Types of Link Building Techniques

Today, we are going to share Link Building and Link building techniques for you. Start with a general overview of link buildingAs the most important and challenging SEO skill, link building is a complex combination of various other skills such as content creation, sales, traditional marketing, programming, psychological understanding and management skill that ultimately aims to attract other people to link your site consistently.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process that helps in getting the external pages that link to a page on your website and one of the most time-consuming tactics of SEO.

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The days are gone when the blackhat SEO techniques were used to be followed and technicians used to build thousands of spam links on rising their site to climb to the top of the first page. These shortcuts are very less effective and the results last only for a short time period. A modern-day SEO inputs all their time, funds, dedication, skill and hard work in their link building campaign. No doubt the results are impressive and long-lasting.

At the present day, search engines prefer the quality rather than the quantity and getting the quality links from the relevant sites is a complex task. Now it is the fact that if you learn to make the quality links and become able to crop the links, you will entertain the huge rewards: high traffic to your website, more leads, increased sales and boosted profits.

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The importance of link building

After understanding the meaning of link building, it is time to understand its importance as how can it affect the visibility of your web page and how can it improve the website ranking on a search engine.  You can charge a superb energy to your online marketing efforts with an effective link building strategy. We can easily measure the popularity of a website or a blog through the inbound links.

The importance or the benefits of link building can be given at the given point:

  1. It helps your blogs by providing increased visibility on a search engine.
  2. The high-quality incoming links establish your web page and website as the valuable resource.
  3. Link building also facilitates to easily get indexed in search results.
  4. This is regarded as a vital aspect of SEO and weighted quite high.
  5. With link building, you can acquire the traffic from the other websites that are linked to you.

Best Link Building Strategies

link building methods

Different types of effective link building strategies


There are many ways that help in achieving the link building

9 Creative Ways To Build Links

  1. Your customers can be your best links

    While you have an asset of very loyal and dedicated customers, it will be very good to capitalize it. You can send them some partnership badges such as the graphic icons that will link back to your site. This is just like your customers wear the t-shirt printed with your brand. The links work in the same manner on the web.

  2. A sound blog strategy

    This includes creating the company blog, and develop it as a valuable, informative and interesting resource. Today, when the blogs are known as the important contributor in providing of fresh material/information regarding any subject, this content-based link building strategy is getting popular. Blogging is the way to invite conversation, grab attention and get linked with other blogrolls and blog directories.

  3. Creating the quality content that can be linked naturally and easily

    As per a popular term in SEO, “linkbait”, the epic content is created that can motivate the sharing and link in a natural way. Generally, the usefulness, informative-containing and sometimes a punch of entertainment in a content, creates an acceptance among the audiences and them easily viral it. Each time it is shared the linkspan increases. A high-quality content is capable enough to build trust and getting more traffic and ensure the higher ranking.

  4. By creating/writing the pillar content and then informing the bloggers about it.

  5. Directory submission

  6. By following the blog comments

  7. By following the social bookmarking websites

  8. Infographics

  9. Quality videos


Types of link building Techniques

type of link building

Types of link building Techniques

Given below are some most effective types of link building. Which is the best is usually depends on the nature of your website, the level of competition, your marketing strategy and other related circumstances? It is the SEO professional who determines that which one type or the combined set of link building tactic should be followed to the best benefit of the company.

  1. Page rank boosting links

    As the page ranks really matters, the rank boosting methods will play a vital role in SEO strategy development. Here the web pages with higher ranks are selected from the web world to get the do follow links. The entire process is based on the function that the ranking of the page you are linked directly effect on your rankings. This is the comparatively easier way to boost your page ranks.To get some assistance in finding the higher ranked page to support your website, you can use http://www.seoquake.com/. Now, when you have the web pages with higher SERP, it is time to go with page rank boosting links for your website. Some useful techniques are directory submission, blog comments, link requests, etc.

  2. SERP elevating links

    This type of link building targets on finding the do follow links on the relevant pages that contain your keyword phrase. Obviously, here you need to use the specific keywords while building the links. This is the key to getting higher rankings by placing particular keywords. To get the good SERP elevating links you can apply any of the methods such as commenting on blogs (this will be nice if you plug in with Keywords.com), guest blog posting, forum signature, directory submissions, article marketing and organic links by using the relevant pages.

  3. Traffic generating links

    Such links do not directly participate in increasing the ranking of your website in the terms of a particular keyword. This mainly aims to attract a huge amount of traffic to a website in a hope that the traffic from your linked sites will give you increased visits. With this type of link building, links are created in the form of banner ads, blog comments, social mentions, text links and many others. To determine the traffic on your site, you can use www.GoogleAdplanner.com or www.compete.com. Compete can avail you a great information about building traffic links through the guest blogging, guest commenting and banner ads. On the other hand, Google Ad Planner will help you with its traffic statistics, demographic information, and other related information about an individual site. The traffic generating links can be either free or paid link as well as the do follow or no follow links. With such link building, you can find the sites or links that can supply a good traffic of the interested audiences and create awareness about what you are offering.

  4. Reputation building links

    This is a great SEO tool for online reputation management as they anchored with your brand or company name. In this method, not only the main website but all your blogs, social profiles, and other affiliations use for link building as well as present the positive information about you. So, how to build the reputation links? There are many ways; not just by creating and maintain the social media profile, you have to use them for building and developing new links. Some tricks are:

    • Interlinking of your one profile with the others
    • Blog commenting where your name is the anchor text
    • Adding the social profile with the related directories, for example, the Twitter directory- http://www.twellow.com/
    • The forum signature that includes your profile
  5. Backlinks for the backlinks

    If you complement the backlinks of your website through some incoming links to the page your link is placed upon, it will be a smarter way to strengthen your social profile or website ranking. As part of it, you can social bookmark a page once you have linked to. In this way, you can keep track of your related links while there no other method is used by you to manage your backlinks. This bookmarking supports in notifying the search crawlers to visit the web page and check out the latest updates. In this way, your link gets noticed and quickly cached by the audience.

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While building links, it is very important to consider that whatever process you choose must seem natural and may not be the reason for the Google penalization. Finalize your strategy, keyword, anchor text and other related terms in the link building process, that can support in finding the favorable results and may not cause any trouble.if you have any query or suggestions related to this type of link building techniques then please share with us in a comment section

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