How To Write Great Blogs That Could Earn You Fortunes

How to write great blog 

Time, relevancy and quality of content are three crucial decides that make or break blogs. Successful bloggers are not made overnight.

They work hard, face criticism and see failures before actually turning their lame blog into a source of regular and stable income. But what it actually requires making a great blog, besides just those deciders mentioned above.

To put it honestly, motivation is one thing that surpasses the rest. If you are an active blogger with a constantly unrivaled source of motivation for writing great quality content on a regular basis, you can expect your blog to become something substantial.

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Research done on blogging habits illustrate that most bloggers start up enthusiastically but give up after a few months or years, once they see that the time and effort they are investing weighs more than the return they are receiving.

This is, according to experts, the first blunder of bloggers and once they take up on the thought too seriously; they end up giving up their blogs.

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To stay safe from the thought and necessary to avoid the stage, it is important to understand that blogging success takes time, and as a blogger, you need to wait and keep on posting relevant and useful content for your audience until you make a dependent source of loyal readership.

How To Write Great Blogs

How to write great blogs

But how to get that motivation

Motivation is a person-centric phenomenon and differs from one to other. Some of the useful ideas to stick to a blogging routine to ensure you stay motivated –

  1. Make a blogging calendar. Mark those days you will devote yourself to blogging.
  2. Choose a topic and allocate ideas you can work.
  3. Stick to the routine.
  4. Ask fellow bloggers about inspiring ideas to devote to blogging.
  5. Choose a good blogging CMS to publish your blogs.

Other than those mentioned above, one of the crucially vital steps is to write on the topic you write to blog. Choose topics that you think you can write well, and provide your audience with useful information. If you want to publish a blog that gets traffic and values, publishing content that you require your audience for.

If your blog is about green living and you propagate a non-vegetarian life and support deforestation, you can never become a blogger for green living.

Another important thing you need to follow as a blogger is to find out newer ideas to get your audience talking about you. Start off with high traffic topics, maintain a good reputation in SERP, and then personalize your blog.

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The better value your blog gives your audience, the better the traffic it gets. So, motivate yourself into a regular blogger before you start to earn money and then name your blog.

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