Startups Beware Before You Hire An SEO Team

Startups Beware – Before you hire an SEO team, remember these best practices

A startup usually has a range of work: aligning resources, allocating funds, channelizing work system and etc; – in the realm of these activities, it becomes quite often a hard task for them to dedicate exclusive hours working for SEO – things become tougher if the startup is yet to aware of the optimization techniques.

In such situation, it is important that the startup takes the help of a company that genuinely and without using any black hat SEO promotes the website of the company. In the article, we try to cover a few points about how a startup can help succeed online using proper variety of SEO techniques and that if the company is to hire an SEO team, which is the important thing that it should act

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Search engine optimization can be a tough task for a startup, and despite they know that an effective SEO campaign helps them position their online identity, they are often hesitant to understand how things work, or if they hire a company, would it be feasible.

SEO companies around the world flood the email stream of startup founders asking them to hire their services and that they guarantee first-page ranking – within very short period of time. the experience digital marketing agencies would even quote high amount for an SEO campaign. Such a state often put a startup in a task heavy state.

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Selecting a heavy budget that can not necessarily do its promised task can take a tool on marketing budget whereas a cheap service can get a website penalized. If you are a startup which has launched recently and that if you are to put some of your fund to optimize your website, these are the best practices that you should take into account –

Checklist for on page SEO

Checklist for on page SEO


If your on-page SEO is done properly, and that if you have optimized the most important that is on page SEO; there is seldom anything that you need to worry about. There is a range of things that you can do to improve your on-page SEO. We have already covered an article about it

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Some excerpt from the blog

On-page SEO refers to a set of best practices, tips which a website owner uses directly on his own website/blog pages to rank his website/blog at the top. There is a range of factors that come into play when it comes to doing on page SEO for your website/blog. Without doing proper on-page SEO, you can’t necessarily rank well. This also refers that if you are doing wrong on page SEO, your site will be penalized. On-page SEO is a set of technical and nontechnical practices which you do to enhance the usability of your website. If your website is ranking well and if you are getting a good number of traffic, it is because you have done on page SEO quite well. Although off-page SEO is another ranking factor, which we will discuss.



Meta Description tag


Title tag

Heading tags

Alt tags

URL or Permalink structure

Interlinking Post and Pages

Total Word Count

Rich Media Content

Original Content

Outbound Links

Writing Quality

Broken Links

Bullets and Numbers

Anchor Tags

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startup seo tips

Startup SEO tips


It has been proven that a startup that has a strong social media foothold from the day it begins usually has a dedicated base of audience. Every tweet, share and status update add to the recognition and social factor of the brand. Good startups who know the value of proper SEO usually dedicate their resources to carry out full-fledged social media campaigns. Socially optimizing your brand is more important and apt than some other optimization techniques. It is because the traffic you generate socially is organic. So it is very important for a brand to have a strong social networking presence.

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One of the improved ways to improve your brand value as a startup is to have a content strategy that works. Build a blog on your website and update it with fresh and newer variety of evergreen content. Writing blogs around the keywords you want to target is essentially important so that you can culturally improve your brand value while talking with your customers in a holistic manner


There are different ideas when it comes to popularizing a website using guest blogging. Some say that guest blogs do not actually work any longer in today’s fast-paced search ecosystem whereas some still held it high and continue opting for guest blogging. We think guest blogging is always good if you are connecting with your audience in a different blog and that you are writing for a niche blog that is from your industry. So, guest blogging is nice to carry out, but it is important that you have resources who will write for you on other blogs

Some important things startups should remember while doing SEO

Write content that is fresh.

Hire experts but stick to an SEO plan that suits your budget

Hire a team of experts only when you have substantial results from the initial campaign.

As a startup, you need to be articulate about how to do proper SEO, some companies would claim that they can quickly take your website at the top of search engine results page for some given keywords, but stay away from such claims. It is because if you are competing with extraordinary competitors who are in the niche since long, it is superficial to say that you can quickly outrank them. So, before you hire an SEO team of outsourcing your SEO work, ensure that you are hiring a team of resources or a resource who sounds to be genuine.

If you have any ideas about how a startup should help succeed; please write to us!

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