8 Secrets of Professional SEO Content Writers

Secrets of professional SEO content writers

Writing is not a piece of cake, a writer has to work really hard for creating a good content.It involves a nice input of research and creative skill to develop an effective piece of writing.  Today, when the entire SEO and online marketing are moving around the content strategy, the importance of impressive and creative writing remarkably rises.

The SEO blogs and article are the tools of social media management and online PR service and are the reason of increased or decreased traffic to the site.To attract and influence potential clients to a site or a brand it is obvious to post freshest and quality content on the regular basis.

So, how to produce an effective one? There are many things that effect directly on the quality and the effectiveness of your writing content.Just like any other art, there are also some etiquettes and techniques that can be applied to give the writing a compelling blog or article.

Now, instead of putting a bunch of words on a page and hoping that the audiences will accept it and share it, focus on understanding that how to build a sound piece of educating, entertaining and informative messages and of course on building it in the right way.

Below are the 8 tips or secrets of professional SEO content writers that will surely help you to create a good content and earn the audience attention.

8 Tips for Professional SEO Article Writers

 tips or secrets of professional SEO content writers

Tips or Secrets of professional SEO content writers

  1. Get a target keyword and research on

    When you are going through the entire headache of content creation, it is very necessary to make sure that your efforts may be noticed by Google.You need to find out the keywords and the phrases that are most searched by the people.Sometimes you can also go with the keywords that are used by your competitors and make a spreadsheet of these. There are many online tools (both paid and free) to suggest you the most competitive keywords and rank them on the basis of audience’s online behavior. With the comprehensive key research and analysis, you will have the most potential set of keywords to be part of content creation, curation, and promotion strategy.

  2. Apply the keywords

    Usually, the keyword density in a blog post is not more than 2-3% of the entire content.Furthermore, you need to add them to the article and the first and the last sentences as well.The keyword phrases are the queries that the people want to know about.It helps them to have a proper mindset for having or buying a product or service.You should focus on what the people are looking for and how can you provide them.With it, you can get many clicks and it is also the trick that many leading professional SEO article writers apply in their writing.

  3. Create a valuable content

    You know the best about your business and can share a great advice and tips for the client so that they can use them with more efficiency.Along with this, you can share or discuss the information or the news relating to your business and industry.Generally, the set of keywords you are targeting gives you enough idea to create the valuable content.But if you feel necessary, don’t hesitate to interview with the experts to get the idea about keywords based content creation.With their permission, you can quote them or feature their views in your post.It will improve the quality of your content and on the other side; they will love to share your content on their social networking channels.The double benefit!

  4. The length is important, make it count

    To grab the attention of the search engines try to develop the longer blog and article.Though it is good to post a small content instead of posting nothing, try to reach at least 300 words for a blog and a minimum 500 words for an article.It has been cleared by many researchers held to scale the effectiveness of a blog post on the basis of word count that tends is in the favor of the content with the range of 1500-2000 words.

  5. Optimization of content writing task

    There are many tools available to execute it smartly.And while you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you have an advantage, of many in-built PR tools and plugins.Other than it, you can use Yoast and Shareaholic also.On the internet, many cost-free and convenient web PR can be hit by simply clicking their “install now ” link.

  6. Editing is the must

    The main difference between a regular writer and a professional SEO blog post writer is the expert editing.It polishes, corrects and gives the final touch to a piece of content.One can apply the tools like Open Office, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, which make the task easier with the green / red signal of grammatical accuracy.And don’t underestimate the aesthetically pleasing formatting.A tip for newbies- avoid the extreme long paragraphs and sentences.

  7. Honesty is must

    one cannot succeed if he is presenting the wrong or false information to the readers.The web universe is a common platform where everyone can share its experience and the fraud can easily be caught.Without accurate and honest content creation one cannot attract the quality traffic to the website.Fake and misrepresenting content will result from the ultimate loss of your business reputation in the long term.

  8. Create the clean and nice content:

    The audience loves and interacts with the content that is presented in the clean and nice way.The professional look and smart placement of text, images along with a beautiful color scheme are the elements that improve the visual value of your content as well as your web page.So try to make the best effort to create the content clean, finished, easy to understand and descriptive.Also, a writer needs to organize the information as it helps the audience to easily get the exact desired information.Writing in the category or categorizing the information is also a good idea to relate information.

A professional web content writer has to deal with many requirements, tool, and techniques so that a quality content may be created to attract more and more visitors to the site.The above-given topics are their professional secret.A quality content is very important to visitors and search engines.And with the use of perfect content writing tools and content marketing strategies a writer can successfully drive the online traffic and influence the audiences.


Seo content writing is changing and that the task of a writer is to intelligently work around some of the vital statistics and understanding of the evolving web.Read the article about what needs to be done when it comes to choosing SEO writer and SEO writer is important.

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