Best Tools and Features of Google Plus To Promote Your Business

Your Google+ profile can simply empower your social marketing strategyGoogle plus is gaining more and more important in the social media marketing strategy framework. To attain the advantages of this very specific site, first of all, you need to create an impressive profile and then make some consistent efforts to improve it. While your Google plus profile is especially concerned with business promotion you need to understand all its features and their relevant applicability in the promotional strategy.

Once you get the proper idea that what amazing benefits you can expect from this widely visited social networking platform, you will be able to write your social marketing success story. As an ambitious and hard-working online marketer, you invest your time and efforts to set the most potent combination of the features of your social networking sites, Google plus is now loaded with many advanced and improved changes, that you will love to adopt and successfully follow in your marketing planning.

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Google plus features to promote your business

6 Google Plus Features For Promoting Your Business Online

First of all, we must discover the specific Google plus features that can be used for establishing and promoting your online business:

  1. Hangouts for engaging with followers

    Google Plus Hangouts is the popularly used feature by various politicians, businessmen, celebrities and book authors who are highly interested in connecting with their followers in a specific authentic and intimate manner. When you are using Google plus as a part of your business promotion strategy, you may use it as a portal to announce your promotional events both online and offline. The online events like webinars and conversation schedules or question and answer sessions with your existing and potential customers can be arranged through this.With hangouts, Google plus allows you to grow some, very new audience and engage with them in your business interest. Mobile videos are the most popular hangout method these days.

  2. Google plus Community as the best activity hub

    With forming and nurturing the Google plus Community or communities you can have an organized set of people to communicate or converse with on a particular specific issue, cause or interest. A particular community is a wide group of like-minded people, so it becomes very easy to approach the potential customers who may be interested in your brand, product or service.These communities sometimes develop themselves as the passionate followers or admirers of any brand or cause. For example, fan communities of basketball teams or a Hollywood celebrity. With Google plus Community, you can ascertain the real value of your community. This is the unique feature of Google plus that is not available on other sites or networks of the same kind. You can also be beneficial yourself by joining some other community as a member.

  3. Segment connections through circles

    The next most important and offering feature of google plus is “circles”. Here you can create and develop some subsets of people or customers whom you are connected consistently and prefer to share and update information. You are free to form as many subsets of your different interests such as friends, the business community, customers, affiliates and so on. Circles are also preferred by some business owners to update the information to a large number of people that can never do with Gmail.

  4. Start with Google plus business listing

    If you are running a local business and want to reach to most of the local customers, Google My Business is the best features provided here. With this listing, you will be easily searched by any mobile or tab of your locality and also your potential clients can easily call you. Furthermore, you can easily be accessed on Google map along with detailed links on your website.You can enrich your business listing by adding some images and YouTube videos related to your business to make it more catchy and inviting. While your customers can give their reviews, comments, and suggestions on your Google plus listing page, you can directly interact with each of the visitors personally.

  5. Collect the categorized content

    Not only connecting with the people, also a collection of the content is also very facilitating with the unique Google plus Collect feature. With it, you have the facility of categorizing the content that you post and share on Google plus. As a marketing activist, you can set a collection of your information or update posts and offer your followers another way to get updates from them. You are free to create and develop many types of collections here, such as a collection of images related to business or products or collection of your campaigns if you run any non-profitable organization.Some point should be taken into care here: first that the collection must be interesting and especially useful so that you can be added to the featured collection category. And the other thing is that your content should not be stuck with you and your business only, with including the third party content in your posts, you can increase the sharing and re-sharing potential of your post.The feature is highly appreciated by the users as they are allowed to find the exact category or collection of information they want to find and then share it with their contacts. In short, Google plus collection is the most worthy feature in which you can invest your best time and efforts.

  6. Google Photos to present the beautiful side of you

    This feature of Google plus avails the apps and cloud features for images and videos for different browsers such as Android, iOS, and some others. Here, you need to add the most suitable keyword to your image or video to make it easily searched by the audiences and getting higher visibility.

Google plus and its features can be applied by an online marketing expert to generate some interesting and profit making results; the basic requirement is to create a nice profile and enhance it in the smart and intelligent way to attract more and more audiences.

Below is the list of tools that can serve you better in this relation.Take a look:

google plus tools

Google plus tools to promote business

List of Google Plus Tools For Promoting Your Business Online

1. Image editing tools

When it comes to talking about the leading software that is entertaining its leading position in today’s web universe; that is Canva and Venngage. This absolutely free, easy to use image editing tool is being used by more than 2.8 million users around the globe. But the position and importance of Adobe Photoshop cannot be underestimated or challenged. Mobile friendly word swag and pink monkey are some other most popular apps.

2. Tools for editing and sharing videos on mobile

Approximate 1.9 billion videos are being watched on social networking sites every day and about to 65% of the visitors use mobile phones for this. So obviously, you need to adopt some useful help in this field. You may visit videolicious, Youtube Director or Cameo to download the very supportive, convenient and interesting tools to create, develop, edit and sharing videos for social networking. Whether Videolocious provides the pre-publishing assistance in editing videos, adding brands to them and setting up an approval system; directory gives you an expert special cut to produce some great videos and this app is acquired by Google just because of its efficiency. On the other hand, Cameo provides a superb series of pre-designed templates to assist you in producing, publishing and editing the videos.

3. Tools for increasing the productivity

You and your team also need some support, tools or apps that can directly influence the collaboration, increase efficiency and boost the productivity. A huge variety of options available you should consider Trello the task management app that is very easy to apply and superb assistance in project interface, Or try Slack that is mobile friendly team communication app.Asana is one more task management app that is enriched with a free feature.

4. Tools you cannot survive without

There are some tools in our day to day web routine that we cannot imagine our social and business life without them; though we never took them seriously. The first name is and its various apps such as Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Analytics, Google Drive etc. Photoshop, Canva, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites which you visit regularly have a very important place in your social, marketing strategy.


The above options are just some suggestions; you should search some very useful tools for the huge availability and also figure out the new ways to apply them in your unique and specified social media marketing and promotional plan. With the proper application of these social media tools, the productivity is simply improved and the organization can easily achieve the expected results.if you have any query related to this Google plus features article then share with us in the comment section.

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