How To Manage Social Media For Small Businesses

How should small businesses manage their social media account?

Big brands often shell out a good number of amount of their money into managing, monitoring social media accounts, but when it comes to small businesses, things are quite different.Small businesses are often lacking when it comes to investing money into speculated set of SMO campaigns to improve their social media accounts.

They would instead make a small presence by just opening and creating their account on different social media channels, and then periodically hiring any freelance social media manager to take care of the accounts; only to stay at the latter’s mercy.

Because they do not necessarily follow any strategic campaigns and follow-up and performance monitoring strategy, sometimes because they do not have money, tool, and resources to analyze, if the freelance SMO manager leaves them midway; they tumble down at the face of their goals.

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Some small businesses are even more intelligent. Because they understand it would require them to have resourceful utilization of thoughtful strategy, which requires investing of money, they prefer to stay out of social media, despite knowing that they are actually losing out on a great number of their targeted audience. Either way – if you maintain an unimpressive social media presence or if you do not spend any money at all – it is bad for you!

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How to plan a successful social media strategy for your business.

The ideal way out of the fiasco is to first understand a few basic things about social media, then devising a thoughtful strategy around it, and then hiring a skilled team of resources/or a resource to maintain the accounts. When it comes to hiring a resource, as a small business, you can save tons of money if you are defined by your requirements. And because you are defined, you can even keep a tab on your SMO activities – that’s you can actually monitor the work yourself!

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So, let us first understand social media from the perspective of small business owners

Different researchers and studies have been conducted from time to time to evaluate the effectiveness of social media. It is said that 75% online audiences regularly use the social media to compare, buy and choose products/services of their interest. An increasing number of standalone folks are rapidly using social media to keep up with social ties, more than 80% people use social media to review products before actually buying them online/offline. So, given the benefits of social media, it is become important to understand that small business should practically start utilizing social media for their benefit.

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Now that you understand the benefits of social media, as a small business, it is very crucial for you understand how you can effectively use social media for business.

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Define what you require?

Understand who your target audiences are?

Make a strategic list of top social networks?

Use tools?

Understand the process?

small business social media strategy

the small business social media account

Define what you require?

The first crucially vital step to be defined by your standalone requirements. Before you are online, ensure that you know what you require. That means understanding what you require. Answer the following questions –

How much audience interaction do you require?

How should you want to define your SMO activity?

Some startups want to get audience awareness around their new brand, whereas some existing brands want their audience to come to the website and make some sales. So, the idea to start an SMO campaign varies from brand to brand. So, before you want to ensure a social media presence, it is important that you are defined by what you initially want to achieve.

Small business targeted audience

Small business targeted audience

Understand who your target audience is?

Before you start working with your SMO strategy, it is important to be defined by you a core set of audience. It is very important to understand that you are a particular set of defined audience and that who comes to your SMO account or your website is not necessarily your customer. So, ensure that you are defined by it. Any brand, regardless of how great it is – cannot distinguish its vital set of audience and profile them in clustered segments. Despite, you still need to be defined about a few important things demographically – such as age group of your audience, their language, interests, location, career etc. Having a clear set of understanding about these strategic signals actually help you profile your audiences.

Make a strategic list of top social networks

You can not churn out everywhere and make friends.You, therefore, need to be apt about which is your target source to attract audiences. Let us take an instance – if you are a small gift accessories brand, you can publish accessory slides and then publish on Instagram where your target audiences are. If you are an HR firm, you can use LinkedIn. There are so many social networks that if you want to publish a particular set of content – be it slide, multimedia video, plain word, photos – you actually can publish these. But you need to be defined about what to publish and how to ensure great audience interaction, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp etc., are all great and decisive networks to target a particular set of segmented traffic.

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Use tools

There are a great variety of tools which you can use to monitor your social media accounts. If you are a small businesses owner and want to compare the vital attributes of your branding, you can use these tools. There are tools to publish content real-time. There are tools to schedule your updates. There is an analytical tool to help you understand how your social media is working out.

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Understand the process

Once you are defined by these vital steps, you can easily start off SMO campaigns. Understanding how things work, how to learn from the mistakes, and how to properly use the power of social media to improve your brand presence. That’s it! If you have any type of ideas, as to how to promote a brand on the social network; especially a brand which is new, and small, we welcome your feedback.

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