Best Ways To Use Google Plus For Business, Job Search and Selling Products

We are back with interesting topic how to use the power of Google Plus and earn money online

The meaning: Google Plus is a social networking site by Google, which more often similar to the other popular social networking sites or microblogging websites, but it is further loaded with some features and tools such as community and hangouts, that make it more professional and business friendly.

It is completely same as it facilitates the conversation, meetings, demonstrations and product display as a group.

Today, it is being used by more than 300 million users who are getting benefits through its engaged audience, connected communities and the vast list of brand advocates.

Though there are many other Social networking platforms of the same category on the internet, yet Google Plus can assure the best competitive position of your business in both social and profitable manner.

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5 Social Benefits of Using Google Plus

business advantages of using Google Plus

Business advantages of using Google Plus

  1. The powerful, personalized search results: If your post is followed by someone or he follows someone else who have shared or re-shared your post, that content will be placed significantly higher in the search result than it appears in the normal conditions.
  2. “Circle” is a powerful and unique function: As an important feature of Google Plus, Circles facilitate greater communication and connectivity to the contacts and groups of the related category. So you can filter the circles while you are sharing the content and your material will be communicated to the related circles and contacts only.
  3. It is a learning tool: Google Plus is much more than a social network it gives a learning tool who choose it as a way to find information and knowledge. If you have the right circle of the right people, your knowledge, wealth is much faster than a university. So add only knowledgeable and authoritative people to your circle.
  4. It connects the people of same interest: It is an interest-driven social networking site. Here you can find the people of the same interests, connect them and build the interesting relationship with them.
  5. Building the following is much easier: The less amount of advertisement causes less distraction, you can write a comparatively larger content on G+ post and various formatting and editing options give it an attractive visual appearance.

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4 Business Advantages of using Google Plus(Google+)

  1. It represents the social signal: Each +1 or like in your post is the positive review from your real audience that creates reliable valuation of any product, service or company. And no doubt, the G+1 has a higher reputation than any other remark of other social platforms.
  2. The Google Plus pages or profiles are treated as the regular websites on the Google search and the page ranks facility rates them on the entire Google search engine. The web page with a higher Page Rank ranking helps a brand to capture impressive position on search engine result pages locality.
  3. Company with larger Google Plus circles can directly influence the audiences and the related people.
  4. Google Plus Local is the facility that highlights the business and their location. This feature is much powerful than on other social networks as it serves the local business to the customers in an effective way.

Smart Tips To Make Money Online Through Google Plus

Tips to earn money through Google Plus

Google Plus is new and smarter way to earn money online. There are so many ways so that you can use this service for your creativity as well as profitability, such as you can create the Google Plus Apps, write blogs about it or create the Google plus club. In this article, we are going to learn about some tips so that one can use his or her profile, authorities, web pages and communities in making remarkable online money.

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Develop Your Mailing List

The process starts with developing the mailing list and growing the subscriber base by using Google plus to attract more contacts.

  1. Select and add the target subscribers in your specific circle. The lead magnet feature will help you nicely here. Your shared updates to your circle will be visible to all your circles and a notification will be sent to all contacts of your circle. Thus, it will add more engagements with your update.
  2. The lead magnet should be added to the links. This can be featured at the “about” section of your profile.
  3. Develop a pen Google plus community that covers all the contacts of the target audience of the same interest. Include the links in the “about the community” section of your community profile.
  4. A cover photo on your profile featuring the latest lead magnet always attracts the visitors to click on it and visit it. So the description on the cover page must include the link to the lead page.
  5. While you are using your lead magnet as the e-book or white paper, it will be good to claim it under the Google plus authorship and you can add your link to the squeeze page.
  6. Now create an impressive image by using statistics and quotes. Your link should be visible on each click on both the status description and image description.
  7. Motivate the people to sign up your mailing list. Running the Google plus Hangouts for Subscribers is a good tactic.

Best 4 Benefits of Using Google Plus In Selling Products

  1. The regular followers of a specific circle can be added in a target customers’ list. Whenever you launch new products and share updates about them, specifically share with these circles.
  2. You can create a specific page for your particular brand or product on Google plus; this page should be complemented with the cover photo, profile picture, description, introduction, latest updates and the direct link to the main page.
  3. Use Google Plus Hangout as the sales booster. Encourage more people to join and set an auto responder series to turn the enthusiastic scribes into the dedicated customers.
  4. Create and develop the Google plus community to attract and attach to target audiences. If you have pages for your other products, interconnect them with appropriate links. And don’t forget to target the local customers.

If you are a service provider other than a businessman

  1. By creating a Google Plus business page you can easily be visible in the Google Local search but you need to clearly add the web link, profile picture, and business or service description.
  2. It will be smart to create and add the portfolio album of your most recent work and add along with the links. So that people can learn more about your specifications.
  3. Now add the target customers, create the cover photo, tag your customers and create a Google Plus Community to attract and gain more customers to your page. If you are related to content creation service, add Google plus authorship with your efforts.

6 Benefits Of Using Google Plus For Job Search

If you want to be getting hired, then you can use Google Plus to your best benefit in by following the given steps:

  1. Create your web page and you’re about section should be in impressive and informative appearance so that your potential employer may be attracted with the summary of your qualities and previous record. Also clearly mention your links so that the interested employers may contact you.
  2. You should add the suitable keywords in your profile headline, introduction, occupation and skills mentioned in your Google plus profile.
  3. If you want to be searched, asked and hired through Google Plus services, you need to regularly update your profile in a professional manner.
  4. You also can turn your Google plus profile into your short resume where you can enlist your employment history, previous and most recent job titles, dates, descriptions, and achievements in the “about” section of your profile.
  5. For an eye-catching appearance, you can change your tag line into an announcement that you are seeking an employment and need to be hired.
  6. By commenting on the posts and web pages of the companies or the professionals you want to work with, you can be connected with them.  It is also a smart way to interact with the other people in their circle. By regularly commenting and giving active presence on their profile you can have familiar connectivity with the key people of the organizations you are interested in them.


These all are the best ways to use Google Plus for social media, business, Job search, and selling products. Google Plus is the top most popular social media site to create and develop social networking with a large number of people of the same interest.  And if you are smart enough to set an optimum social media strategy, you can beneficially utilize it as a tool to make a significant amount of money online.

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You just need to regularly invest a little amount of your time with the dedicated Google Plus users who can be either your potential friends, companions, buyers, service providers, followers or future employers.if you have any suggestions related to this benefits of using Google Plus article then share with us in a comment section.

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