8 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail and How To Fix It

Why do most bloggers fail? Their thousands of blogs visible on the web universe, but only a few thrive and others fail. Though you are working harder than too, what is wrong that your blog fails to get desired attention and traffic. It is also being experienced that some blogs with a remarkable amount of traffic to their site fail to make money.

A blog usually aims to create a media content property and have tons of ads in it. So it is essential to understand that which points are the responsible for your blog failure and how to fix them.

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Let’s read out the following 8 reasons why most bloggers fail and how to fix it:

8 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail and How To Fix It

1. You avoid email collection

Believe it or not, RSS is not that active and emails are the consistent and the everlasting thing that a people use throughout their web browsing life. It is the oldest means of communication and still followed by most of the companies to stay in touch with their existing and potential customers. Email is a backbone of the marketing and promotional strategy, without any doubt.

Unless you collect email addresses, you can never get the readers to come back to your blog or website. In this instance, you are suggested to offer a free ebook or PDF with important content.

With an email collection, you can increase your overall traffic each time you post a new content. You can invite readers to read your blog, buy your products and invite for conversation.

2. You don’t belong to a community

Without a community, there will be no one to comment, review and suggest on your posts. While you are creating a great content, it is essential to engage with the active online communities to get comments, shares, and increase the traffic. Being a part of a community helps to build the relationship with the readers so work hard to build a community.

3. You don’t have an online personality

No one can deny the importance of the personality of the blog. Not just for a news site, but all other types of blogs such as glamor, food and culinary and education sites as well have their specific personality, which crafts an image among the readers and also indicates the people that what to expect from them.

You need to put down your personality in your content creation. After crafting it edit it and give a personal touch in your writing. It will soon be noticed by the readers and you will shine through. While there are multiple writers on your blog, you can either suggest them to develop their own personality or can insist on following the established and unique blog personality.

4. You are most about yourself

Blogging is not about you, it is about your readers and potential buyers. While you just create content about what your company is selling, it will simply bore your readers and they will leave your site. Instead of this, you have to suggest them that how your products are helpful to them and how can it make their life easier. Along with it, you need to figure out the topics in which the readers show their high interest and also which can help them in solving their problems. If you help your readers they will generate the traffic and money for you; for sure.

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5. You are not a consistent one

Blogging is a marathon, and not a short race or sprint. You cannot afford the lazy approach after a few months of starting activeness. You have to consistently produce the quality content that keeps the readers engaged with you. Any downfall in the quality or the value of the content will immediately reflect in decreasing traffic and engagements and it is surely not good for the monetary health of your blog. It is always good to make a schedule for posting blogs and also set up a quality analyzing system.

Why most bloggers fail

6. You give many things for free

Offering most of the paid stuff for free is not a wise idea to follow. You need to train your readers to buy instead of expecting everything for free.

Here is a trick! You can use a content gate and ask your readers for a tweet if they want to read some of your valuable content. It is a simple trick but can train your readers to pay directly or indirectly something in the return. You can also ask for some email addresses in exchange of some of your superb PDFs. These actions will certainly boost up your conversion rates.

7. Blogging is your hobby, not the job

Most of the bloggers don’t take the blogging task so seriously. They create content as per their mood, never follow a fixed schedule, often avoid the analysis of readers’ mindset/interest and also sometimes behave so recklessly.

Unless you pay the serious attention to the blogging and treating as a fixed job to be performed within the pre-set fundamentals, you cannot expect the remarkable success. You have to keenly analyze the positive or negative comments for your post as well as the amount of traffic received on your site. It is also good to prepare a checklist of some important metrics such as what is the topic which is grabbing most of the reader’s attention or how to beat the nearest competition.

8. You just write a blog, not love it

If you don’t love it you just produce the content. And, if you love it, you will write only about you believe. This factor mirrors in the quality of your content. You should enjoy the writing and its subject so that your content can easily be enriched with high quality and entertaining value.

Writing is always about passion for creating, and while this passion is lost, everything else (quality, readers, ranking, advertisers, and money) will be driven away from you.

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Blogging is the good support to any business to bring the quality traffic and clients. On the other hand, it is a good source of earning the online revenue. If you avoid the above-described mistakes that the bloggers usually follow, you can make really impressive money through your blogging.

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