Step By Step Process To Improve Your Alexa Ranking of Your Website

Step by Step process to improve your Alexa ranking

An introduction of Alexa: Before going through the entire process, it is very important to understand that what the Alexa ranking process actually is. And what is its role in the modern online marketing scenario?  So, Alexa ranking is the universal measuring scale that helps to measure your daily traffic. It is a downloadable toolbar that tracks or counts the visits to your website and determines its ranking. Though it is a rough estimate of the popularity of your website, it is widely followed by the online marketers, webmasters and advertisers find the status of a website.

Alexa ranking process performs its calculations by combining the number of daily visitors and page views for the average period of the last three month span. Today, Google is the highest Alexa ranked website that proves the website with remarkably good visitors’ traffic.

The importance of Alexa rankings: Alexa rankings are the very considerable aspect and there are many reasons that make is very important in the web universe.

Here are facts that you should take it seriously about Alexa ranking process:

  • It is a trusted proof of the popularity of your website or webpage.
  • When knowing your brand value, the advertisers get attracted towards your website and encouraged to deal with you. If you own a good Alexa rank, you may be able to bargain and ask fair amount in exchange for providing ad slot on your website.
  • Most of the online directories list the websites on the basis of Alexa rankings, so you may list your highly visited website at a higher rank in such directories.
  • This directly increases the backlinks for your websites as most of the bloggers go to the top 100 ranking holder websites based on the Alexa rankings.
  • It makes you able to understand your brand power and you can measure your value.

Alexa rankings sometimes open the doors of opportunities for the bloggers and advertisers come attracted to you and wish to post their blogs and advertisements and you can earn a good amount of money through having the joint venture with them.

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Techniques to improve Alexa rank of your website

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Now, we understand the power of Alexa rankings, the next thing that comes to the mind is that when a lot depends on the higher Alexa ranking, then how can we improve it. At the present day, there are lots of online tools, tricks/techniques, and traffic exchanges are available in the market to improve your Alexa rankings yet some are superior over others.

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Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

It will be great to understand the step by step process by which you can boost your Alexa rankings in the favor of your website and the company.

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Step by step process to improve your Alexa ranking

Step By Step Process To Improve Alexa ranking

  1. Install the Alexa toolbar

    when you install this toolbar  ( ) in your system you can track the number of visitors and page views of a website you visit.  No doubt, that you visit your own website with a great priority to update it, to add new information and respond the comments. This entire practice increases your Alexa rankings without any special efforts.

  2. Add Alexa widget to your website

    It is not always possible that each of your visitors has the Alexa toolbar installed in his or her system, so it is essential to add an Alexa widget to your website through Alexa rank plugin that will work similarly.

  3. Regularly update your website

    You need a lot of new visitors as well as repeat traffic to your website in an urge to achieve a higher Alexa ranking. So update your site regularly; updating multiple times daily will be ideal. Each time you add a new blog or post a new web page, it opens a new pathway and your readers will find your site more informative and useful. SEO is the way that attracts the traffic to your website and also increases the Alexa ranking of your website hand in hand. With regular updates, you can improve the search engine traffic.

  4. Quality control

    This the first thing to focus on that you provide the unique content with high quality. According to the type of your site, there are many methods to work on it. Well, if you provide the blogged information it must be well written, informative and On the other hand, if you have a food-based website, your recipe must be unique, well described and incorporated with nice photographs. In other words, whatever your content is, it must be error-free and well presented.

  5. Create the shareable content

    Today, where everything is about reaching to more and more people and driving a great traffic to your website, shareability of your content is vital. This means your content must have the attractive headline, captive lead-in sentences and attention-grabbing images. These works as the initiative to your readers to share your content further.

  6. Redesign your website

    If your website is working in the same design and pattern, you must seriously think about redesigning it. The changed and attractive appearance with some newly added smart applications will amaze your existing visitors and drive more traffic. For this you need a well-set plan: hire a professional or a team of professionals, determine your changing needs and consider the future expectations also.

  7. Optimize your site

    The term site optimization means by keyword optimization and image optimization based on it. The keyword should be clearly described in your title and URL. Also, mention the title to each image you insert into your article instead of narrating “image 1” or “image2”. Furthermore, the images are the important part of your website so give them appropriate space and value on your web page.

  8. Advertise your site

    Use the power of social media to boost your Alexa ranking. Facebook and Google plus are the leading sites that allow the users to create the social media pages for your site. Whenever you release or post something new, link it to these sites. Twitter is another way to inform your followers about the recent activity at your website and share a link for it. Also, you can start to create, maintain and follow the mailing list and regularly update them with anything new launched on your site. This will help you to retain your previous and not in touch viewers. If you add a “share” button with each of your article or posts, it will allow your readers to submit your content to many other relevant sites and will directly increase the quality traffic to your site and as ultimate effect of this you will able to have higher ranking of your site on the search engines.

  9. Buying Alexa traffic

    This is also a simpler method of increasing your Alexa ranking, as you can buy a million marks by just spending $5 at once. For more boost, you should try YourAlexaRank ( Though it is not a genuine way to be practiced, it can help the newly introduced websites.

  10. Build quality backlinks

    Backlinks to your sites are the measure or presenter of your online reputation. But here are some points that must be considered as the trustworthiness of the backlink sites directly influence your image positively and negatively both. And the links must be from the sites with relevant issues and topics.


I have explained the complete step by step process to improve Alexa ranking of your website, by using these techniques creatively and skillfully can surely boost up your website Alexa ranking. If you have any suggestion related to this improve Alexa ranking article then please let us know in the comment.

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