your approach. If you want to know more then have a look at “Neil Patel’s” post on how to write an email reach effectively.

Guest post on other blogs

  1. Guest post on other blogs

Guest posting is the other way to promote your blog. It also helps in making a stronger relationship between bloggers where you can gain a lot of authority.

From guest posting you can easily gain traffic to your blog, what you have to do is just write an article post on others blog.

Here the main tip is to target a perfect community, where there are high readership and high authority blogs.

Make sure that you write a guest post about your niche and produce the article in your niche influencers or high Domain authority blogs. Even make sure to include a link or two back to your sites.

  1. Comment on other blogs

Blog commenting is the best way to build the relationship with other bloggers and the website audience. Blog commenting is helpful in getting do follow links and no follow links for authority blogs.

You can improve your blog traffic by blog commenting, but don’t comment like nice post, excellent post etc.

Write an insightful comment and make sure you write a relevant comment. If you follow these then readers might notice it and check your site. This happens in most of the cases, so make sure you do in a nice manner.

  1. Answer in Quora and Yahoo

Quora and yahoo answers are the place to ask and answer the questions; Quora is having a large number of audiences who can easily engage where else yahoo has its own members.

In Quora, you can answer a question and place a link to your site in that answers which are relevant to the question to get more traffic. Make sure you search for your related niche’s questions in Quora and answer the questions.

Google also gives value to these links. In quora, your answer will be viewed to each and everyone who wants the answer to that questions. So you may get traffic for months and even years.

  1. Be Active in online Forums

Forums are the other places where you can get traffic and it’s same like Quora. But it’s not a place for question and answers that are it.

There are a hell lot of online forums where you can check your niche and register for that online forum. Try to interact regarding your niche and if possible help anyone by solving their problem or if you want then get help from someone.

You can also draw others attention in the online forum with an impressive profile. Then you can link back to your site from your profile. As a result, you can even earn a link back to your site.

  1. Be Active in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are other awesome places to get traffic from. You can connect with other bloggers, you can share your posts and take feedbacks from others.

This step is one of the important ones to bring traffic to your content. It’s one of the best ways and most used way to promote their blogs by others.

  1. Use HARO

Haro is a media query’s site where you can get the media attention towards you; Use a tool like HARO and sing up for it.

Help out a reporter, you can get quote requests for the journalist into your inbox. When you know an answer for those queries you can answer them easily.

If they think your reply had helped them, then they will include your words in his/her article of media, and he will link back to your site. So here also you can get the media attention as well as a backlink for your blog.

  1. Syndicate your Blog Content

This is the trick which is mostly used by a lot of experts. If a guest posting site requires you to write a completely new content, then you can also publish your own content on other websites.

This process is called content syndication, but for this type of guest posting, you need to look at the relevant sites which will syndicate your blog.

There are other websites which do the same, like medium, LinkedIn etc., but you must make sure to include your several links back to your blog to encourage the readers to engage with your website for more content.

Read this article to know more about content syndication.

  1. Make use of Reddit

Reddit is a huge community which covers lots of topics; there are several people who spend their time on the Reddit.  Here’s what you have to do is just to find a subreddit related to your blog post and just start participating in a discussion.

Here you have to make sure that you have posted in perfect subreddit or not and the other thing you have to check in this is to engage in conversations and discussion rather than just dropping your blog link.

  1. Make use of Triberr (peer groups)

Peer groups are the group of people who are approximate of same filed and having the same interest and wanted to share their insights at groups is peer groups. And one of the famous peer group is triberr.

Make use of triberr to get a huge traffic, triberr is a place where you can set a tribe and make helpful conversations with the influencers easily.

If you use triberr perfectly then you can get a huge amount of traffic from triberr groups as well as triberr.

  1. Mention An Influencer

This is the best trick where bloggers can use to get traffic, you have to feature influencers in your article and let them know that you have included their the link in your article.

Reach them and share your article and ask them to share your articles, this the way you can reach your influencers audiences as well, many popular bloggers always link another post in their blog article and let know that they have included their link.

According to them, they think it’s the best way to get more traffic, from the influencers’ audience and also the social traffic.

  1. Expert roundup

Expert roundup are the trending strategy nowadays, as we can see many articles on the expect rounds.

Expert roundup means at the same time you will take an interview or topic with 10, 20, 30 or even more experts in your niche to grow the traffic of your website.

This gives you lots and lots of traffic, as the experts will share this post with the audience as well as a result you will get a huge amount of boost to your article.

  1. Case studies of influencer

Case studies work well in any niche as they are well-researched topics, now in this take an influencer in your niche who is having a good reach, and do a case study and know about him that how he succeeded or something else.

This type of post takes a long time to write and research, but it will reach lots and lots of audience.

There are still a lot more strategies but these are easy and well-used strategies by many experts as well as marketers to get traffic to their blogs. Make sure you have a valid content and then promote your blog to see better results.

Lastly “Quitting is not at all a perfect thing to do after you kept a lot of effort to make a site and write the content.” So you must take your site forward and leave about quitting.

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Here is the best infographic of how to promote your blog and make it viral
How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral
Source: How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral (Infographic)

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