A Comparative Study of Blog Vs Website

A comparative study of blog vs website

The internet is a whole universe of information, of different types and in different formats. If someone wanders around the web universe, for some hours, he will find the millions of blogs and websites concerning the topics of different aspects and approaches.

A simple question that arises at this moment that is what is the actual meaning of the term blog and the website? Usually, people get confused while answering them as they tend to mingle the one with another and cannot give a satisfying answer.

The main aim of this article is to clear the air and present the actual meaning and the difference between a blog and the website along with their specific applicability in different cases.

Blog vs Website: what’s the difference?

In the theoretical sense, the basic difference between a blog and a website is related to the presentation of the data, i.e. the format of data. But if we analyze it on a practical ground, there is a fair ground to distinguish them, which is not much pondering about.

While you are making a final decision about creating and publishing your content it is essential to understand the key difference between the both. Here, one this is especially needed to be clear that it is not about the easiest way to make online money. Because there is nothing like it. Earning the online money demands a lot of efforts, patience, and skills and there is no short cut.

what is blog

What is a blog?

A blog can be defined as a weblog made by a blogger for presenting a chronological listing of blog posts. Here the most recent content is present at the top visibility and followed by the previously posted content items. It is very easy to start a blog with the help of Blogger, WordPress or similar systems, who avail you a great start-up support including design templates and the beginner’s guide.

With the consistent attention to fresh content, unique approach and timely updates, it catches more eyes towards it. The quality, creativity, and the regular updates are the only conditions for a successful blog.

The basic identifications of a blog can be given as below:

  1. A blog is a chronological listing of recently updated blogs.
  2. A blog possesses a fine commenting system in order to communicate the readers and encourage leaving behind the reviews and comments.
  3. A blog facilitates the archiving of posts, by date, type, creator, tags, category, and sub-category.
  4. There is a Really Simple Syndication feeds for post and comments for the feed readers.

A blog basically developed with the aim of providing an interesting content that is helpful, valuable, and informative, and can serve the information requirements of the readers. A blog hardly objected to advertising a brand or a company or intended to sell the products or services. Any effort of using the blog for this purpose will simply discourage the readers in a very short time. A blog is about building the relationships and if you emphasis on the selling instead of making a sound relationship you will never succeed in promoting any product or idea. It is a common psychology that people never buy a thing that they do not trust; and the trust-building requires a great quality, creativity, and patience.

Some examples of highly popular blogs are Mashable, Cnet, Gizmodo, ShoutMeLoud, TechCrunch, LifeHacker and many others.

what is website

What is a website?

The presentation of an online content in HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP or any other format comprises of a website. There will be many blogs complimenting a website, but the homepage includes the browsing of many other pages also. It is usually a time-consuming task and requires a good amount of resources to develop a fully functional and eye-catching website. However, these days it is very easy for anyone to craft its own website by using the available platforms and services such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

A blog as a part of the website can either be in the form of a separate page or can be linked to the homepage. In this manner, it is a limited aspect in comparison to the vast approach of a website. A website can be expanded to the millions / billion pages such as Facebook or YouTube.

The basic identifications of a website can be given as follows:

  1. On a website, there is a homepage that consists the content from various sections of the pages existing within the website.
  2. A website is an artifact or a design portfolio of presenting the systematic information.
  3. A website includes many blogs and various other things at the same time.
  4. There is an FAQ page on every website so that the readers may ask and get more information.
  5. A website also has the following pages:
    1. Client testimonial and feedback
    2. Terms and privacy statement page of the organization
    3. A contact form to invite the readers to stay in touch.
    4. A product/service display page that includes all that is offered by the organization

A basic limitation with the website is that is more difficult to build the relationships with the existing and potential customers through them as the websites are of static nature and they have no potential to interact with the customer for future development and growth.

Some considerable example of highly popular websites is Facebook, Wikipedia, Box, Evernote and much more.

blog vs website

Website or blog, which is more important?

It basically depends on over your level of need. It is the webmaster who has to decide that what does he or she intend to do? If the target is to develop a fine and regular content for supplying readers a great deal of valuable information, definitely, a blog is the best way to follow. On the other hand, a website provides a fully functional and highly featured online portal for extreme potential and possibilities.

While you are an owner of a company, you will surely like to go with a well-developed website that is combined with a regularly updated blog. But the task requires a good understanding of coding and IT know-how. Using the WordPress and any other similar blogging platform will be proven highly beneficial at this stage. It also avails the advantages of easy website management and SEO.

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Well, I’ve described the meaning and difference between a blog or a website along with their specific applicability in different cases. If you have any query or suggestions then share with us.

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